GED Classes Grand Forks, North Dakota

This article lists all GED® prep locations and testing sites in the Grand Forks region.

In North Dakota, you need to pass the GED exam to earn your HSE (high school equivalency) diploma.

HSE testing gives persons who couldn’t graduate high school one more chance to earn an equivalent degree.

The GED exam measures knowledge and skills at a level that compares to that of graduating HS seniors.

The GED exam is totally computer-formatted and includes four separate tests in Literacy, Math, Social Studies, and Science.

You are given maximally two years to complete the four subtests and online GED testing is NO option.

North Dakota GED applicants must additionally take and pass a US Civics Exam.

Grand Forks GED preparation classes

GED Requirements in North Dakota

Adult Learning Center-Grand Forks 
500 Stanford Rd – Grand Forks – ND 58203 – Phone: (701) 795 – 2773

One-Stop Career Center Grand Forks
1501 28th Ave South – Grand Forks – ND 58201 – Phone: (701) 795 – 3700

Grand Forks County Correctional Center
1701 North Washington – Grand Forks – ND 58206 – Phone: (701) 780 – 8224
Not publicly available

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Locations around Grand Forks (cities by alphabet)

Free North Dakota GED Practice Test

Crookston Adult Basic Education
2015 Sahlstrom Dr – Ste 5 – Crookston – MN 56716 – Phone: (218) 277 . 7334

Lake Region State College-Adult Learning Center
1801 N College Dr –  Devils Lake – ND 58301 – Phone: (701) 662 – 1568
The school offers GED instruction as well in Belcourt. To make an appointment, call (701) 477 – 7913.

East Grand Forks Adult Education (MLC)
2022 Central Ave NW – Rm 560 – East Grand Forks – MN 56721 – (218) 793 – 2380

Agassiz Adult Education Ctr GED Classes
1305 9th Ave S – Fargo – North Dakota 58103 – Ph: (701) 446 – 2807
See all Fargo area locations at Fargo GED Classes

Fertile-Beltrami ABE *)
210 Mill St – Fertile – MN 56540 – Phone: (218) 521 – 0526

Cankdeska Cikana Community College-Adult Education
14 1st Ave – Fort Totten – ND 58335 – Phone:  (701) 766 – 1377

Adult Learning Center-Grafton (N. Valley – Vo/Tech Ctr)
1548 School Rd – Grafton – ND 58237 – Phone: (701) 352 – 3705 x 412

Hallock Adult Education (Grace Lutheran Church)
321 S Birch Ave – Hallock – MN 56758 – Phone: (218) 843 – 1473

James Valley Adult Education
910 12th Ave NE – Jamestown – ND 58401 – Phone: (701) 952 – 4255
More Jamestown area are here: Bismarck area GED Classes

Karlstad Community Center
Main St – Karlstad – MN 56732 – Phone: (218) 843 – 1473

Langdon Social Services Crossroads Program
324 Seventh Ave – Langdon – ND 58249 – Phone: (701) 256 – 2175

Roseau High School Adult Education (Minnesota Literacy Council
509 3rd St NE – Roseau – MN 56751 – Phone: (218) 463 – 2489

NW Service Cooperative-Adult Basic Education 
114 1st St W – Thief River Falls – MN 56701 – Phone: (218) 681 – 0900 x 117

Challenger School (Thief River Falls Family Literacy)
601 Co. Rd – Ste 61 – Thief River Falls – MN 56701 – Phone: (218) 681 – 8670

Thief River Falls Adult Learning Center (MLC)
1101 Hwy. 1 East – Thief River Falls – MN 56701 – Phone: (218) 683 – 8764

Warren GED Classes (MLC)
208 E Colvin Ave – Ste 14 – Warren – MN 56762 – Phone: (218) 745 – 5124

Free ND online GED prep course

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Grand Forks area GED testing centers

Adult Learning Center – Grand Forks
500 Stanford Rd – Grand Forks – ND 58203 – Phone: (701) 795 – 2785

Lake Region State College
1801 N College Dr –  Devils Lake – ND 58301 – Phone: (701) 662 – 1568

Northland Community and Technical College
2022 Central Ave NE – East Grand Forks – MN 56721 – Phone: (218) -793 – 2402

Northland Community and Technical College
1101 Hwy 1 E – Thief River Falls – MN 56701 – Phone: (218) 683 – 8560

GED Essay Tips and Topics

The four GED tests

The GED program is managed by the American Council on Education (ACE) together with publishing company Pearson and states administer the now four-section examination. The four test fields are Science, Math, Social Studies, and Literacy. Each section is timed, and the entire group of four tests will take you around 7.5 hours to complete, but you can take one test (or module) at a time when you feel sufficiently prepared. No need any longer to take everything in a row, and your test results are valid for two years! Visit GED in North Dakota to learn if you qualify.

