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In this post, you can discover all GED® prep facilities and testing locations in the Gaithersburg area. To get hold of your HSE (high school equivalency) diploma in Maryland, you must pass the four subtests of the GED exam.

You can take the four tests online or at an official Maryland GED test center.

HSE testing is for adults who couldn’t finish high school and offers the chance to acquire an equivalent degree.

The GED exam measures knowledge at a level similar to that of graduating high school students.

There are four individual GED modules (subtests) in Science, Math, Literacy, and Social Studies that cab ve dealt with separately.

Testing takes place at a level similar to what HS seniors must command upon graduation.

Until recently, there was no GED testing option over the internet. Testing had to be done at state-approved Maryland GED testing centers, but that has now changed with the arrival of a new online testing option. Learn more below.

Gaithersburg GED prep locations

Montgomery College-Quince Orchard High School Adult Education
15800 Quince Orchard Rd | Gaithersburg | MD 20878 | Ph: (240) 567-8950

Montgomery College – Ridgeview Middle School
16600 Raven Rock Dr | Gaithersburg | MD 20878 | Ph: (240) 567-8950

Gaithersburg Elementary School (Montgomery College)
35 N Summit Ave | Gaithersburg | MD 20877 | Ph: (240) 567-5188

Gaithersburg Business Training Center (Montgomery College)
12 S Summit Ave | 4th Floor | Gaithersburg | MD 20877 | Ph: (240) 567-5188

Maryland GED Requirements

Gaithersburg High School (Montgomery College)
101 Education Blvd | Gaithersburg | MD 20877 | Ph: (240) 567-5188

Gaithersburg Library (Montgomery Coll.)
18330 Montgomery Village Avenue | Gaithersburg | Maryland 20879 | Ph: (240) 567.5188

Gaithersburg Middle School (Montgomery College)
2 Teachers’ Way | Gaithersburg | MD 20877 | Ph: (240) 567-5188

Identity-Youth Opportunity Center
415 E Diamond Ave |  Gaithersburg | MD 20877 | Ph: (301) 591-1790

Prep sites around Gaithersburg (cities by alphabet)

Germantown One-Stop Career Center
12900 Middlebrook Rd | Germantown | MD 20874 | Ph: (301) 779-2851

Latin American Youth Center-Germantown
12900 Middlebrook Rd | Germantown | MD 20874 | Ph: (301) 779-2851

Montgomery College-Germantown
20200 Observation Dr | Germantown | MD 20876 | Ph: (240) 567-8950

Maryland Free GED Practice Test

Literacy Council of Loudoun County
204 S King St | Leesburg | VA 20175 | Ph: (703) 777-2205
For more Leesburg prep sites click here

Rockville Goodwill GED Instruction
15810 Indianola Dr | Rockville | MD 20855 | Ph: 800-GOODWILL
For all Rockville options go to this page

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Maryland Free GED Online Classes

Gaithersburg area GED test centers

Academy of Computer Education (Suite #120)
45195 Research Place | Ashburn | Virginia 20147 | Ph (571) 209-9234

Frederick Comm. Coll.
7932 Opossumtown Pike | Frederick | Maryland 2170 | Ph (301) 846-2522

Montgomery College (Science & Applied Studies Building, Room 132)
20200 Observation Drive | Germantown | Maryland 20876 | Ph (240) 567-7739

Montgomery College-Rockville (Room 14. Campus Center Bldg)
51 Mannakee Street | Rockville | Maryland 20850 | Ph (240) 567-7459

Satnam Technologies Inc. (Suite #220)
46179 Westlake Drive | Sterling | Virginia 20165 | Ph (703) 980-7454

Montgomery College-Takoma Park
7625 Fenton Street | Takoma Park | Maryland 20912 | Ph (240) 567-1555

New GED online testing option

It used to be that sitting for the four GED modules over the internet was no option. You were required to show up personally at one of Maryland’s state-designated GED testing centers if you wished to acquire your Maryland GED degree.

Fortunately, that now has changed. You now also have the option to take the GED exam in an online format where a proctor will oversee your testing efforts and check if everything goes in line with the rules and regulations. Visit ‘Introducing a new online GED testing option’ to learn all about it.

GED Scoring

The GED test has a scoring system that requires you to score at least 145 on each subtest (module). Averaging is not an option so you will need to score at least 580 points on the entire GED battery. The score is measured on a scale that goes from 100 to 200. The passing score is 145-164 (high school equivalency); college-ready score is 165-174; college-ready + credit score is 175-200. To see if you are eligible for the fully computerized GED exam, go to GED testing in Maryland.

Can I join the army with a GED?

Qualification Criteria

In Maryland, you must be at least 18 years of age, not already hold a secondary degree, not be enrolled in another school program, and you are required to bring proper identification. Younger students (16 or 17) may also take the tests, but they must meet specific criteria.

They must have a withdrawal declaration from their former school and be able to present an employer’s confirmation that they need a GED for a certain job or a statement from an institute of higher education declaring that they need a GED or a letter from a U.S. Armed Services branch that states that they need their GED for induction. For details, please contact a GED testing site near you.

The GED test is fully computer-based and recognized and accepted just like a common high school degree by virtually all colleges, military services, and employers. The GED diploma is the equivalency of a Maryland high school diploma. The GED exam contains four separate subtests that assess academic knowledge and skills at a level that compares to that of high school grads.

Last Updated on January 21, 2021.

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