GED Classes Cumberland, Maryland

On this page, we list all GED® prep locations and GED testing sites in the Cumberland region.

Maryland uses the computer-based GED test for the state’s HSE (high school equivalency) testing program.

The HSE program is for adults who never completed high school and gives them the opportunity to acquire an equivalent degree.

The GED exam measures proficiency at a level that compares to that of graduating high school seniors.

There are four individual GED subtests (modules) in Literacy, Math, Social Studies, and Science.

You are allowed two years to complete the four modules.

Cumberland GED prep classes

GED Requirements in Maryland

Allegany College of Maryland (Center for Continuing Education & Workforce Development)
12401 Willowbrook Rd SE | Cumberland | MD 21502 | Ph: (301) 784.5445/5446

Allegany County NEDP (Allegany College of Maryland Adult Education)
112 Baltimore St | Cumberland | MD 21502 | Ph: (301) 784.5445/5446
Gateway Center – Third Floor

Allegany County Board of Education
108 Washington St | Cumberland | MD 21502 | Ph: (301) 759.2046

Allegany County Health Department (Jackson Unit)
Country Club Rd | Cumberland | MD 21502 | Ph: (301) 777.2290

Cumberland YMCA GED Program
601 Kelly Rd | Cumberland | MD 21502 | Ph: (301) 777.9622

Horizon Goodwill Industries
12000 Upper Potomac Industrial Park St | Cumberland | MD 21502 | Ph: (301) 784.5445

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Maryland Free GED Practice Test

Prep sites around Cumberland (cities in alphabetic order)

Garrett Community College (Career Technology Center)
116 Industrial Dr | Accident | MD 21520 | Ph: (301) 387.3770

Bedford County PA CareerLink
1 Corporate Dr | Suite 103 | Bedford | Pennsylvania 15522 | Phone: (814) 623-6107

Everett Comm. Action Center
195 Drive-In Lane | Everett | Pennsylvania 15537 | Phone: (814) 623-9129

Allegany County Board of Education
100 Dr. Nancy Grasmick Ln | Frostburg | MD 21532 | Ph: (301) 687.8025

Garrett College (Northern Outreach Ctr)
12601 National Pike | Grantsville | MD 21536 | Ph: (301) 387.3770

Mineral County Technical Center
600 Harley O Staggers Sr. Drive | Keyser | WV 26726 | Ph: (304) 788.4240

Garrett College
687 Mosser Rd | McHenry | MD 21541 | Ph: (301) 334.8304/387.3770

Meyersdale Library GED Classes 
210 Center St | Meyersdale | PA 15552 | Ph: (814) 634.0512

Eastern WV Comm. & Technical Coll.-Moorefield
316 Eastern Dr | Moorefield | West Virginia 26836 | Ph: (304) 434.8000 (ext. 234)

Garrett College-Oakland
14 N 8th St | Oakland | MD 21550 | Ph: (301) 387.3770

Eastern WV Comm. & Technical Coll.-Petersburg
150 Providence Ln | Petersburg | West Virginia 26847 | Ph: (304) 257-1277

South Branch Career & Technical Ctr.
401 Pierpont Street | Petersburg | West Virginia 26847 | Phone: (304) 257-1331

Hampshire Co. Adult Learning Ctr
HC 63 | Romney | WV 26757 | Ph: (304) 822.3979 (ext. 223)

Maryland Free Online GED Classes

Cumberland area GED test sites

Allegany College of Maryland
12401 Willowbrook Rd | Cumberland | MD 21502 | Ph: (301) 724.7700

Monongalia County Technical Ed. Ctr
1000 Mississippi St | Morgantown | WV 26501 | Ph: (304) 291.9226

Hampshire County Career Center
HC 63 | Box 1980 | Romney | West Virginia 26757 | Ph: (304) 822-3979

How to choose online GED classes?

