A subject, along with the verb, completes a sentence. Every sentence must have a subject and a verb. So, always be looking for the subject in a sentence, because it has to be there somewhere.

Look at this first example:

Running is good for you.”

The verb right here is “is“. So, then, what is the subject of this sentence? Well, the way you can find the subject is just the person or thing that’s doing the action in the sentence. So, what is in this sentence? “Running” is. So, “Running” would be the subject.

Okay, so, think of another example, like:

He rode his bike.”

Okay, “rode” is the verb here. So, again, you could just ask the question, who is riding here? Who is the person or the thing doing the action here? Well, the action is riding, so then, who is riding? “He” is riding. So, “He” would be the subject.

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