GED Classes Quincy, Massachusetts

This article includes a list of all GED®-HiSET prep class locations and testing sites in the Quincy area.

Massachusetts offers two options for HSE (high school equivalency) testing, the GED and the HiSET.

The MA HSE exam gives adults who have not finished high school another shot at securing an equivalent credential.

Both options are administered at a level similar to what students learn over four years of high school.

The computer-formatted GED has four individual subtests that can be taken individually within a period of two years.

The four GED subtests are in Math. Literacy, Social Studies, and Science.

HiSET testing can be done both on-paper and on-computer via five subtests in the fields of English Writing, English Reading, Science, Social Studies, and Math that you may also take separately.

Quincy HiSET-GED prep locations

GED Requirements in Massachusetts

Quincy College *)
1250 Hancock Street – Quincy – MA 02169 – Phone: (617) 984.1617

Quincy Adult Education Program HSE Instruction
1509 Hancock Street – 2nd Fl – Quincy – MA 02169 – Phone: (617) 479.8181 (ext. 387)

North Quincy High (Quincy Public Schools)
316 Hancock Street – Quincy – MA 02169 – Phone: (617) 984.6619

Quincy Community Action HSE Program
1509 Hancock Street – Quincy – MA 02169 – Phone: (617) 657.5387

Quincy Asian Resources
219 Quincy Avenue – Quincy – MA 02169 – Phone: (617) 472.2200

Training Resources of America ACHIEVE Youth Opportunity Program
1515 Hancock Street – Ste 110 – Quincy – MA 02169 – Phone: (617) 773.1470
Entrance on the side of the building at 58 Ross Way

Massachusetts GED Practice Test

Locations around Quincy (cities in alphabetic order)

Massachusetts Literacy Volunteers
8 Faneuil Hall Marketplace – 3rd Fl – Boston – MA 02109 – Phone: (617) 367.1313
For all Boston region options click here

Braintree Community Continuing Education (Braintree High School)
128 Town Street – Braintree – MA 02184 – Phone: (781) 848.4000 (ext. 6860)
No GED classes but SAT instruction

Massasoit Community College-Canton
900 Randolph Street – Canton – MA 02021 – Phone: (508) 588-9100 (ext. 1509)

Blue Hills Regional Tech
800 Randolph Street – Canton – MA 02021 – Phone: (781) 828-5800 (ext. 324)

College Bound Dorchester HSE Instruction
18 Samoset Street – Dorchester – MA 02124 – Phone: (617) 282.5034
See more Dorchester locations in this post

Stoughton High School (Stoughton Adult Ed.)
232 Pearl Street – Stoughton – MA 02302 – Phone: (781) 341-5183

Massachusetts Free Online HSE Classes

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Quincy area GED-HiSET testing sites

Quincy College HSE testing
1250 Hancock Street – Quincy – MA 02169 – Phone: (617) 984.1617

Massasoit Community College 
1 Massasoit Blvd – Brockton – MA 02302 – Phone: (508) 588-9100 (ext. 1994)

Boston Ctr. for Youth and Families
1483 Tremont St – Boston – MA 02120 – Phone: (617) 635-4920 (ext. 2540)

Roxbury Community College-Boston
1234 Columbus Ave – Boston – MA 02120 – Phone: (617) 427-0060 (ext. 5193)

GED/HiSET Essay Writing

The HSE diploma

Passing the exam earns an internationally recognized high school equivalent credential that may be used to further education, help obtain employment, or achieve other personal goals. Passing one of the exams leads to an internationally recognized and accepted high school equivalent credential which can be used for continued academic education, get better employment, or achieve personal goals. Visit HiSET-GED in Massachusetts for qualification details.

Visit also this page that has links to all HSE prep programs in America and you may also benefit from these free practice tests for your HSE exam.

*) Quincy College

Quincy College (both Quincy and Plymouth campuses) are now HiSET-GED (High School Equivalency) Testing Centers. Massachusetts joined Maine and New Hampshire to replace the GED with the HiSET exam by Educational Testing Service (ETS). Quincy College’s two campuses also became official Pearson VUE testing centers. Massachusetts decided later to offer the GED as well.

