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This GED® practice test 2019 quickly identifies your strengths and weaknesses so you know where to focus your study time.

There are 195 sample GED questions. These practice tests include Mathematical Reasoning, Science,  Reasoning through Language Arts, and Social Studies questions, complete with answers and explanations.

Read what’s new to reduce fears and don’t be surprised by the GED test changes. Take as many tests as possible.

Increase your GED test score quickly

Sometimes just a few points decide if you pass or fail the GED test.

  • Having a poor GED test-taking technique can cost you your diploma.
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Our free GED practice tests are top-rated by students who prepare for the GED exam in 2019.

Get to know what new skills are required to pass the test and take the 1st step towards success.

All GED practice tests have with answers and explanations.

These practice tests include Mathematical Reasoning, Science, Reasoning through Language Arts, and Social Studies questions.

Choose a GED subject below to start learning.

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These free GED practice tests are highly efficient tools to detect your strengths and weaknesses in order to prepare well for the real thing.

They help students recall content, develop time management and pacing skills, and operating a scientific calculator.

GED Practice Test with Timer

Are you ready for more? Choose a longer practice test for one of the subjects with a timer. These longer practice tests will help you prepare for the real high school equivalency test.

GED Practice Tests 2019 Changes

The most important change is that passing 3 of 4 GED subjects tests rely heavily on the student’s reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.
The majority of questions include a 3-5 paragraph text that you need to read and then answer a question related to the text.
Often it seems overwhelming because the text is pretty long and the questions are detail-oriented.

Fortunately, there are three strategies to overcome this problem and we will teach you how to answer these questions.

1. Read all of the questions carefully first. Then, skim that passage.

When you do this, you begin by reading all of the questions first, before you read the passage. By doing this, you’ll get an idea of what the content is all about and you’ll be able to read it discerningly.

2. First, skim the passage. Then, read all of the questions.

Sometimes, students are distracted by glancing over questions before reading the passage and they would like to skim the text first before looking at all of the questions. They first want to get an idea of the passage’s structure, content, and purpose.

3. Closely read the passage.
By using this strategy, students read the text closely first instead of skimming the passage for important clues and points. After that, they’ll continue with reading the questions and answering them.
To discover which of these three strategies suits you best, we recommend you try all three and take our timed practice tests. When you look at your scores and find out what works best for you, you can decide which strategy makes you feel comfortable and if you should focus on reading the passage first or reading the questions first.

Our practice tests and online classes are free. If you stay motivated, you will be ready for the GED within a few weeks.

You get everything you need so you can pass the exam in no time and earn your High School Equivalency diploma.

How many questions are on the GED Test 2019?

GED Mathematical Reasoning Test 41 questions + 5 without a calculator
GED Social Studies Test 36 questions
GED Science Test 35 questions
GED Reasoning through Language Arts Test 40 questions + Essay

You need 65% correct answers to be successful on the GED exam. The GED Passing Score is 145-200 on each of the four subject tests.

Taking a practice test is important because the GED is a long, high-pressure exam that has its own unique way of asking test questions but you need to keep in mind that you can take one of the four tests at a time.

Make sure that you score your practice questions and that you understand the explanations. If you’ve made a mistake or when you don’t know the answer to a question, get a notebook and write that question down so you’ll be able to get back to the question to learn about the subject so you can fill in that knowledge gap.

What is on the GED 2019?

4 Subjects Language, Social Studies, Science, Math
Easiest GED Subject Language Arts
Most Difficult GED Subject Math
Most Useful Skill Reading for meaning

Similar to high school tests, the four GED subtests are timed so you will also need to work on your pacing.

The best way to review your academic readiness is to take practice tests modeled after the real GED exam.

There are huge differences between passive learning and taking practice tests actively because by taking some practice tests, you’ll be putting your knowledge and skills into action.

Practice tests will also help you track your progress. They also are a great help to identify which subject fields require most of your attention.

On the GED subtests, you have just 2.3 minutes to answer each GED question. That is real pressure. Practice under the same pressure and increase your confidence. We have free GED practice tests with 10, 15, 25, and 50 questions. Our practice tests with a timer will build your confidence and your time management skills.

How to Boost your GED Score

  • Take free online classes
  • Follow a lesson plan
  • Study 2-3 times a week

Our GED Online Prep offers you free video lessons that contain a short video, text, and a mini-practice test (that’s like a game).

Click here to check our free study guide. These free resources will help you to increase the score in Math Reasoning, Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts Reasoning. The RLA program includes English grammar, writing, and reading, and GED essay samples.

GED Test-taking Strategies

If your goal is to pass the GED, then you need to learn about test-taking strategies and answering practice questions is highly effective. Understanding the structure of the GED subtests and learning basic test-taking techniques will increase your self-confidence and increase your chances of passing the test.

