Math Test Set 2

These Math tests are a portion of our GED® test prep materials. These questions belong to Percentages, Decimals, Word Problems categories.

These categories make up 35% of the GED Math test.

Each Math question includes several answer choices. You should choose the best answer option for each question.

Question 1 of 10.

  1. Add 0.453 and 0.4
  2. Answer.

This test is a part of our GED Math Practice Test module.

GED Test Prep Tips

Taking multiple practice tests is very important. They will show you where your knowledge gaps are. Knowing your weak points is important as this helps you with focusing on those topics that require most of your attention.

Recent high school equivalency test-takers have some pretty good advice: don’t try to study for all of the subtests at once.

You may, if you wish, take the subtests one at a time. So you can prepare for one section and when you have passed that subtest, and move on to get all set for the next part.

Many students, when preparing for the exam, forget to block their time for learning. This one of the most common mistakes.

Procrastination and finding excuses are among your biggest enemies! When you’ve decided about a learning schedule that fits you, stick to it!

Time management problems are is the biggest stumbling blocks when it comes to passing the real exam.

The second big mistake that leads to not passing the exam is the fact that often, students spend way too much time on only one question so that they later cannot make it till the end.


Last Updated on July 24, 2021.

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