GED Classes Antioch, California

In this article, you can discover all GED® preparatory facilities and test centers in the Antioch area.

California uses various tests for high school equivalency (HSE) testing, the GED, TASC, and HiSET.

The HSE test gives adults who didn’t finish high school another shot a securing an equivalent credential.

HSE testing takes place at a level that’s similar to what high school seniors are expected to command upon graduation.

The GED is entirely computer-formatted and the TASC and HiSET are offered both on paper and on a computer.

The GED exam has four independent subtests (modules) in the academic fields of Science, Social Studies, Math, and Literacy.

You have the option to sit for one subtest of the GED, TASC, or HiSET exam at a time.

The HiSET and TASC have separate reading and writing subtests, so five overall.

Antioch GED prep facilities

GED CA testing requirements

Antioch Alternative Education
820 W Second Street, Antioch, CA 94509, Ph: (925) 779.7490
Free and self-paced GED classes are offered Monday – Friday at multiple times to match every schedule. Registration is ongoing, and orientation sessions are offered every week. The school is conveniently located on the Tri Delta bus lines.

Antioch Career Center
4545 Delta Fair Boulevard, Antioch, CA 94509, Ph: (925) 706.4830

Antioch Salvation Army Church
525 E 18th Street, Antioch, CA 94509, Ph: (925) 778.0303

Delta Learning Center
275 W Tregallas Road, Antioch, CA 94509, Ph: 925-757-1310
Delta Learning Center is located across the street from the Antioch Post Office

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California GED Practice Test

Prep sites in the Antioch area (cities by alphabet)

Liberty Adult Community Education School
929 Second Street, Brentwood, CA 94513, Ph: (925) 634.2565

Concord Career Center HSE Classes
4071 Port Chicago Highway, Suite 250, Concord, CA 94520, Ph: (925) 671.4500
Check out all Concord area options here

Pittsburg Adult Basic Education 
1151 Stoneman Avenue, Pittsburg, CA 94565, Ph: (925) 473.4470

Pittsburg Community Council
1760 Chester Drive, Pittsburg CA 94565, Ph: (925) 439.2061

Wind River Adult School
445 Montezuma Street, Rio Vista, CA 94571, Ph: (707) 374.1730

Stockton Adult Basic Education
1525 Pacific Avenue, Stockton, CA 95204, Ph: (209) 933.7455
You can discover all Stockton area prep sites here

Free Online CA GED Course

Antioch area testing facilities

Antioch Adult School
820 Second Street, Antioch, CA 94509, Ph: (925) 706.5365

Liberty Union Adult School
929 Second Street, Brentwood, CA 94513, Phone: (925) 634.2565

Mt. Diablo Adult School
1266 S. Carlos Avenue, Concord, CA 94518, Ph: (925) 685.7340

Pittsburg Adult Education
1151 Stoneman Avenue, Pittsburg, CA 94565, Ph: (925) 473.4470

Contra Costa Adult Education
612 Carlton Avenue, Stockton, CA 95203, Ph: (209) 948.7652 (ext. 225)
For all Stockton HSE testing centers check out this page

How hard is the GED test?

No online testing

All three HSE exams can NOT be done online. You must show up in person at a state-approved HSE testing site if you plan to go for your high school equivalency credential. If you see a website that tells you something different, you deal with a site that’s run by scam artists who just want to steal your dollars. There simply is NO GED testing via the internet. if you want to read all about the adjusted passing score that was lowered from 150 to 145 some years ago, check out this GED News post.

The GED alternatives TASC & HiSET

The state of California not only offers the new GED program to its residents for their high school equivalency/proficiency testing. Californians (or rather, the testing centers) have the option to choose between the GED, the TASC, and the HiSET testing programs. To learn if you qualify for the high school equivalency (HSE) program, take a look at the page GED testing in California.

The TASC and HiSET offer both computer and paper-based testing and include five testing sections (language arts is divided into a reading and a writing test). This way the state offers more second chances to help high school dropouts in their efforts to get back on track by earning a secondary education credential that leads to the High School Equivalency Diploma.

Actually, the GED (or HiSET and TASC for that matter) should never be more than just an alternate track to college and career. It is true that a high school diploma gives a better foundation to become successful in life. Then again, for high school dropouts, the GED/HISET/TASC is absolutely the best option they have.

Lack of High School/GED Diploma and Your Salary

Today there is no doubt that obtaining a High School diploma is not only helpful but required for most employment possibilities. If you drop out of high school, your salary will be almost 50% lower than a graduate student’s income on average! If you drop out of school and don’t take any actions, your chances for a quality life are considerably lower, says a lot of research.

Remember that you can always get your GED certificate that has the same value as a High School diploma. Completing the GED exam not only will increase your income potential, but it is also your access ticket to institutions of higher education as well.

Get a better job with a GED diploma

There are so many reasons why people did not finish High School. Whatever the reason, you still have a chance to get a good job and manage your future, all you need to do is get the GED certificate.

Completing the GED exam successfully will open up doors to colleges and universities as well, so start getting prepared for the GED examination today. Take a look on at this infographic from the website GED Programs Guide in the USA.

The truth is that many college dropouts will have a hard time getting a job these days.  Unemployment rates show that 17% of unemployed people don’t have a High School Diploma and only 4.5%  of college graduates couldn’t find a job at the same time.

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