Try to find the correct answer first, but if you don’t know it, use your eliminating or/and guessing strategies. Choose the one best answer to each question, says, Chris from Covcel (Decoding the GED).

If you manage to use the provided information wisely, you will be able to create your efficient study plan.

GED Practice Test Benefits

GED Practice Test
GED Practice Test as a tool
  • Taking free GED practice tests is a great way to identify gaps in your knowledge that you may not have been aware of. Taking practice tests can be helpful for making strategic decisions as to what subject fields require your attention most.
  • Taking practice tests is a highly effective tool for identifying your weaknesses and strengths. If you will use the information that you get through practice tests wisely, you can much easier create an individual study plan for yourself efficiently.
  • Taking practice tests offers you the best possible method for experiencing the “real thing.” Taking a practice test gives you the chance to simulate the same conditions that you will experience on test day. You should, if you take the Social Studies practice test, for example, create the same conditions and give yourself also 70 minutes (no less, no more, exactly 70 minutes like on the real test) and take the practice tests in a quiet area without distractions.

After all your studying, you want to make sure you’ll be able to get to all the questions and answer them thoroughly in the hour you’ll be given. You should also practice writing a GED essay (during the exam called the extended response).

What is GED Online?

GED Online refers to preparing for the GED® test using GED online classes and practice tests. GED Online allows you to prepare for the GED® test by using classes and practice tests over the internet.

You don’t need to go back to school to get ready for the GED subject tests. But you need the proper resources if you don’t want to fail a bunch of times.

You can combine online free GED preparation together with traditional classes offered by many Adult Education centers and community colleges.

How to Prepare  for the GED

Preparation and answering practice questions are essential for every test, but now with the GED, HiSET, and TASC programs, the bar has been raised, and it has become more important than ever before. When you feel ready to take on one of the four GED subtests (or one of the five HiSET or TASC subtests), you really should take some practice tests to identify which areas you need to focus on most. You can our use online (free) GED resources to prepare for the GED test. No need to worry about going for GED lessons in a physical classroom.

During online GED classes, students study independently for GED-related subjects, as developed by qualified instructors. They are all nicely designed, use the best and latest technology, and are engaging and stimulating. You can view your scores right after testing.

Who is behind the GED Test?

The GED exam is administrated by GED Testing Service. This organization is a joint venture of the nonprofit American Council on Education (ACE) and Pearson, the world’s most significant education and testing company.

Students who pass the GED receive the GED High School Equivalency Diploma issued by their States.

The GED subtests are fully aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

To take the four GED subtests, you must register at the official GED website and set up your account with the portal MyGED. There are hundreds of GED testing centers throughout the United States operated by colleges and adult education centers.

Official GED Ready Test

Practice tests published on this website are meant just as a practice. The more you practice, the better and more familiar you get with this type of content.

However, if you would like to check your chances to pass the real test, then you should purchase the GED Ready® test. It costs $6 per subject and will diagnose your chances of passing the GED in real life.

Avoid fake GED Diplomas

On Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you can be exposed to many ads about GED Diplomas or Certificates that you can buy.

You should never try to purchase it, here are the signs of possible fakes:

  • You are promised to get a High School Diploma without a need to pass a test. Legitimate courses- including Internet-based courses- require substantial work.
  • You are promised to “Get a Diploma for work or life experience” – The GED Diploma is granted only if you pass the four GED subtests.
  • You are promised to get your Diploma for passing the GED tests on the website. – The real GED exam can only be done in person at designated testing sites; you CANNOT take the GED over the internet. Only various practice tests are available online.
  • No Waiting – Though there are courses that offer accelerated preparation in-person or online, getting ready for the GED exam still takes some time. If an ad promises that you can get the GED in a few days, it’s most probably a fake.
  • Pushy Advertising Tactics – Fake diploma providers often use aggressive sales tactics, including high-pressure telemarketing calls.

GED Practice Test, the best way to prepare

The bests way to prepare for the real test is to take as many practice tests as you can. You will be able to get used to the time pressure and create your own test-taking strategy. These skills will help you when you attend college, join the workforce, or advance your career. Science Social Studies, Math, and English Language are the four testing fields of the GED exam.

If you notice that you miss too many correct answers, take our free online classes to improve your score.
Practice tests and prep classes published on this website are provided by Covcel GED Prep. Read more about Covcel here.

Our practice tests are not related to the Official GED Practice Test™ produced and distributed by the American Council on Education (ACE) and GED Testing Service. ACE and GED Testing Service LLC have not approved, authorized, endorsed, been involved in the development of, or licensed the substantive content of these practice tests. The rights are with GED Testing Service.

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