GED Classes Brownsville, Texas

This page includes a full listing of GED® classes and testing centers in the Brownsville area. Texas uses the GED for its HSE (high school equivalency) testing program.

The GED test can be taken in an online format or at one of Texas’ official HSE testing sites.

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The HSE program is for adults who have no high school diploma and offers them the chance to earn an equivalent degree.

The GED exam is fully computerized and can be taken in English and Spanish.

There are four GED subtests in math, science, literacy, and social studies that can be completed one test at a time.

In the past, online GED testing was not possible. You had to appear in person at an official Texas HSE testing site.

Now that has changed, however, with the launch of an online GED testing option. For more information, check the bottom of this post.

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Brownsville GED prep classes

Brownsville Independent School District (ACE)
708 Palm Boulevard, Brownsville, TX 78520, Phone: 956 . 548 . 8175
BISD serves Cameron County (including Harlingen, San Benito, Los Fresnos, Rio Hondo, Port Isabel, Santa Rosa, and Santa Maria. HSE classes are held Mondays through Thursdays from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Evening classes are on Mondays through Wednesdays from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Classes are offered in Brownsville, Harlingen, Port Isabel, La Feria, Los Fresnos, and San Benito.

To check what you know, take a free GED Practice Test.

Texas Free GED Practice Tests

Brownsville Independent School District (Adult Education Program)
1625 E Price Road – Brownsville – TX 78521 – Phone: 956 . 548 . 8175

Brownsville Adult Literacy Council 
1235 E Jefferson Street – Brownsville – TX 78520 – Phone: 956 . 542 . 8080
The Brownsville ALC offers educational instruction on ESL (English as a Second Language), ABE (Adult Basic Education) skills, and GED (General Education Development) preparation. The Council’s comprehensive Mobile Learning Lab comes also to outlying areas of Brownsville to offer adult education services.

Community Development Corporation of Brownsville
901 East Levee Street – Brownsville – TX 78520 – Phone: 956 . 541 . 4955

Brownsville Adult Literacy Council
245 E Levee Street – Brownsville – TX 78520 – Phone: 956 . 542 . 8080

Cameron County Workforce Center
301 Mexico Boulevard – Suite F 8 – Brownsville – TX 78520 – Phone: 956 . 547 . 5040

Texas Workforce Center-Brownsville
851 Old Alice Road – Brownsville – TX 78520 – Phone: 956 . 546 . 3141

851 Old Alice Road – Brownsville – TX 78520 – Phone: 956 . 548 . 2302

Workforce Solutions Cameron
851 Old Alice Road – Brownsville – TX 78520 – Phone: 956 . 621 . 3850

Proyecto Juan Diego ( GED classes in Spanish)
2216 Eduardo Avenue – Brownsville – TX 78526 – Phone: 956 . 542 . 2488

Check here to read more about how Texas test-takers can take the GED exam for free thanks to a very generous TWC grant.

Locations around Brownsville (cities by alphabet)

GED Texas Requirements

Adult Learning Center-Harlingen
1902 N Loop, Harlingen, TX 78550, Phone: 956 – 364 – 4590
For all Harlingen-area prep locations go to this page

Rio Hondo high school
215 W Colorado Street | Rio Hondo | TX 78583 – Phone: 956 – 748 – 1200

START (South Texas Adult Resources and Training Center
743 N. Sam Houston Boulevard | San Benito | TX 78586 | Phone: 956 . 399 . 7818

San Benito Library 
101 W Rose Street | San Benito | TX 78586 | Phone: 956 . 361 . 3860

If a GED facility is not included, or if we should adjust any details, feel free to contact us here. Your support is appreciated!

Welcoming online GED testing

Until recently, if you wanted to sit for the Texas GED test, you needed to show up in person at one of the state’s official high school equivalency (HSE) testing sites. There was just no online option available.

But that has now changed as we saw the launch of the GED proctored online testing options. If you want to learn more about online GED testing, check out ‘Introducing the online proctored GED exam’.

Texas GED Online

Brownsville area GED testing centers

The HiSET exam is no longer available in Texas. If one of the test centers listed below does NOT offer the GED exam, please inform us on this contact page. Thank you.

Texas Southmost College (TSC) Oliveira Student Services Building
80 Ft. Brown Street – Brownsville – Texas 78520 – Ph 956-295-3660

South Texas Vocational Technical Institute
2144 Centr. Boulevard – Brownsville – Texas 78520 – Ph 956-554-3515

Brownsville ISD Testing Center (Clearwater Building #6)
708 Palm Boulevard | Brownsville – TX 78520 – Ph 956-547.5087

Texas State Technical College
1902 North Loop 499 – Harlingen – Texas 78550 – Ph 956-364-4310

South Texas College GED Test Center
2603 Pecan Plaza – McAllen – Texas 78501 – Ph 956-872-3842
For all McAllen area GED Testing locations, click here

South Texas Vocational Technical Institute
2419 East Haggar Avenue – Weslaco – Texas 78599 – Phe 956-969-1564

Technology Training Licenses Inc.
615 South International Boulevard – Weslaco – TX 78596 – Ph 956-380-3070

Your future

The GED is really important for your future. It is obvious that for many people planning to get their GED credentials, their main goal is to acquire a new and more comfortable job. For many of us, we often take choosing our future careers too lightly. But in reality, this is something that requires a lot of research before settling for the ultimate career choice.

Keep in mind, though, that the GED diploma is also your ticket to a great college education. People with a GED make some $9,500 more annually than people who don’t hold the credential. So what’s holding you back? A college degree will boost your income even more.

During our teenage age, we often have wide options to choose from but as we advance in our grades and life, our choices shrink and shrink. Fortunately, the GED is giving each one of us a new opportunity and green light of having a better career. The GED diploma will enable you to access yourself and identify what you really like.


Last Updated on September 1, 2021.