States That Offer The HiSET Exam

Last Updated on April 12, 2024.

In this post, we inform you about which states are using the HiSET (short for High School Equivalency Test) for the purpose of High School equivalency testing.


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The HiSET® exam is one of the two High School Equivalency tests in the U.S. besides the GED® exam. The TASC exam is no longer available.

Adult learners who never completed high school can use both exams to get hold of a diploma or certificate (depending on the state) that is recognized and accepted in lieu of a common high school diploma across North America.

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HiSET testing is available both in a paper-and-pencil format and in a computer-formatted version except in the states of New Jersey and West Virginia, where only computer-based testing is possible.

The GED exam, on the other hand, is only administered on a computer only (except in New Hampshire). Paper-based GED testing is no longer available except for students who require accommodation because of medical reasons.

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There are five individual and separately available HiSET subject tests covering the areas of

  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • English Language Reading
  • English Language Writing
  • Mathematics

You can take these subtests (separate modules) one at a time and in any preferred order.

Please note that in states that offer both options for HSE (High School Equivalency) testing, not all of these options are available at all testing centers. So please get well-informed about what options are offered at a test center near you before studying for your high school equivalency exam.

What States Offer the HiSET Exam?

The following is an overview of all states that offer the HiSET exam for high school equivalency testing, including the cost for the full exam in that state. Please note that when you take the HiSET exam online, additional Virtual Testing Fees may apply!

  • California ($100 – $140)
  • Colorado (on-computer: $141.25, on-paper: $162.50)
  • Georgia (on-computer: $133.75; on-paper: $181,25)
  • Illinois (on-computer: $93.75); on-paper: $115. Discounted rates may apply)
  • Indiana ($105)
  • Iowa ($53.25)
  • Louisiana (on-computer: $83.75; on-paper: $95)
  • Maine (free for state residents)
  • Massachusetts (on-computer: $103.75; on-paper: $125)
  • Michigan (on-computer: $118.75; on-paper: $123)
  • Mississippi (on-computer: $88.75; on-paper: $110)
  • Missouri (on-computer: $98.75; on-paper: $120; HiSET At Home: $151.25)
  • Montana (on-computer: $78.75; on-paper: $100)
  • Nevada (on-computer: $78.75; on-paper: $100)
  • New Hampshire ($125)
  • New Jersey (on-computer: $104.25; on-paper: $125)
  • New Mexico (on-computer: $53.75; on-paper: $75)
  • North Carolina (on-computer: 53.75; on-paper: $75)
  • Ohio (on-computer: $93.75; on-paper: $115)
  • Oklahoma (on-computer: $91.25; on-paper: $112.50)
  • Pennsylvania (on-computer: $93.75; on-paper: $115)
  • Tennessee (on-computer: $78.75; on-paper: $100)
  • West Virginia (on-computer: Free)
  • Wyoming (on-computer: $53.75; on-paper: $75)

Six states offer ONLY the HiSET exam:

  • Iowa
  • Maine
  • Tennessee

HiSET Requirements

States can set qualification standards, but, in general, the minimally required age for taking the HiSET test is 18, though, for 16 and 17-year-olds, additional requirements apply. The HiSET scoring system, however, is the same in all states and territories where the HiSET exam is available.

Applicants cannot already have a high school credential, nor can they be currently signed up for any other education program. Check here for all GED and HiSET test centers by state.

In most states, underage HiSET testers (those 16 or 17 years old) may also qualify, but they need to be officially withdrawn from school and hold parental consent, just to mention a few additional strict requirements.

The HiSET can be dealt with at state-approved testing centers or in an online proctored version, the HiSET-At-Home exam. The five HiSET subject tests may be taken one at a time and are available in English or Spanish.

Continue Your Education

The diploma or certificate (that depends on your state) that you’ll receive when you have completed the five HiSET modules successfully is your ticket toward a great college education! Check here for information about how to write your HiSET essay.

When you attended an adult education (HiSET) prep course from your local community college, continuing your education at that community college will be a relatively easy process as you have demonstrated you qualify for the school’s programs. For details about how the HiSET exam is scored, <- check out this page.

If you’re thinking about enrolling in another school, it is good to understand that your high school equivalency (HSE) diploma is accepted across North America by virtually all employers and schools of higher education, not just the ones in your state! Check here for HiSET passing score details.

Improve Your Employability

In the contemporary job market, for practically all positions, also at the entry level, holding at least a secondary education degree (high school diploma or equivalent) is a must.

So, to improve your chances in the employment market, obtaining a high school equivalency diploma is crucial. Keep in mind that your high school equivalency (HSE) diploma is definitely not your end station. It is your best stepping stone for a great career change or continuing your education with a GED or HiSET diploma and reaching higher goals.

You can benefit from so many advantages! The U.S. economy depends on a well-trained and educated, competitive, and skilled workforce, and a competitive workforce again depends on workers who are ready to develop their skills and knowledge continually.

A Brighter Future

As said before, the diploma that you have earned after successfully taking the five HiSET subject tests qualifies you to continue your academic education in college or university.

There should be nothing to hold you back from pursuing your dreams and reaching the professional or educational goals that you always dreamed about, right!? So, let nothing stop you when you’re meeting the requirements to sit for the HiSET exam.

If you took and passed the five HiSET subtests, you have shown to master academic proficiency, skills, and knowledge at a level that compares to that of graduating high school seniors. Isn’t that something great?