GED Classes Anderson, South Carolina

This is a complete overview of GED® prep class locations and testing centers in the Anderson region.

South Carolina uses two options for HSE (high school equivalency) testing, the GED and the TASC™.

The HSE test is for those individuals who left high school without graduating and gives them the opportunity to earn an equivalent degree.

The GED exam is entirely computer-based and includes four separate subtests (or modules) that may be completed over two years.

The four modules are in Science, Social Studies, Math, and Literacy.

The TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) is offered both on a computer and on paper and has separate reading and writing tests, so five in total.

Anderson GED prep sites

GED Requirements in South Carolina

Anderson Adult Education Center
2005 N Main St – Anderson – SC 29621 – Ph: (864) 260.5075

Tri-County Technical College (Anderson Campus)
511 Michelin Blvd – Anderson – SC 29625 – Ph: (864) 260.5075

Haven of Rest Ministries (Women’s Ministry)
219 W Whitner St –  Anderson – SC 29622 – Ph: (864) 226.6193

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South Carolina GED Free Practice Test

Locations around Anderson (cities by alphabet)

Abbeville Adult Education
400 Greenville St – Abbeville – SC 29620 – Ph: (864) 366.4226

Athens Tech GED Instruction
800 Highway 29 N – Athens – GA 30601 – Ph: (706) 355.5026
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Rabun County Adult Education (NGTC)
790 N Main St – Suite 201 – Clayton – GA 30525 – Ph: (706) 782.1362

SC Works HSE Instruction (Pickens Adult Ed.)
1376 Tiger Blvd – Suite 102 – Clemson – SC 29631 – Ph: (864) 397.3825

Greenville Tech
620 S Pleasantburg Dr – Greenville – SC 29607 – Ph: (864) 250.8111
You can discover all Greenville area prep sites on this page

Hart County Adult Education
110 Benson St – Hartwell – GA 30643 – Ph: (706) 856.2655

Franklin County EOC (Educational Opportunity Ctr)
84 Hartwell Rd – Lavonia – GA 30553 – Ph: (706) 356.2962

Tri-County Tech
7900 Hwy 76 – Pendleton – SC 29670 – Ph: (864) 260.5075

Anderson Adult Ed. Center (Districts 1 & 2)
214 Lebby St – Pelzer – SC 29669 – Ph: (864) 947.9311

Tri-County Tech (Hamilton Career Ctr)
100 Vocational Dr – Seneca – SC 29672 – Ph: (864) 886.4429

Oconee County Adult Education (Code Learning Ctr)
315 A Holland Ave – Seneca – SC 29678 – Ph: (864) 886.4429

North Georgia Technical College-Currahee Campus
8989 Hwy 17 S – Toccoa GA 30577 – Ph: (706) 779.8116

North Georgia Tech (Whitman Street Ctr)
904 W Whitman St – Toccoa – GA 30577 – Ph: (706) 282.5171

Literacy Council of Toccoa & Stevens Counties
158 S Broad St – Toccoa – GA 30577 – Ph: (706) 282.5171

Stephens Literacy Foundation GED Classes
12 W Tugalo St – Toccoa – GA 30577 – Ph: (706) 886.6909

Christ Central Ministries (Walhalla Mission)
205 S John St – Walhalla – SC 29691 – Ph: (864) 990.8408

Anderson Career & Technology Center
702 Belton Hwy – Williamston – SC 29697 – Ph: (864) 847.3549 (ext. 212)

South Carolina Free Online GED Classes

Anderson area testing sites

Anderson Adult Education Ctr
2005 N Main Street – Anderson – SC 29621 – Ph: 864) 260-5075

Abbeville Adult Ed. Center
400 Greenville Street – Abbeville – SC 29620 – Ph: (864) 366-4226

North Georgia Tech
1500 Highway 197 N – Clarkesville – GA 30523 – Ph: (706) 754-7717

Pickens Co. Adult Learning Ctr
106 Glazner Street – Easley – SC 29640 – Ph: (864) 397-3826

Sullivan Adult Ed. Center
206 Wilkins Street – Greenville – SC 29605 – Ph: (864) 355-6088

United Ministries HSE testing
606 Pendleton Street – Greenville – SC 29601 – Ph: (864) 232-6463

Anderson Adult Education Center (Districts 1 and 2)
214 Lebby Street – Pelzer – SC 29669 – Ph: (864) 947-9311

Oconee County Adult Education
315 Holland Avenue – Seneca – SC 29678 – Ph: (864) 886-4429

The Best TASC Prep Books

GED-TASC acceptance

The diploma that you’ll receive after completing the GED or TASC exam successfully is all across North America recognized as equivalent to a standard HS diploma by schools, official institutions, employers, and recruiting agencies. Great support is also offered via this website. Check out this video instruction and practice tests. Here is also a link to all available  GED-TASC prep sites and programs in the U.S.