Eligibility requirements

In Maryland, you are eligible to sit for the GED exam if you are at least 18 years of age, not have a secondary education credential, and not be engaged in any school program. Young adults 16 and 17 years old may also qualify but there are further strict regulations. They must provide a withdrawal declaration from the school they last attended and produce a letter from an employer that states that you must have the GED diploma to gain or maintain a job.

A brighter future

The tests of General Education Development (usually named GED ) offer adults who don’t hold a high school diploma the opportunity to earn a credential that’s considered equivalent to a common high school diploma. GED graduates can continue their education in college and the degree will surely lead to better employment. The four tests don’t need to be taken in one session, and your scores count for a 2-year period from your first registration. To see if you can enroll in the program check out GED in Maryland.

Passing score

The passing score for each subtest was lowered five points to 145 a few years back because it appeared to have been set too high when the latest GED edition was released. More detailed information about this important decision can be read in this GED News page. There is NO online GED testing. You will have to come to a state-approved testing site in person. Check also this page that has links to all U.S. GED prep programs and testing centers.

The GED passing score is set on a scale of 100 – 200. There is no need to prepare for (and take) all four tests at once. You may take one test (or module) at a time, and your test results are valid for two years.

Don’t forget about your transferable skills

Okay, so now you’re the proud holder of the West Virginia HSE diploma! Great! This document will allow you to get far better job options and may also get you into college! So you’re invited for the application interview. You are intelligent and well educated, and you have a great capacity for hard work, you are disciplined, persistent and altruistic. You are empathetic as well as kind and are trained to talk about uncomfortable or scary matters.

Resist any initial reaction to dismiss them as nothing special/take for granted qualities that nobody would write a paycheck for. I believe these innate attributes become so highly honed through our education and years in practice that they are highly applicable in other milieus. Your role in considering particular career opportunities is to frame how these skills add value to the new professional engagement you are considering.


Networking is systematically seeking out and becoming acquainted with other individuals in the mutual service of professional goals.

Thus, a) it requires action, b) it involves novelty, c) it is purposeful, and d) it is often mutual.

Networking requires you to move outside of your comfort zone, and ask for help. Novelty means seeking new sources of guidance, rather than your residency director department head, whose universe you may already have moved beyond. The mutual aspect implies interacting with peers whose professional lives are in different worlds than our own and where the potential exists for reciprocal benefits from the relationship.  Stay connected and as interested in your contacts, their lives and careers as you hope they will be interested in you.

Your resume

If considering roles outside of the “normal” arena, it is more important to have a well-polished resume.

Your  CV might consist of detailed lists of your education, professional experiences, lectures, publications, etc. A reader must infer what you accomplished in your professional roles, or what your particular talents and abilities are. For example, your CV might state you were a Department Chairman, but your resume indicates how large a faculty you managed, programs you developed, growth in grant support, employee productivity, etc. The resume, not the CV, gives a dynamic picture of my activities as department head.

Your CV’s length is in part because it catalogs everything. You send the same CV to each and every job you are applying for. Your resume hits the highlights, concentrates on your most recent work experiences and should be tailored to the particular job you are interested in. You can find lots of “how to write a resume” pieces on the internet.

Elevator Pitches

You’ve probably heard this term in the context of a venture capitalist or CEO giving someone the length of an average elevator ride to pitch their business idea. It’s an excellent way of making a company or individual focus on who they are, what their key mission or product is, and why they are better than the competition. We should all have an elevator pitch. Your research during this phase of looking at alternative careers should be geared to developing your story.

You say:
I’m John Brown. I practiced general internal medicine at a multi-specialty clinic with a group practice model in the Southwestern United States for 20 years. I developed workshops to educate peers and support staff in improved billing and coding practices resulting in steady year over year improvement in our reimbursement rates with other factors held constant. I’m interested in a career change allowing me to work as a physician-executive in the medical insurance industry.

They hear (and would also see in your resume):

  • He’s seasoned.
  • He has initiative.
  • He produced and delivered.
  • He’s ready for an evolution in his career.

You did not tell them, nor did they want to hear (what they’d find in your CV): Where you went to medical school or did your residency. How many papers you wrote, grants you held, or lectures you gave.