GED Classes Rock Springs, Wyoming

Last Updated on April 12, 2024.

Posted on this page are all GED prep class sites and testing centers in the Rock Springs region. Wyoming is using the computer-based GED exam for high school equivalency testing.


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Additionally, the state decided to welcome an alternative exam, the HiSET.

Both tests can be taken only at state-approved, official testing sites. In Wyoming, online testing is NOT available.

The exams give persons who didn’t finish high school one more chance to obtain an equivalent diploma.

The tests are administered at a level that compares to what graduating high school students must know. The GED® test has four individual subtests in

  • English Language Literacy
  • Social Studies
  • Math
  • Science

You may complete these modules (independent sub-exams) one test at a time and in any order.

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The HiSET® exam is offered on-paper and on-computer and comes with five subtests (Literacy has individual reading and writing tests). These subtests may also be taken separately.

Until recently, there was no way to sit for the GED or HiSET exam on the Internet. Your personal appearance at an official test center was required. Now, in many states, this has changed with the arrival of online proctored HiSET and GED testing options. Wyoming, however, only offers on-site testing.

If you want to read more about the GED Exam in Wyoming, such as GED eligibility criteria, scoring system, or costs, visit The Wyoming GED Exam. 

Rock Springs GED Prep Classes

The Learning Center-Western Wyoming Community College (WWCC)
2500 College Dr | Rock Springs | WY 82901 | Ph 307-382-1829
WWCC’s Learning Center at Western offers Wyoming High School Equivalency (formerly GED) instruction through the school’s College and Career Readiness program at the school’s main campus in Rock Springs and various outreach centers. GED classes are available in

  • Rock Springs
  • Afton
  • Bridger Valley
  • Big Piney
  • Green River
  • Mountain View
  • Pine Dale
  • Kemmerer
  • Star Valley

Sweetwater County Detention Center (WWCC)
50140 US-191 | Rock Springs | WY 82901 | Ph 307-352-4900
Not available to the public

Locations around Rock Springs (Cities by Alphabet)

Star Valley Adult Learning Center
247 N Washington St | Afton | WY 83110 | Ph 307-886-9333

Western Wyoming Community College (WWCC)
45 Washington St | Suite 2B | Afton | WY 83110 | Ph 307-877-3329

Western Wyoming Community College Outreach Center Big Piney
916 Piney Dr | Big Piney | WY 83113 | Ph 307-276-5522 

Little Snake River Education Center (WWCC)
360 Whippoorwill | Baggs | WY 82321 | Ph 307-383-6861

Casper College GED Courses
125 College Dr | Casper | WY 82601 | Ph 307-268-2230
Find all Casper locations here -> Casper Area GED Programs

Oyster Ridge BOCES Kemmerer Outreach
20 Adaville Dr | Diamondville | WY 83116 | Ph 307-248-3258

Uinta BOCES Education Ctr.
1013 W Cheyenne Dr | Evanston | WY 82930 | Ph 307-789-5742 ext. 162

The Learning Center-Western Wyoming Community College
1 College Way | Green River | WY 82935 | Phone 307- 872-1323

Central Wyoming College
120 Enterprise Blvd | Lander | WY 82520 | Ph 307-855-2189
Central Wyoming College provides HiSET instruction in

  • Lander
  • Riverton
  • Dubois
  • Ft. Washakie
  • Jackson
  • Thermopolis

Daggett School District Adult Education (Manila High School)
160 W 200 North | Manila | Utah 84046 | Ph 801-834-7439

Western Wyoming Community College (Valley Learning Center-Bridger Valley)
219 First St | Mountain View | WY 82939 | Ph 307-782-6401 x 102

Western Wyoming Community College (Sublette Outreach Center)
665 N Tyler | Pinedale | WY 82941 | Ph 307-367-6873

Carbon County Higher Education Center (WWCC)
1650 Harshman St | Rawlins | WY 82301 | Ph 307-328-9274

Wyoming State Penitentiary Complex
2900 S Higley Blvd | Rawlins | WY 82301 | Ph 307-328-1441 x 390
Not publicly available

Ashley Valley Adult Education GED Classes
559 N 1700 West | Vernal | Utah 84078 | Ph 435-781-4675
Check out all GED prep sites in and around Vernal <- here

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The Online GED and HiSET Tests

In earlier days, to get hold of your HSE (high school equivalency) diploma, you were always required to report in person to one of your state’s official HSE testing facilities. There were simply no online HiSET and GED tests available.

However, that has changed with the introduction of online proctored GED and HiSET testing options. In Wyoming, however, online HiSET and GED testing is NOT an option.

You may or]perhaps qualify for online HiSET or GED testing in another state that has no residency criteria. Then, you could be allowed to take the exam from your home, while an online proctor will monitor if you do it all in line with the rules and regulations.

To read more about the online HiSET test, go to Welcoming the online HiSET test, and for more online GED testing information, visit Introducing the online proctored GED test.

Rock Springs Area GED Test Centers

Western Wyoming Community College (HiSET, Room A-200)
2500 College Dr | Rock Springs | WY 82901 | Ph 307-382-1660

From here, cities by alphabet

WWCC ALC Afton Outreach (HiSET)
247 N Washington St | Afton | WY 83110 | Ph 307-382-1829

Carbon County Higher Education Center (HiSET)
360 Whippoorwill Dr | Baggs | WY 82321 | Ph 307-328-9204

West Sublette County School District 9 (HiSET, Room 142)
916 Piney Dr | Big Piney | WY 83113 | Ph 307-382-1829

Oyster Ridge BOCES (HiSET)
20 Adaville Dr | Diamondville | WY 83116 | Ph 307-877-6958

Unita BOCES 1 Learning Center (Suite A, GED, HiSET)
1013 W Cheyenne Dr | Evanston | WY 82930 | Ph 307-89-5742

Valley Learning Ctr (GED, HiSET)
219 First St | Mountain View | WY 82939 | Ph 307-782-6401

Carbon County Higher Education Center (HiSET, GED)
1650 Harshman St | Rawlins | WY 82301 | Ph 307-328-9274

Central Wyoming College GED Testing
2660 Peck Ave | Riverton | WY 82501 | Ph 307-855-2298

Wind River Job Corps Center (HiSET)
4200 Airport Rd | Riverton | WY 82501 | Ph 307-857-9700

Ashley Valley Learning Center-Vernal (GED)
559 N 1700 West | Vernal | Utah 84078 | Ph 435-781-4675

The HiSET Exam

The GED exam became expensive and is only available on a computer, so many states, including Wyoming, decided to use an alternative option additionally. This is the HiSET (High School Equivalency Test), an alternative assessment method to measure high school equivalency.

The HiSET exam aligns with Common Core Standards, a set of standardized rules adopted and implemented by most states.

The HiSET exam, just like the GED, focuses on skills and knowledge that are relevant in the contemporary workplace, such as analytical and critical thinking capabilities and computer skills. The HiSET program offers applicants the choice between paper- and computer-based tests but will, over time, change to an entirely computer-based format.

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