Free GED Practice Test

This GED practice test quickly identifies your strengths and weaknesses, so you know where to focus your study time.

Our practice tests and online classes are free. If you stay motivated, you will be ready for the GED within a few weeks.

These practice tests include Mathematical Reasoning, Science,  Reasoning through Language Arts, and Social Studies questions, complete with answers and explanations.

Keep in mind: you need 65% correct answers to be successful on the GED exam. The GED Passing Score is 145-200 on each of the four subject tests.

Taking a practice test is important because the GED is a long, high-pressure exam that has its own unique way of asking test questions.

On the GED test, you have just 2.3 minutes to answer each GED question. That is real pressure. Practice under the same pressure and increase your confidence.

All our GED practice tests have with answers and explanations.

These practice tests include Mathematical Reasoning, Science, Reasoning through Language Arts, and Social Studies questions.

GED Practice Tests by subject

These free GED practice tests are highly efficient tools to detect your strengths and weaknesses to prepare well for the real thing.

They help students recall content, develop time management and pacing skills, and operating a scientific calculator.

GED Practice Test with Timer

Similar to high school tests, the four GED subtests are timed so you will also need to work on your pacing. Our practice tests with a timer will build your confidence and your time management skills.

Using our GED practice tests is beneficial.  You will:

Identify knowledge gaps

Taking free GED practice tests is a great way to identify gaps in your knowledge that you may not have been aware of. Taking practice tests can help make strategic decisions as to what subject fields require your attention most.

Identifying your weaknesses and strengths

Taking practice tests is a highly useful tool for identifying your weaknesses and strengths. If you use the information that you get through practice tests wisely, you can much easier create an individual study plan for yourself efficiently.

Create your game plan

Taking practice tests offers you the best possible method for experiencing the “real thing.” Taking a practice test gives you the chance to simulate the same conditions that you will encounter on test day.

If you take the Social Studies practice test, for example, create the same conditions and give yourself also 70 minutes (no less, no more, precisely 70 minutes like on the real test) and take the practice tests in a quiet area without distractions.

After all your studying, you want to make sure you’ll be able to get to all the questions and answer them thoroughly in the hour you’ll be given. You should also practice writing a GED essay (during the exam called the extended response).

Official GED Ready Practice Test

Practice tests published on this website are meant just as a practice. The more you practice, the better and more familiar you get with this type of content.

However, if you would like to check your chances to pass the real test, then you should purchase the GED Ready® test. It costs $6 per subject and will diagnose your chances of passing the GED in real life.

GED Practice Test Benefits

The bests way to prepare for the real test is to take as many practice tests as you can. You will be able to get used to the time pressure and create your test-taking strategy. These skills will help you when you attend college, join the workforce, or advance your career.

Science Social Studies, Math, and English Language are the four testing fields of the GED exam.

If you notice that you miss too many correct answers, take our free online classes to improve your score.
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