GED Classes Presque Isle, Maine

This article lists all GED (in Maine: HiSET) prep sites and testing centers in the Presque Isle area. To earn your high school equivalency degree in Maine, you’ll need to pass the five tests of the HiSET exam.

The HiSET exam can be taken online or at state-approved test centers in many states. In Maine, though, the HiSET exam is not offered online.

The exam is for adults without a high school diploma. This way, they have the opportunity to earn an equivalent degree.

The HiSET®, like the GED®, measures knowledge at a level that compares to that of HS seniors upon graduation.

The HiSET exam has five subtests in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies that are available both in a paper-based format and on a computer.

The Maine HSE (High School Equivalency) diploma is accepted across America in the same way as a standard HS diploma.

As said before, taking the HiSET exam online was, until recently, not possible, and this is still the case in Maine. Personal appearance at one of Maine’s state-designated test centers was and still is a must, but the arrival of an online testing option has changed all of that in several states. Read more below.

In Maine, there is a new initiative that allows you, as a HiSET of high school grad, to attend a community college for free for two years. Check here to learn more about -> free community college in Maine.

Presque Isle GED Prep Locations (HiSET)

MSAD 1 Adult & Community Education
79 Blake St | Unit 2 | Presque Isle | ME 04769 | Ph: (207) 764-4776

Presque Isle Career Center (Referral and Advice Only)
66 Spruce St | Suite 1 | Presque Isle | ME 04769 | Ph: (207) 623-7981

GED Requirements in Maine

Prep Sites Around Presque Isle (Cities By Alphabet)

RSU39 Eastern Aroostook Adult and Community Ed.
308 Sweden St | Suite 2 | Caribou | ME 04736 | Ph (207) 493.4272

Southern Aroostook Adult & Community Education
922 Dyer Brook Rd | Dyer Brook | ME 04747 | Ph: (207) 757-8223

Lawrence Adult Education
4 School St | Fairfield | ME 04937 | Ph: (207) 453-4200

Valley Unified Continuing Education-Fort Kent
84 Pleasant St | Fort Kent | ME 04743 | Ph: (207) 834.3536 or (207) 728-6314

Houlton-Hodgdon Adult & Community Education
18 Military St | Houlton | ME 04730 | Ph: (207) 521.3100

Loring Job Corps Center
36 Montana Rd | Limestone | ME 04750 | Ph: (207) 328-4710
Job Corps offers academic training such as basic math, reading, and writing. Additionally, there are classes in employability and career success skills to support students with transitioning to the workplace.

Valley Unified Continuing Education-Madawaska
School St | Madawaska | ME 04756 | Ph: (207) 834.3536 or (207) 728-6314

MSAD 25 Adult Learning Center
800 Station Rd | Stacyville | ME 04777 | Ph: (207) 365-4284

Van Buren Adult Learning Ctr
169 Main St | Suite 102 | Van Buren | ME 04785 | Ph: (207) 868-5758

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Maine GED or HiSET free Online Classes

Presque Isle Area GED Test Centers (HiSET)

MSAD #1 Adult Ed. HiSET Testing
79 Blake St. | Suite 2 – Presque Isle | Maine 04769 | Phone: (207) 764.4776

Caribou Learning Center (Suite Z)
308 Sweden St | Caribou | Maine 04736 | Phone: (207) 493-4272

MSAD #27 Adult & Community Education
84 Pleasant St | Fort Kent | ME 04743 | Phone: (207) 834-3536

RSU #29 Houlton Education Center
18 Military St | Houlton | ME 04730 | Phone: (207) 521-3100

Madawaska Middle High School
135 Seventh Ave | Madawaska | ME 04756 | Phone: (207) 728-6314

RSU #50 Adult Education HSE testing
800 Station Rd. – Stacyville – ME 04777 – Phone: (207) 365.4284

MSAD #24 – Van Buren Adult Education HiSET testing
169 Main St. – Van Buren – ME 04785 – Phone: (207) 868.5758

Onsego Online GED or HiSET Prep Review

HiSET Online Testing

Until recently, you could not take the HiSET exam via the internet. Your personal attendance at one of Maine’s HiSET test centers was required if you were looking to earn your Maine high school equivalency credential. Today, this is still the case in the state of Maine.

In many states, however, a new online HiSET testing option was welcomed, and all of that changed. The online HiSET test-taking option is called the HiSET-At-Home Exam.

So now, you have one more option to take the five HiSET subtests in several states: at a testing center or at home, where an online proctor will oversee your activities and check whether it all goes in line with the rules and regulations. To learn more, go to ‘The Online Proctored HiSET Test.’

Maine Free Practice Test

Your Future

A few years ago, the HiSET exam replaced the GED assessment in Maine. The HiSET exam concentrates on math, science, social studies, reading, and writing skills. In Maine, HiSET preparation classes and the exam as well are available totally free of charge, the state pays for all costs, and applicants can pursue the HiSET credential all through the year.

The HiSET modules may, if you wish, be taken separately. The HiSET exam, when passed, leads to a high school equivalency credential that is accepted by virtually all post-secondary education institutions and employers.

For over 70 years, “GED” and “high school equivalency testing” had been almost synonymous, but for a few years now, there has finally been some competition in this market. There now are quite a few states that either moved away from the GED exam or offer another HSE (High School Equivalency) testing option to their residents. In the U.S., there are now two assessment programs available for high school equivalency testing: the GED and HiSET exams. The TASC exam was discontinued.

The HSE test is for individuals who left high school prematurely, and it offers them another opportunity to get hold of a certification that is across North America recognized as equivalent to a standard high school diploma by recruiting agencies, employers, and schools. Holders of a secondary education degree make, on average, some $9700 more annually than people who don’t have the degree.