GED Testing Schedule

Last Updated on April 9, 2024.

To earn your GED high school equivalency diploma, you are required to reach passing scores on four independent, separate, modular sub-exams.

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The GED test is available at state-designated test centers and in an online format (it is not available in New York, West Virginia, Florida, Wyoming, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Canada).

You can schedule the four GED sub-exams (one at a time if you wish) just about every week of any month, both online and at a GED test center near you.

GED scoring occurs on a grading scale that runs from 100 to 200. On each GED sub-exam, you must reach at least the threshold score of 145.

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What Are GED Test Dates?

Test dates for the four GED sub-exams are determined by individual test centers. On the national level, you won’t see any fixed dates as you can see for many other tests, such as the SAT or ACT exam. You can schedule the GED exam all through the year.

Every state and jurisdiction has its own GED administrator who governs everything related to the GED test-taking process in their state.

To sit for the GED test, you must register online at and create your account with the MyGED portal. Once you’ve done that, you can see all possible test dates at GED test centers in your area. A similar process applies to the HiSET exam. You need to have a current and valid email address.

If you want to take the four GED subtests online, you first must attain sufficient (“green”) scores on the official practice test “GED Ready®.” There’s one GED Ready test for each subtest. The GED Ready test must be purchased on the website, and each test costs $6.99 (so $28 in all). Students who choose to learn with the My Advantage Plan from Onsego receive four vouchers for the GED Ready practice test for free.

How Do I Find Out About Testing Dates?

To discover all available GED test dates, you must first log in to your GED account. Then, you will see the menu item “Schedule Test.”

When you click on it, you’ll see what you’ll need to do on your screen. The directions are clear; just follow the directions.

You will have to select a testing location, and usually, the GED system will indicate a number of GED test locations in your zip code area. Once you’ve selected a location, you will see a calendar on the next page under the item “Find an appointment.”

You need to click on the small arrow that’s found in the top right corner of the calendar to go to the next month. When you see a particular date or your preferred date is available, click on that day to set your appointment.

How Do I Schedule My GED Test?

You can schedule your GED test appointments year-round at many GED test centers across the nation and in Canada. On an international scale, you can also find several locations across the globe.

Until recently, the GED test had to be taken in person at a test center because there was no online GED testing option available. Now, however, this has, fortunately, changed with the arrival of the Online Proctored (O.P.) GED test. The HiSET exam can also be taken online.

The GED testing fee varies slightly by state, but in most states, the GED test will cost you around $144 for the full battery when you sit for the exam at a test center or online. Some states offer the GED test at reduced rates or even entirely for free.

So, once you’ve set up your account on the website, you can schedule the subtest(s) you want to take. Again, you can choose the location and the test date from the available options. The online GED test can be scheduled at any time that you prefer.

Some students ask us if they can take the full GED battery in one single day, and though that may be possible (technically speaking), it may be quite difficult, or even not possible, to find a testing facility that can accommodate that.

What Are The GED Test Subject Fields?

The GED test consists of four independent, modular sub-exams that you can take if you prefer, one or more at a time. The GED test is computer-delivered and covers the subject fields of mathematics, science, social studies, and English language arts (writing and reading combined).

The HiSET exam is available in both computer-based and paper-based formats, except in New Jersey and West Virginia, where only computer-delivered tests are available.

GED Prep Is Essential

To take the GED test successfully, proper preparation is essential. Onsego’s online GED classes are well-known for being highly effective. The lessons are short and address one single GED topic at a time, which helps students retain the subject matter more easily.

There are also numerous practice tests and sample questions that will get you all set for the real GED exam very fast. Many GED candidates find the math portion of the GED test the most difficult of the four sub-exams, and Onsego’s My Advantage Plan includes a free GED Calculator Course that will help you pass the math subtest if you only learn to work with the GED calculator (the TI-30XS) efficiency. Amazing, wouldn’t you agree?