GED passing score

With the GED exam, you were required to reach a minimum score of 150 points on each separate test but it was decided to bring that number down to 145. Studies had indicated that it was set too high in relation to what high school students must command upon graduation.  For information on the adjusted passing score (reduced by five points to 145) go to this GED Passing Score News page.

Who is the GED exam for?HiSET schools

The GED (General Education Development) program is designed to assist more adults with improving their lives via learning options that will result in better jobs and to educate them to be able to attend institutions of higher education. In the U.S. we can find millions of adults who never obtained a high school diploma, and earning the GED credential will make them qualified for better jobs with higher earnings, and allow them to access institutions of higher education. For qualification criteria go to GED testing in South Carolina.

Corporate Flight Attendant Job

So many people still want to pursue a career in aviation. Your GED diploma makes this possible. To become a Flight Attendant you must have a vision that is correctable to at least 20/40 and often you need to conform to height and weight

Airlines won’t hire people who don’t have their GED, but no higher education is required. That said, airlines do look favorably upon people who have a college degree or even a few years of college under their belt.

Flight Attendant Salary

  • Average Salary: $39,240
  • Expected Lifetime Earnings: $1,655,000

Flight Attendant – Education

Looking for a career that takes you around the world? Do you enjoy meeting new people every day? An ideal choice is to become a flight attendant. Please understand Flight attendant jobs are very competitive. In order to become a flight attendant, you must first make sure you meet the minimum requirements set by the airlines.

Technically there is no such thing as a Flight Attendant School. The FAA only recognizes the training provided by the airline that hires you as a flight attendant. What Flight Attendant schools can provide you with is an instruction to help you pass the training provided by the airlines given the fact that there is a 30 to 40% failure rate of participants in the airline training. Flight Attendant Schools can also assist you in obtaining flight attendant jobs by helping you with the interviews and providing contacts within the airline industry.

You will then need to apply to the different airlines that are looking to hire new Flight Attendants. After receiving a job offer the airline will send you to Flight Attendant training. You must pass the training in order to become a Flight Attendant.

Flight Attendant – The Job

The first and foremost responsibility of flight attendants, of course, is the aircraft cabin’s and its passengers’ safety. Flight attendants are required to comply with the Federal Aviation Regulations. FAR’s regulations say those flight attendants are on an aircraft for only one reason: the performance of safety-related tasks and duties. Duties, however, include also a broad range of functions related to passenger service.

Flight attendants are required to be always prepared and ready for unexpected situations, and they must be able to change from passenger services into their critical role regarding safety in a split second.

For passengers, flight attendants are the most visible employees of any aircraft. Flight attendants will spend the most time with an aircraft’s passengers of all airline employees. They need to deal with a wide array of requests and needs. Flight attendants must provide the highest possible level of individualized service to each one of the passengers for the entire duration of a flight.

The cockpit flight crew is mainly responsible for transporting passengers from one point to their destination in the safest and comfortable way, flight attendants must focus on their tasks in the cabin while at the same time, they too are dedicated to and responsible for the comfort and safety of their passengers.

Flight Attendant – Requirements

You must have an education level of a GED or high school diploma. You must be at least 18 or older but most airlines require you to be 21 years or older. You must have a clear a background check. Airlines will ask you to relocate so you must be flexible with where you are looking to live. Most airlines are looking for people with a background in customer service.

It is not required but since the flight attendant jobs are very competitive it is a good idea to get experience in customer service before applying. Another way to separate yourself from the competition is to know a second language.

Keep in mind these are the typical minimum requirements to become a Flight Attendant. It is always a good idea to look for ways to help separate yourself from the other applicants by for example getting more education or more experience in customer service.

Flight Attendant Training Schools

1. InFlight Institute

2. Flight Attendant Express

3. The Travel Academy

4. The Airline Academy, Inc

5. Institute for Private Flight Attendants

6. AirLine Coach

7. FlightSafety

8. Friedenberg Corporate FA Training

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