Do Fake GED Diplomas Work?

Last Updated on May 14, 2024.

You may get fooled by diploma manufacturers (“diploma mills”) that are looking to take advantage of individuals who could, for whatever reason, not finish their regular high school curriculum.

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Often, when these people want to earn a GED diploma, they get misled by websites that offer them fake certificates or diplomas. These fake GED diplomas do NOT work.

Keep in mind, however, that fake certificates have no value. A GED diploma can only be issued by states, and the only organization that offers the GED test is GED Testing Service®

If you need the GED diploma, you can also get started with our free online GED classes and practice tests. If this way of studying works well for you, continue with Onsego GED Prep, a comprehensive, accredited online GED prep program.

GED fraud is a serious issue, and students who use fake GED diplomas are usually quickly expelled from school.

If an employer discovers that a worker uses a fake GED diploma (and that is quite easy to check for employers), this fraudulent behavior will result in job loss.

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So you see, using a fake diploma is definitely not worth the risk. And you should also know that it’s quite easy to earn a real GED credential fast by signing up for a credible GED prep course such as Onsego.

How To Spot A “Diploma Mill”

Many students have become, often unintentionally, victims of these scams, so it is important to understand how you can recognize a “diploma mill” so you won’t be tempted to buy a fake GED certificate. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Getting a “GED diploma” online is always fraudulent, except when you take the GED test online through GED Testing Service at the official GED website When taking the GED exam online (four separate sub-exams), you’ll first have to attain sufficient scores on the official GED Ready practice test.
  • Sometimes, you’ll come across a website that offers the online “GED test” or a “certificate” based on life experience. This is always fraudulent. There’s only one way to earn your GED, and that is through! That’s the legitimate GED organization.
  • If a website promises you a GED diploma fast (in days or weeks) without even taking the test, you know you are dealing with fraud.
  • If an organization offers a test that doesn’t measure anything, or if they try to sell you a diploma (or better transcripts or scores), be aware that you are dealing with a fraudulent organization.
  • Some students pay hundreds of dollars for fake online degrees, but they not only waste their money on a worthless piece of paper, but they also commit a crime. And there’s no need to get engaged in illegal activities. Earning your GED or HiSET high school equivalency diploma doesn’t need to be that hard. With a good online course such as Onsego, you can be ready for the real thing within a few months.
  • You cannot buy the GED diploma online. Period. You can sit for the four GED sub-exams online or at an official test center, but there is no way that you can buy your GED certificate online.

Your GED Can Easily Be Verified

Employers, colleges, and universities can easily check if your GED diploma is real or not. They can simply verify your certificate through your state’s Department of Education. Only states can issue real GED certificates.

Most employers use professional companies to complete background checks on job applicants, and that will include education verification. Employers can easily check your GED status, though you’ll usually have to give them your written permission to do so. Keep in mind that often, you have already granted permission to do so when you signed the job application.

For schools, it is just as easy to check whether your diploma is real or fake. They have connections to all testing facilities and state institutions, so please be aware that a fake certificate is not even worth the paper they printed it on! Check also this post about how Amazon checks your education.

Usually, potential employers and schools will also ask you to submit a copy of your official GED transcript. And if you have lost your transcript, you can easily get another copy if you contact GED Testing Service or the agency responsible for that in your state.

So, when you happen to come across some questionable practice, or if you get a GED offered without having to take the official GED exam, please contact GED Testing Service (at or inform us via our contact form.

How Long Will It Take To Get Your GED?

How long you need to get your GED depends on a number of factors. First, it depends on your educational background. If, for some reason, you couldn’t complete high school, but you were doing well in class, you may get all set for the GED exam quite easily.

Other crucial factors that influence how long you will need to get ready for the GED exam are how well you prepare and how much time you can devote to studying. If you are able to study independently, signing up for an excellent online GED prep course, such as the Onsego GED plan, might get you all set for the real thing within a few months.

If studying independently is not one of your strongest traits, perhaps attending a class in a brick-and-mortar facility is more appropriate for you, as you can learn under the supervision of a teacher. That might take a bit longer, but you can still earn your GED relatively easily and fast!