GED Classes Hammond, Louisiana

This page shows all GED® (in Louisiana: HiSET) prep classes and testing centers in the Hammond area.

Louisiana uses the HiSET exam for the purpose of High School Equivalency (HSE) testing.

The HiSET exam offers adults who don’t hold a high school diploma the chance to earn an equivalent degree.

Testing takes place at a level that is comparable to that of high school students upon graduation.

The HiSET (short for High School Equivalency Test) contains five subtests in Language Reading, Language Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

HiSET testing is possible both on a computer and in a paper-and-pencil format.

Online HiSET or GED testing is NOT offered. If a website has a different message, you can be sure this is fraud.

Hammond GED (HiSET) prep classes

Louisiana GED Requirements

Northshore Tech-Hammond
111 Pride Dr – Hammond – LA 70401 – Ph: (985) 543-4120

Tangipahoa Parish Adult Services Center
1903 W Church St – Hammond – LA 70401 – Ph: (985) 345-0081

Quad Area YouthBuild Program
45300 N Baptist Rd – Hammond – LA 70401 – Ph: (225) 567-2350

Hammond Center
1745 SW Railroad Ave – Hammond – LA 70401 – Ph: (985) 902-4269

Restoration House (Pregnancy Resource Center)
101 S Spruce St – Hammond – LA 70403 – Ph: (985) 542-0492

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Free Louisiana HiSET Practice Test

Prep sites around Hammond (cities by alphabet)

Albany High School
1 Hornet Ln (Rm 410) – Albany – LA 70466 – Ph: (225) 664-9427

Tangipahoa Parish Library
204 NE Central Ave – Amite City – LA 70422 – Ph: (985) 748-7559

Amite High School Adult Education
403 S Laurel St – Amite City – LA 70422 – Ph: (985) 345-0081

East Baton Rouge Adult Education
1050 South Foster Dr – Baton Rouge – LA 70806 – Ph: (225) 226-7631
All Baton Rouge options are listed here

St. Tammany Parish Adult Education
321 North Theard St – Covington – LA 70434 – Ph: (985) 898-3243

Sullivan Education Center (NTCC)
425 Ozone Park Rd – Covington – LA 70433 – Ph: (985) 871-1280

Franklinton Adult Education HiSET Classes 
616 TW Barker Dr – Franklinton – LA 70438 – Ph: (985) 839-6218

Quad Area Community Action Agency (Washington Parish)
1134 Bene St – Suite 3 – Franklinton – LA 70438 – Ph: (985) 795-9088

Washington Parish Adult Education HiSET Classes
800 Main St – Franklinton – LA 70438 – Ph: (985) 839-3436 or (800) 732-6640 ext. 128

Pine School (Washington Parish Ad. Education)
1 Raider Dr – Franklinton – LA 70438 – Ph: (985) 839-7798

NTCC Florida Parishes Campus (St. Helena Adult Education)
7067 Hwy 10 – Greensburg – LA  70441 – Ph: (800) 732-6640 ext. 128

Quad Area Community Action Agency (St. Helena Parish)
369 Sitman St – Greensburg – LA 70441 – Ph: (225) 222-6100

Livingston Parish Adult Education
13909 Florida Blvd – Livingston – LA 70754 – Ph: (225) 686-7044 (ext. 202)

Quad YouthBuild (WorkReady U – Livingston Parish)
20140 Iowa St – Livingston – LA 70726 – Ph: (225) 686-3811

Fontainebleau High (NTCC)
100 Bulldog Dr – Mandeville – LA 70471 – Ph: (985) 871-1280
See all Mandeville prep sites here

Slidell Adult Education (NTCC)
61134 North Military Rd – Slidell – LA 70461 – Ph: (985) 871-1280
For all Slidell options click here

Free Louisiana Online HiSET Classes

Hammond area testing sites

Southeast LA University HiSET testing
900 University Ave, Hammond, LA 70402, Ph: (985) 549-5054

East Baton Rouge Parish HiSET testing
12000 Goodwood Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA 70815, Ph: (225) 226-7650

St. Tammany Parish HiSET testing
321 Nort Theard St, Covington, LA 70433, Ph: (985) 898-6407

Northshore Tech HiSET testing
61134 North Military Rd, Slidell, LA 70461, Ph: (985) 871-1280

Top Learning Tips For GED Students

HiSET – what’s new

For over 70 years, tens of thousands of Louisiana adults who never finished high school received their alternative diplomas by completing a series of tests usually referred to as the GED exam. The GED (General Educational Development) was dropped in Louisiana to be replaced by a different high school equivalency assessment, the HiSET (High School Equivalency Test), developed by ETS (Educational Testing Service). To see if you qualify, go to GED (HiSET) testing in Louisiana.

In the state of Louisiana, more than 600,000 people don’t have a secondary education credential (high school or GED, HiSET, or TASC diploma) and adult education and literacy programs offer those adults the chance to improve their skills and knowledge and to work on a better life. So the state of Louisiana shifted from the GED program to the HiSET exam. The HiSET has five testing subject, similarly to the former GED exam version and is offered in computer-based and paper-and-pencil formats.

GED-HiSET and the economy

People who successfully complete the HiSET tests will certainly improve their employment options and the diploma gives them the chance to enjoy a college education. In the United States, there still are millions of individuals who did not finish high school, and the Louisiana High School Equivalency Diploma is nationally recognized as equivalent to a high school diploma by employers, governmental bodies, and universities. You could also want to see this post that has links to all GED prep facilities in America.

Can I take the HiSET online?

No, the HiSET, just like the GED, is not offered online. Studying for your diploma via the internet is a great solution, especially for students in rural areas and those who don’t have time to come to HiSET prep classes, but to earn your high school equivalency diploma you must go to an official Louisiana testing site and sit for the tests face to face. You have the option to take the five HiSET subtests one at a time.

Professional option – Nursing

After completing the five HiSET subject tests, you will receive the Louisiana HSE diploma that allows you to go to college and becoming a nurse is an increasingly popular direction. Louisiana – or “The Boot” as it is known to its residents – is an excellent place to pursue a nursing career in the South.

The salaries for nurses in Louisiana are on average higher than those paid to nurses in the nearby states of Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Alabama and a continuing shortage of adequately trained nursing professionals means that while other professions may be shrinking in terms of job opportunities nursing continues to grow.

The first step to becoming a nurse there is, of course, choosing between the many fine nursing schools in Louisiana.

For graduates of nursing schools in Louisiana, there are employment opportunities all over the state but they are most abundant in cities like New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Shreveport. According to figures from the LA state government, the average wage for an RN in one of these cities is $32.99 per hour.

A student who wishes to become an RN must complete an Associate’s Degree in Nursing and then pass a state licensure test. All of the nursing schools in Louisiana listed below offer such programs, are all fully accredited and offer financial aid to those who meet the requirements. If you are interested in learning more about any of them their school websites are a good starting point but a call to the admissions office may provide you with the more specific details of attending as they apply to your individual case.

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