The HiSET test includes five test areas, just as formerly the GED: literacy reading, literacy writing, math, science, and social studies. The HiSET is available in various formats (on paper or on a computer) and in English and Spanish. The GED comes with four separate tests (modules) that must be passed within two years.

The school offers a 10-week HSE preparation course to get students all set for the MA HSE exam, and applicants will first have to attend an orientation & registration session.

Quincy HSE prep classes are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The prep course costs $350 (and this does not include the cost of books). If you want more information, you can call the school at 617-984-1617.

How about becoming a Market Research Analyst?

To become a Market Research Analyst you need to be a detail-oriented person. The salary level for market research analysts can vary depending on a multitude of factors, including where the type and size of the organization that employs them, their level of education and experience, and many other factors.

Market Research Analyst Salary

  • Average Salary: $61,120
  • Expected Lifetime Earnings: $2,587,000

Market Research Analyst – Education

To become a market research analyst, candidates should hold at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field, though for the best research positions, a master’s degree will be required. Already at high school, those interested in becoming a market research analyst, should develop their math and analytical skills and take relevant courses. This is a very attractive career option.

Many applicants hold a degree in related academic fields as math, statistics, or computer science, but there are also those who have a background in communications, business administration, or the social sciences. To be successful in this field, attending courses in statistics, marketing, and research methodology are essential, but knowledge of social sciences, economics, communications, sociology, and psychology may prove to beneficial as well.

Market Research Analyst – The Job

Market research analysts are those professionals who study all sorts of market conditions to assess the opportunities for potential sales of services or products. Market research analysts are helping companies and other organizations understand which service or what products people or the market want, which demographic or people will buy these services or products, and also at which price.

Market research analysts usually will be gathering data about market conditions, consumers, and competitors in a specific industry. They will devise and evaluate available methods for collecting all sorts of data, such as questionnaires, surveys or opinion polls, and monitor and predict marketing trends and sales opportunities.

Market research analysts usually can be found measuring the effectiveness of various marketing strategies and developing new programs. To be able to analyze all sorts of data, they use statistical software programs that enable them to convert all these complex data and findings into easy-to-understand graphs, tables, or written reports. They will present results to their clients, a company’s management, and prepare relevant reports regarding their findings or possible solutions.

Where do they work

The majority of industries work with market research analysts, and there are more than 400,000 professionals working in this fascination industry. Most of these analysts are active in the fields of finance and insurance, technical consulting, wholesale trade, and management of businesses. There are market research analysts employed by individual companies, but many are employed by consulting firms that operate for a variety of different clients. These professionals usually work in offices at a computer, while they collect and analyze data, where they can prepare their reports. There are analysts, however, who work more directly with the public to get all sorts of relevant information and data.


There are market research analyst positions that require having a master’s degree, and quite a few schools provide marketing research graduate programs, but a lot of these professionals have completed degrees in other areas, for example, statistics and marketing, while others have earned an MBA (Master of Business Administration).

Often, a master’s degree is required for top positions or for more technical and analytical research positions. Those who want to demonstrate their level of competency may pursue certification through the MRA (The Marketing Research Association). This organization offers the PRC (Professional Researcher Certification) for professional market research analysts, and qualifying candidates must have at least three years experience in relevant marketing research, need to be a member of a relevant professional organization, and take and pass an exam. Applicants need to possess well-developed analytical skills, be able to deal with and understand huge amounts of data and information.

Job outlook and income potential

The job perspectives of market research analysts are good. Over the upcoming decade, their professional options are predicted to grow by some 30 percent, and the market research growth will across all sorts of industry. Every company wants to understand the needs and requirements of their (potential) customers and they all want to measure their marketing and business strategies’ effectiveness.

More and more businesses want to learn about consumer behavior and develop the most effective marketing strategy. So the overall employment outlook for market research analysts may be seen as relatively good, and in most industries, we can see perfect job opportunities, though those holding a master’s degree in market research, statistics, marketing, or business administration will be highest in demand.

Applicants with a bachelor’s degree will more likely be faced with strong competition for employment. The median annual income for a market research analyst was $61,120 a few years ago and especially those with a master’s degree can see a considerable increase in wage potential as demand will grow.

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