Calculating Exponents With The GED Calculator (TI-30XS)

Last Updated on March 26, 2024.

This lesson covers Calculating Exponents with the GED scientific calculator TI-30XS Multiview by Texas Instruments. This lesson is part of our Calculator Series within our free online GED classes.

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To reach a good score on the GED Math portion, understanding how to work effectively with the TI-30XS calculator is key.

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On the GED test, there are always questions that include exponents.

So, let’s check how to solve these types of problems.

To calculate exponents, we will need to use the caret sign.

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This sign looks like this

As you see, It’s a primary key.

Let’s calculate how much is 8 to the power of three.

Option A: 512,


Option B: 164.

Press 8, and then choose the caret sign.

You will see a small square next to 8. Now, press three. The small square changes to 3. Our screen displays 8 to the power of three.

So, press enter to check the result. It’s 512. Option A is correct.

Order of Operations

The TI-30XS calculator uses Order the Operation so you don’t need to remember these rules.

The calculator evaluates functions from left to right, and in the PEMDAS order, this order is programmed into the memory of the calculator.

It’s important that you use the calculator in the “MathPrint” mode and remember, you are responsible for inputting the numbers, signs, and parentheses, so double-check your input.

There are two parentheses keys on your calculator, a left parenthesis and a right parenthesis. When you use parentheses, you must use both of these keys.

Parentheses also must be used when performing division of complicated expressions such as  \(\frac{2^{2}+4}{2^{3}-3}\), unless you are using the Fraction key on the TI-30 XS.

In this case, the calculator will perform all operations without any problems.

1. Calculate.


Question 1 of 4

2. Calculate:

Question 2 of 4

3. Simplify the given expression.

\((10 - 8)^{3} - (7 - 5)^{4}\)

Question 3 of 4

4. Simplify.

\((-4)^{6} + 32 - 12^{3}\)

Question 4 of 4


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This lesson is a part of our GED Math Study Guide module.

This was our free calculator lesson about exponents. This lesson is part of our GED Calculator Series within our free online GED classes.

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