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When you think about taking the GED exam from the comfort of your home, it is important you understand the requirements to qualify for online testing.

You need to meet your state’s requirements, score in the “likely to pass” (green) zone on the official GED Ready practice test, have a computer with a webcam, and a reliable internet connection.

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So you need to talk with your family members as you need a quiet room where you can study for the four GED subtests (Social Studies, Math, Science, and Language) quietly and from where you can take the online proctored GED test.

You also need to contact GED Testing Service and register for the exam. You are required to set up your account on the website GED.com. This is also the place for making payments.

You have the option to sit for (and pay for) one of the GED subject tests at a time. A proctor will monitor your test-taking activities and check if all goes in line with some pretty strict rules and regulations.

Then, you also may want to contact a physical prep class facility or sign up for a good online GED prep course. The GED is a challenging exam, and you better get perfectly prepared to avoid any disappointments.

The online proctored (O.P.) GED exam was launched in 2020 and is offered in practically all states and U.S. territories that use the GED exam for high school equivalency testing. In earlier days, test-takers could only sit for the GED exam at state-designated test centers.

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You cannot take the online GED exam on a tablet or smartphone and the room where you plan to take the test must be a private room where the doors can be closed.

Keep also in mind that before you schedule and pay for (one of) your subtests, running a system check is critical to make sure your computer is meeting all of the requirements.