HiSET Reading Practice Test

Last Updated on May 15, 2024.

The HiSET Language Arts Reading subtest includes reading real-world passages about a wide selection of subjects and styles.

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The HiSET Reading subtest measures your comprehension of a wide range of material. This section aligns with situations you may come across in your personal or professional daily life.

Please note that as HiSET and GED testing involves similar contents, you may well use these practice tests.

By taking practice tests and our free online GED classes, you’ll not only get optimally prepared fast, but you’ll also learn what areas to focus on most. Taking HiSET and GED practice tests is crucial as they will let you learn all about your knowledge gap.

The passages on the HiSET Reading tests are relatively short, between 400 and 600 words.

This allows you to digest the given material easily during the allotted time span.

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The HiSET Reading test has some 40 multiple-choice questions that must be completed in 65 minutes.

There are two main categories that cover informational texts and literary texts.

The section “Informational Texts” covers 40 percent of the HiSET Reading subtest. This type of text includes passages with concrete facts about the chosen subject.

To attain optimal scores on your HiSET Language Arts Reading test, take these online practice tests:

HiSET Language Practice Tests

Tips for Passing the HiSET Language Test

When answering questions in this section, you must be able, for example, to indicate what the text is about to distinguish between subjective and objective statements or the intent of an author.

The section “Literary Texts” covers 60 percent of the HiSET Reading subtest. To be able to successfully complete this part, you must be able to read passages on a critical level.

You must answer questions relating to things like metaphors, the tone of the literary work, and literary methods to create or deliver meaning.

Test-takers are also assessed on their understanding of topics such as Text Analysis & Comprehension, Synthesis & Generalization, and Inference & Interpretation.

Using these HiSET practice tests to get all set for the real exam is very effective. You will discover your weak and strong points so you can work more selectively towards completing the HiSET test successfully.

Taking practice tests helps you become comfortable with the format of the HiSET exam. All standardized tests come with their unique formats, and as you take many practice tests, you’ll get used to test-taking in that specific format.

When you take multiple sample tests, you’ll understand more about what topics are easy for you and what areas need more of your attention.

Many HiSET test-takers are wasting lots of their valuable learning time by studying for and reviewing material that they already master. Concentrating on the fields that need your attention most is more effective!

Taking several practice tests will improve your speed, and the HiSET subtests are timed tests. Some students feel they have sufficient time while taking the HiSET subtests, but most will feel pressed for time. Taking multiple timed HiSET practice tests will help you budget your precious testing time more effectively.

So, in conclusion, the HiSET Language Reading test assesses your skills related to understanding the things you read.

The passages in the Reading subtest are coming from various published works, both informational and literary. Each passage will be followed by some questions.

The passages in the HiSET Reading subtest start out with an introduction that presents information that will help you as you read through the passage.

After reading the passage, you should answer the questions. For each of the questions, you should select the best answer.

You can mark your best choice on the provided answer sheet, and you can refer to a part in the text as often as you need.

You should really try to answer all of the questions. Bear in mind that there is no penalty for guessing wrong! So mark every answer on your answer sheet clearly.

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