GED Classes Port Huron, Michigan

On this page, you can find all GED prep classes and testing centers in the Port Huron area.  In Michigan, there are two options for high school equivalency testing, the GED and HiSET.

Both options are available online and at official testing sites. To learn more about online testing, check below.

The exams are for adult learners who did not have the chance to complete their high school education.

Testing takes place at a level that compares to that of graduating HS students.

The GED® test is fully computer-based and includes four individual subtests (or modules) in Math, Social Studies, Science, and Literacy.

There’s no need to take all the subtests in one session. You have the option to deal with the four GED subtests one at a time.

There are five HiSET® subtests (Literacy has separate writing and reading tests) that can also be taken separately.

Port Huron GED Prep Locations

Harrison Center (Port Huron Schools)
55 15th St – Port Huron – MI 48060 – Ph: (810) 455.0029
All Harrison Center students can take the GED exam at no cost

Saint Clair County Literacy Project
210 McMorran Blvd – Port Huron – MI 48060 – Ph: (810) 987.7323

Literacy and Beyond 2Gen Learning Center
3110 Goulden Street – Port Huron – MI 48060 – Ph: (810) 824.3932 ext. 3
Literacy and Beyond provides GED instruction to women and mothers of children 0-3 years old. Free childcare, counseling services, and free testing are also offered.

Michigan Works! Port Huron
100 McMorran Blvd – Port Huron – MI 48060 – Ph: (810) 966.3325/3300
For Referral & Advice Only

GED Requirements in Michigan

Prep Sites Around Port Huron (Cities By Alphabet)

Saint Clair County Literacy Project
2011 Saint Clair River Dr – Algonac – MI 48001 – Ph: (810) 794.4471

Brown City Learning Center GED Classes
4349 2nd St – Brown City – MI 48416 – Ph: (810) 346.4700

Saint Clair County Literacy Project
7093 Second St – Burtchville – MI 48059 – Ph: (810) 385.8550

Saint Clair County Literacy Project
111 N Main St – Capac – MI 48014 – Ph: (810) 395.7000

Chippewa Valley Adult Education
19230 Cass Ave – Clinton Township – MI 48038 – Ph: (586) 723.2050
For all Clinton GED classes, go to our page GED classes in Warren, Michigan

Compass Pointe Learning Ctr GED Classes
6319 County Line Rd – Fair Haven – MI 48023 – Ph: (586) 725.2205

Saint Clair County Literacy Project (@Ira Township Library)
7013 Meldrum Rd – Ira – MI 48023 – Ph: (586) 725.9081

Saint Clair County Literacy Project
1955 N Allen Rd – Kimball – MI 48074 – Ph: (810) 982.9171

Marine City Library (St. Clair Co. Literacy Project)
300 S Parker St – Marine City – MI 48039 – Ph: (810) 765.5233

Marysville Library (St. Clair Co. Literacy Project)
1175 Delaware Ave – Marysville – MI 48040 – Ph: (810) 364.9493

Saint Clair County Literacy Project (@Memphis Library)
34830 Potter St – Memphis – MI 48041 – Ph: (810) 392-2980

Saint Clair Library (St. Clair Co. Literacy Project)
310 S Second St – Saint Clair – MI 48079 – Ph: (810) 329.3951

Sanilac Literacy Council GED Classes
215 N Elk St – Sandusky – MI 48471 – Ph: (810) 648.4696

Sandusky Michigan Works!
575 W Sanilac Rd – Sandusky – Michigan 48471, Ph: (810) 648.5800

Yale Public Library (St. Clair Co. Literacy Project)
2 Jones St – Yale – MI 48097 – Ph: (810) 387.2940

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To see if you qualify, visit GED testing in Michigan.

MI free GED online course

Online HiSET And GED Options

Both the GED and HiSET can be taken online as well. Until recently, you could not sit for the HiSET or GED exam in an online version. Now, however, all of that has changed. If you want to read more about online proctored HiSET-At-Home testing, visit this post: ‘The Online HiSET Exam,’ and more information about the newly released online proctored GED testing can be found here: ‘The Online GED Test.’

Free Michigan GED Practice Test

Port Huron Area GED Testing Centers

Harrison Center-Port Huron (GED)
55 15th Street | Port Huron | MI 48060 | Phone (810) 455-0029

Lapeer County Schools HiSET Testing (Education & Technology Ctr)
690 North Lake Pleasant Road | Attica | MI 48412 | Phone (810) 664-1124

Chippewa Valley High School (GED)
19230 Cass Avenue | Clinton | MI 48038 | Phone (586) 723-2050

Dianne M Pellerin Education Center (HiSET/GED)
24001 F.V. Pankow Boulevard | Clinton | MI 48036 | Phone (586) 783-6420

Compass Pointe Learning Center
6319 County Line Road | Fair Haven | MI 48023 | Phone: (586) 725-2205

Who Qualifies?

Only applicants that don’t hold a high school diploma are eligible to sit for the GED exam. The GED exam can only be administered to applicants 16 years of age or older. Additionally, GED test-takers cannot currently be enrolled in another educational program. Test-taker 16 and 17 years of age must apply for an age waiver and have a court order or parental consent before the GED exam can be administered.

Your Future

The certificate that you will receive after successful completion of the Michigan GED or HiSET test is regarded and accepted as equivalent to a high school diploma by state and federal agencies, recruiters, employers, and colleges and universities all across the nation.

For just about every position, also for jobs at the entry level, you will have to hold at least a high school or equivalent credential. Workers with a GED or high school diploma make around $9600 more annually than workers that do not hold the degree. So you see, getting your GED really pays off!

Passing Scores

GED test passing scores are set at a level that compares to what high school students must command upon graduation. On the GED exam, you need to reach a score of at least 145 points on each of the four tests (the scale runs from 100 to 200). Averaging is no option, and this also counts for the HiSET exam.

Each of the five subtests on the HiSET exam is scored on a 0-20 scale, and the minimum score on each subtest is 8. Your overall result must be in the 45-100 range, while your essay must yield at least 2 points (out of a possible 6).