Qualification requirements

Applicants in North Dakota who would like to take the GED exam cannot already hold a secondary education degree or be signed up for a secondary school program. Applicants must be at least 16 years old, but for those under 19, specific restrictions apply. In North Dakota, you may take the GED exam without attending preparation classes, programs or pre-tests, but this is not advised. In North Dakota, you must be at least 16 years of age, not be engaged in a school program, and not have completed a secondary education program.

GED preparation

All across North Dakota, you can find adult education centers that offer GED prep classes at no cost at all, and some centers even let students borrow books and other study material for preparing at home. These prep facilities also offer GED practice tests that are great to help determine if you are ready to sit for (one of the) GED tests successfully, or that you require extra training in certain fields. Applicants must register at MyGED via This online portal is your best guide through the entire process. Use as well this website’s online video classes to get all set.

GED job options

In case you never finished high school, the GED credential is a surefire way toward a better job, job advancement or further education in North Dakota. The state’s employment market is booming and the unemployment rate was down to around 2.6% by the end of last year. If you would like to become a candidate for better employment you really should have a secondary education.

As the GED diploma compares to a high school degree you are going to need it particularly in sectors such as Information Technology, Finance, and Healthcare. You will need your GED diploma to get ahead with your in education in colleges and training schools, and to build up a new career. The GED passing score was lowered from 150 to 145 as apparently, the passing standards were set too high when the new GED test was rolled out. You can read all about it this GED news post and check out also this page that has links to all GED schools and testing facilities in America.

GED and your income

Since the beginning of the GED program in North Dakota in 1942, more than 40,000 GED diplomas have been issued in North Dakota, and acquiring the GED diploma will result in an annual earnings increase of some $8,000, and even older candidates, who haven’t been to school for a longer period of time, will benefit from the GED program if they attend (free) preparation classes. Go for your GED diploma, get a better job, and start making a better income.

Is the GED exam offered online?

The answer to this question is unfortunately still no. The GED exam can only be taken at state-approved test centers, and you must come in person to complete the set of four tests. Studying for your GED diploma via the internet is absolutely a perfect idea but the tests must be done at a designated site!

The GED – time & passing score

As said before, there are four subject fields: Math, Literacy, Science, Social Studies, and with the new GED program, you have the freedom to take one or more parts of the exam at a time. You only need to pay what you register for. All four tests must be completed in about seven and a half hour, divided as follows: Literacy – 150 minutes; Science – 90 minutes; Social Studies – 70 minutes; Math – 115 minutes. The new scoring scale is 100-200, and the required passing score is 145 per subject field test.

About Grand Forks

Grand Forks (population 55,000) is the North Dakota’s third-largest city and the seat of Grand Forks County. The city is home to the University of North Dakota, and this is one of the main elements that make Grand Forks a great place. Grand Forks is located on the banks of the Red River of the North, and offer a great community that reflects the strength of the region.

The city houses several interesting museums that offer let you participate in their educational programs and bring you pleasure and beauty. These programs will open up windows to new worlds, and you can acquire knowledge and develop skills to enrich your life. Other heritage sites demonstrate the region’s history and rich heritage.

*) Fertile-Beltrami Adult Basic Education

Fertile-Beltrami Adult Basic Education offers GED preparation classes, tutoring and sample testing for adults who did not get a high school diploma. The school also offers GED-i, an online learning course that includes GED test preparation. The programs are all free for adults 16 and older.

At the GED (General Educational Development) exam, students must demonstrate, via four tests on the fields of Literacy, Math, Science, and Social Studies, the attainment of knowledge, skills, and concepts normally acquired by students acquired during a four-year high school education.

Instructional classes offered by Adult Learning Centers will help applicants prepare well for this rigorous exam.

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