GED Classes Miles City, Montana

Listed here are all HiSET (formerly GED®) prep facilities and testing centers in the Miles City region.

In Montana, you will have to pass the five HiSET subtests if you want to acquire your HSE (high school equivalency) degree.

The HiSET program is for adults who never completed high school and offers one more opportunity to obtain an equivalent credential.

HiSET testing takes place at a level that’s similar to what HS seniors are expected to command upon graduation.

The HiSET has five tests in the subject fields of Reading, Writing, Science, Mathematics and Social Studies.

The HiSET exam is offered both in a paper-and-pencil format and on a computer and the subtests may be dealt with separately.

Miles City GED (HiSET) prep facilities

GED-HiSET Requirements in Montana

Center for Academic Success-Miles Community College *)
2715 Dickinson St | Miles City | MT 59301 | Phone: (406) 874.6150

Miles City Job Service Workforce Center
12 N 10th St | Miles City | MT  59301 | Phone: (406) 232.8340

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Locations around Miles City (cities by alphabet)

Free GED-HiSET Practice Test in Montana

Forsyth Adult Ed. HiSET Classes
1093 Main Street | Forsyth | Montana 59327 | Ph: (406) 346-2076

Forsyth Adult Education
281 N 17th Ave | Forsyth | MT 59327 | Phone: (406) 346-2076

Dawson Community College HiSET Instruction
300 College Dr | Glendive | Montana 59330 | Ph: (406) 377-9410

Chief Dull Knife College
1 College Dr | Lame Deer | MT 59043 | Phone: (406) 477.6215

Fort Peck Community College
605 Indian Ave | Poplar | MT 59255 | Phone: (406) 647.7831

Central Elementary School (Veterans GED Classes Sidney)
200 3rd Ave SE | Sidney | MT 59270 | Phone: 406) 482.8772

Richland County Literacy Volunteers
121 3rd Ave NW | Sidney | Montana 59270 | Ph: (406) 480.1971

Fort Peck Comm. College-Wolf Point
301 Benton Street | Wolf Point | Montana 59201 | Ph: (406) 653-3900

Free GED-HiSET Online Classes in Montana

Miles City area testing centers

Miles Comm. College – HiSET testing
2715 Dickinson St | Miles City | MT 59301 | Phone: (406) 874.6152

Dawson College
300 College Dr | Glendive | MT 59330 | Phone: (406) 365.3396

Chief Dull Knife Coll.
One College Drive | Lame Deer | Montana 59043 | Ph: (406) 477-6215

Fort Peck Comm. Coll.
605 Indian Street | Poplar | Montana 59255 | Ph: (406) 768-6345

How to choose online GED-HiSET classes

No online HiSET

Please note that the HiSET, like the GED, is not offered over the internet. Please don’t get scammed by internet sites that claim something different, they’re only after your money. The “documents” they issue are totally worthless and will definitely not be accepted by employers and schools. If you want to get hold of your HSE diploma, you must come to a state-approved testing site and sit for the exam in person. For enrollment criteria check out this page: HiSET testing in Montana. Take a look at this page that links to all GED testing sites and prep programs in America.

The HiSET exam

Montana has replaced the GED exam with the HiSET, a cheaper exam for adults seeking to earn their high school equivalency (HSE) diploma. The GED has for decades been more or less synonymous with the HSE diploma, but now the GED is one of the options states can use for the purpose of examining candidates’ competencies and knowledge at the high school level. The HiSET has five sub-tests on Writing, Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies.


The GED exam is offered solely on computer and the cost has risen to $120, so Montana’s Office of Public Instruction decided to drop the GED, and switch to another exam that costs less and is offered in a paper-and-pencil version as well. There are nine states that made the transition to the new HiSET exam that basically assesses the same content as the former GED. The HiSET exam costs $50 for all five tests, but there is a testing center fee.

*) Center for Academic Success – Miles Community College

Center for Academic Success (Miles Community College) offers ABE (Adult Basic Education) classes and a GED (General Education Development)/HiSET program. This program gets adult learners 18 years of age and older ready to test successfully for the five tests of the HiSET examination.

The school offers individualized instruction at no charge in the five testing topics of literacy-reading, literacy-writing, mathematics, science, and social studies. Having the HiSET/GED credential will certainly lead to better job options and opens the doors of higher learning institutions. The HiSET/GED is your ticket to a better life and a brighter future!

College Education – always worth the money?

After you have passed the HiSET and secured the Montana HSE credential, you’re all set for a better career or pursue a college degree. Be aware, though, that a college education usually comes at a cost. Check out all possibilities for grants and scholarships to prevent you from falling into a deep financial gap later on.

When students have succeeded in accruing enough funding to attend college or university, and if they are subjected to an unexpected financial emergency later in that year, they will be forced to go through that nerve-wracking and grueling process of finding a grant or a loan one more time. However, this time they are fighting for the chance to complete that academic year. And you know what’s the worst? Colleges and universities will add an extra ten or fifteen percent (or even more, sometimes) to the original bill for late payments! It will make it even more problematic for these students to make ends meet.

Emergency funds that most universities provide are generally under a thousand dollars, and this is in most cases not nearly sufficient to pay for due tuition costs. It is tragic, but in those circumstances, most students will be forced to quit college and start looking for low-wage positions while they still have to repay their student loan debt. All the money they’ve been spending in an attempt to get a continued education has disappeared forever, and this may very easily lead to a complete financial downfall.

The bottom line is that parents and students alike will promptly need to make some tough financial decisions when it comes to education. The gown, the cap, and the piece of paper that students will receive at graduation are becoming increasingly expensive year after year, and the financial resources that remain available to a continually growing number of desperate students are getting less and less. It won’t be long before the question of whether attending a particular expensive college or university will be worth the cost, must, unfortunately, be answered more often in a negative way.

For exactly that reason, not only students but also their parents or guardians should be carefully investigating all their options before they will definitively decide on the future. So though it seems like going to college is the only way to become successful in life and career, following an educational path that is more and more a gamble on financial stability, think twice before you decide on an expensive school. There are more and better affordable options!

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