GED Classes Jonesboro, Arkansas

In this post, you can find all GED® classes and test facilities in the Jonesboro region. In Arkansas, you’ll need to pass the GED exam to earn your HSE (high school equivalency) credential.

Students looking to earn their HSE credentials can take the four tests online or at a state-designated GED test center.

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The HSE exam allows adults who did not graduate high school to earn an equivalent degree.

The GED exam tests elementary skills at a level that’s similar to what high school students must command upon graduation.

The GED exam has four separate modules (subtests) in Literacy, Social Studies, Math, and Science.

You have the freedom to sit for one of the GED subtests at a time.

Jonesboro GED prep classes

ASU-Newport Adult Education-Jonesboro
2601 Commerce Drive, Jonesboro, AR 72401, Phone: 870-512-7824

Valley View Adult Education Center
2311 E Nettleton Avenue, Suite G, Jonesboro, AR 72401, Phone: 870-935-6205

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Craighead County Literacy League 
324 W Huntington Avenue, Jonesboro, AR 72403, Phone: 870-910-6511

ASUN (Jonesboro Campus Adult Education)
5504 Krueger Drive, Jonesboro, AR 72401, Phone: 870-512-7824

1515 S Caraway, Jonesboro, AR 72401, Phone: 870-268-0443
Goodwill can help you with their accredited testing program called Goodwill’s Adult Education GED Program. The organization’s training labs are there to help you in your efforts to get ready for your GED exam. These classes offer training in the four GED tests on the subject areas of mathematics, literacy, social studies, and science. Goodwill can help you make your dreams come true.

AR GED Practice Tests

Jonesboro Career Center
2311 E Nettleton Avenue, Jonesboro, AR  72401, Phone: 870-935-5594

Craighead County Literacy League
2510 E Nettleton Avenue, Ste 3, Jonesboro, AR 72401, Phone: 870-910-6511

Locations around Jonesboro (cities by alphabet)

Ozarka College
64 College Drive, Ash Flat, AR 72513, Ph: 870-368-2051

Augusta Public Library (ASU)
201 Mulberry Street, Augusta, AR 72006, Ph: 501-882-3600

Univ. of Arkansas Community College (Adult Education Program)
2005 White Drive, Batesville, Arkansas 72501, Ph: 870.612.2085/2164

Arkansas Northeastern College (The Moore Center)
500 W Chickasawba Street, Blytheville, AR 72315, Phone: 870-780-1214

Arkansas GED Requirements

Arkansas Northeastern College (WAGE Center)
2501 S Division St, Blytheville, AR 72315, Phone: 870-780-1214
Adams/Vines Library Building, Room L 102

Arkansas Northeastern College (Adult Education   Program)
822 W Plantation Road, Burdette, AR 72321, Phone: 870-762-3167

Cave City Middle School (Ozarka College)
711 N Main Street, Cave City, AR 72521, Phone: 870-283-5392 ext. 1277

Highland Adult Education Center
33 Choctaw Center, Cherokee Village, AR 72529, Phone: 870-257-3739

Corning Adult Education Center (BRTC)
1001 A North Missouri (Hwy. 67 South), Corning, AR 72422, Phone: 870-857-5364

Forrest City SD Adult Education
1000 N. Division St, Forrest City – AR 72335 – Ph: 870.261.1807
Check all Forrest City programs in this post: Forrest City GED Prep Sites

Arkansas State University – Adult Education
402 May Avenue, Harrisburg, AR 72432, Ph: 870-578-5390

Three Rivers Comm. College (Kennett)
1000 Great West Drive, Kennett, MO 63857, Phone: 573-888-6381

Migrant Whole Health, Inc. (Spanish)
1513 St. Francis Street, Kennett, MO 63857, Phone: 573-888-9044

Arkansas Northeastern College (Adult Education Program)
105 N Main Street, Leachville, AR 72438, Phone: 870-539-2620

ASUN Technical Center (Adult Education Program)
33500 Highway 63 East, Marked Tree, AR 72365, Phone: 870-512-7824

Newark Adult Education (Newark City Hall-Batesville Adult Education)
150 W Front Street, Newark, AR 72562, Phone: 870-612-2085

Newport Adult Education (ASUN)
7648 Victory Boulevard, Newport, AR 72112, Phone: 870-512-7824

McPherson Correctional Facility GED Instruction
302 Corrections Drive, Newport, AR 72112, Phone: 870-523-2639
Not available to the public

Arkansas Northeastern College (Adult Education Program)
2868 W Semmes Avenue, Osceola, AR 72370, Phone: 870-563-3433

Mississippi County Library Adult Education
320 W Hale Avenue, Osceola, AR, 72370, Phone: 870-563-3433

AR GED free online course

Black River Technical College 
700 E Main Street (Rear Entrance), Paragould, AR 72450, Phone: 870-215-0433

Black River Tech – TRIO Educational Opportunity Center (Paragould Campus)
1 Black River Drive, Paragould, AR 72450, Phone: 870-248-4000 ext. 4056

Paragould Regional Chamber of Commerce
300 W Court Street, Paragould, AR 72451, Phone: 870-236-7684

Piggott Adult Education Center (BRTC)
154 E Main Street, Piggott, AR 72454, Phone: 870-598-5662

Black River Tech – TRIO Educational Opportunity Center (Pocahontas Campus)
1410 Highway 304 E, Pocahontas, AR 72455, Phone: 870-248-4000 ext. 4056

Northeast Arkansas Innovative Training Center (NEAITC)
324 S Main Street, Rector, AR 72461, Phone:  870 595-2300

ASUN Adult Education (Trumann Center)
104 E Main Street, Trumann, AR 72472, Phone: 870-358-8636

Walnut Ridge Community Center (BRTC)
504 SE Southern Avenue, Walnut Ridge, AR 72476, Phone: 870-886-2059

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Introducing the online GED testing option

Taking the GED exam online is now possible in an online format as well. It used to be that GED hopefuls needed to report personally to a state-designated Arkansas GED testing center when they wanted to earn their Arkansas GED diplomas.

Now, with an online GED testing option available, that has all changed. To qualify for online testing, candidates need to score “green” on the GED Ready® test. For more information, go to introducing the online GED exam.

How difficult is the GED test?

Jonesboro area GED testing centers

ASUN Adult Education GED Testing
2601 Commerce Drive, Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401, Ph: 870 . 680 . 8946

Arkansas Northeastern Coll.
2501 S Division Street, Blytheville, Arkansas 72316, Ph: 870 . 780 . 1278

Arkansas Northeastern College GED Testing
105 South Main St, Leachville, Arkansas 72438, Ph: 870 . 838 . 2982

Arkansas State University
33500 Highway 63 E, Marked Tree, Arkansas 72365, Ph: 870 – 358 – 2117

Ozarka College GED Testing
218 College Dr, Melbourne, Arkansas 72556, Ph: 870 . 368 . 2052

Arkansas State University
7648 Victory Blvd, Newport, Arkansas 72112, Ph: 870 . 512 . 7867

Black River Tech
1410 Highway 304 E, Pocahontas, Arkansas 72455, Ph: 870 . 248 . 4156


Last Updated on June 17, 2021.