GED Classes Winchester, Virginia

On this page, you can discover all GED®) prep facilities and test centers in the Winchester region.

In Virginia, you must pass the four GED modules (subtests) to earn your high school equivalency (HSE) diploma.

The HSE test gives adults who didn’t graduate high school the chance to earn an equivalent degree.

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Sometimes just a few points decide if you pass or fail the GED test.

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The four subtests are in Science, Math, Social Studies, and Literacy.

The GED exam assesses fundamental knowledge at a level that compares that of high school grads.

The four subtests may be taken individually but you must finish all tests within a 2-year period.

The GED exam is fully computer-formatted. Paper-based testing is a thing of the past.

Winchester GED prep classes

GED Requirements in Virginia

Winchester Area Literacy Volunteers
301 N Cameron Street – Suite 102 – Winchester – VA 22601 – Phone: (540) 536-1648

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Northern Shenandoah Valley Adult Education
156 Dowell J Circle – Winchester  VA 22602 – Phone: (540) 667-9744

Douglas Community Learning Center (Northern Shenandoah Valley Ad. Education)
598 N Kent Street – Winchester – VA 22601 – Phone: (540) 869-0778

Horizon Goodwill (LFCC)
443 Millwood Avenue – Winchester – VA 22601 – Phone: (540) 869-0778

If a prep site should be added, or if any adjustments are needed, please use this contact page to inform us.

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Locations around Winchester (cities by alphabet)

Clarke County Public Schools (Admin. Bldg – North Shenandoah Valley Adult Ed.)
317 W Main Street – lower level) – Berryville – VA 22611 – Phone: (540) 869-0778

Jefferson County Schools
110 Mordington Avenue – Charles Town – WV 25414 – Phone: (304) 728-9741

Jefferson County Adult Learning Center
202 E Liberty Street, Charles Town, WV 25414, Phone: 304-725-3011

Blue Ridge Technical Center (Northern Shenandoah Valley Ad. Education)
280 Luray Avenue, Front Royal, VA 22630, Phone: 540-667-9744

Samuels Library (N. Shenandoah Valley Ad. Ed)
330 E Criser Road – Front Royal – VA 22630 – Phone: (540) 667-9744
GED classes are offered Monday-Thursday from 10:00 a.m. till 12:30 p.m.

Rappahannock-Shenandoah-Warren Regional Jail GED Program
6601 Winchester Road – Front Royal – VA 22630 – Phone: (540) 622-6097
This program is not publicly available

Martinsburg Adult Education HSE Classes
3635 Winchester Ave – Martinsburg – WV 25405 – Phone: (304) 267-3585
For more options in and around Martinsburg click here

Lord Fairfax Community College-Middletown
173 Skirmisher Lane – Middletown – VA 22645 – Phone: (540) 869-0748

Northern Shenandoah Valley Adult Education (NSVAE)
173 Skirmisher Lane – Middletown – VA 22645 – Phone: (800) 435-5945
NSVAE provides GED prep classes in Winchester, Frederick County, Berryville, Middletown, Strasburg, Front Royal, New Market, and Woodstock.

Eastern WV Community and Technical College-Moorefield
316 Eastern Drive – Moorefield – WV 26836 – Phone: (304) 434-8000

Eastern WV Community and Technical College-Petersburg
150 Providence Lane – Petersburg – WV 26847 – Phone: (304) 257-1277

South Branch Career and Technical Center
401 Pierpont Street – Petersburg – WV 26847 – Phone: (304) 257-1331

Strasburg High School (North Shenandoah Valley Adult Ed.)
250 Ram Drive – Strasburg – VA 22657 – Phone: (540) 869-0778

Literacy Volunteers of Shenandoah County
134 N Church Street – Woodstock – VA 22664 – Phone: (540) 459-2446

Woodstock Presbyterian Church
142 E Court Street – Woodstock – VA 22664 – Phone: (540) 459-2646

Woodstock Central High School
1147 Susan Avenue – Woodstock – VA 22664 – Phone: (540) 869-0778

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Winchester area GED testing sites

Jefferson County Schools
110 Mordington Ave – Charles Town – WV 25414 – Phone: (304) 728-9741

Martinsburg Community Education
3635 Winchester Ave – Martinsburg – WV 25405 – Phone: 304-267-3585
More Martinsburg testing sites are found here

Lord Fairfax Community Colege. 
173 Skirmisher Lane – Middletown – VA 22645 – Phone: (540) 869-0748

Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College
316 Eastern Drive – Moorefield – WV 26836 – Phone: (304) 434-8000

S. Branch Career & Tech Ctr GED testing
401 Pierpont Street – Petersburg – WV 26847 – Phone: (304) 257-1331

Hampshire County Career Training Center
HC 63 – Romney – WV 26757 – Phone: (304) 822-3979

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GED cost

The Virginia GED exam costs $120 for the 4 subtests or $30 per module/test. A great aspect of the new GED exam is that you can take and pay for just one test when you are prepared for that section. There no longer is the need to take the entire battery at one time, but you need to complete the four subject tests within two years.

The four-test GED exam is a pretty challenging exam so you should get the help you can to get all geared up for the tests, also referred to as modules. The tests are in these academic fields: Science (90 minutes), Social Studies (70 minutes), Literacy (150 minutes), and Math (115 minutes). All across North America is the GED diploma accepted like a high school degree by employers and academic institutions.


The four subtests of General Educational Development (usually called just “GED”) are designed by the American Council on Education (ACE) together with one of the world’s biggest educational publishers Pearson Vue to offer Americans who quit high school without a diploma the chance to acquire a credential that is equivalent to a common high school degree. Check out also this link to all GED school and test centers in America.

The old GED exam had a separate writing section, but that subject has become embedded in the other four subject tests as most multiple-choice questions have been replaced by questions that require essay-styled answering. The GED diploma is your ticket to higher education and will certainly lead to far better job options and a higher income. Check out GED testing in Virginia to see if you qualify.

One test at a time

No longer do you have to sit for the entire battery of four tests in one session spread out over a few days.

You can prepare for one testing subject field, and by the time you are ready, register for, schedule, pay for, and take just that part (module). Of course, you can still take more tests at once, but it is doubtful that you will be able to find a testing center that can accommodate all four tests in one day.

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