GED Classes Marion, Ohio

In this article, you can discover all GED® prep class options and testing facilities in the Marion region.

Ohio has implemented the computer-based GED test and also welcome the HiSET and TASC alternatives.

The TASC and HiSET may be taken both on a computer or in a paper-based format.

Ohio’s HSE (high school equivalency) test offers adults who dropped out of high school the chance to earn an equivalent degree.

The GED includes four separate subject tests (modules) that must be completed within a 2-year window.

The four GED testing fields are Social Studies, Science, Math, and Literacy.

The TASC and HiSET have individual reading and writing subtests that you may also take separately.

Online HiSET, GED, or TASC testing is not possible. You need to come to one of Ohio’s official testing sites in person.

Marion GED prep sites

GED Requirements in Ohio

Marion Technical College ASPIRE Program
1467 Mount Vernon Avenue – Marion – Ohio 43302 – (740) 389.4636 x 223 / 386.4123

Tri-Rivers Career Center
2222 Marion-Mount Gilead Road – Marion – Ohio 43302 – (740) 389.4682

Goodwill Education & Training Center
345 East Fairground Street – Marion – Ohio 43302 – (740) 751.4282

Marion Correctional Institution
670 Marion-Williamsport Road E – Marion – Ohio 43302 – (740) 387.7040
This program is not open to the public

Prep locations around Marion (cities by alphabet)

Ohio Free GED Practice Test

Hi-Point Job & Career Ctr.
2280 State Route 540 – Bellefontaine – Ohio 43311 – (937) 599.3010 x 1432

Bucyrus City HSE Classes
225 East Mary Street – Bucyrus – Ohio 44820 – (419) 562.8066

Crawford Job & Family Services
224 Norton Way – Bucyrus – Ohio 44820 – (419) 562.0015

Wynford High School
3288 Holmes Center Road – Bucyrus – Ohio 44820 – (419) 545.0188

Crawford Success Center
130 North Walnut Street – Bucyrus – Ohio 44820 – (419) 545.0188

Delaware Career Ctr
1610 State Road 521 – Delaware – Ohio 43015 – (740) 203.2267
All Delaware options are listed here

Owens Community College HSE Instruction 
1150 Broad Avenue – Findlay – Ohio 45840 – (567) 661.270
More Findlay area options are listed here

Heartland Community Action
124 Buehler Street – Galion – Ohio 44833 – (419) 562.8066

Rhodes State
809 Fontaine Street – Kenton – Ohio 43326 – (419) 673.8842

Mansfield  Adult Education
176 Hedges Street – Mansfield – Ohio 44902 – (419) 525.6380
Check out all options in the Mansfield region here 

Union County Adult Education
940 London Avenue – Ste 1600 – Marysville – Ohio 43040 – (937) 644.2796

Morrow County Employment & Training Services HSE Instruction
619 West Marion Road – Mount Gilead – Ohio 43338 – (419) 947.9111

Wyandot Department of Job & Family Services
120 East Johnson St – Upper Sandusky – Ohio 43351 – (740) 389-4636 x 223

Ohio Free Online GED Classes

Have we overlooked a GED prep facility? Are adjustments required? We welcome you to inform us on this contact page.

Marion area GED testing centers

Marion Technical College
1467 Mount Vernon Avenue – Marion – Ohio 43302 – (740) 389-4636

Delaware Area Career Ctr HSE testing
4565 Columbus Pike – Delaware – Ohio 43015 – (740) 203.2267

Owens Comm. Coll. HSE testing
3200 Bright Road – Findlay – Ohio 45840 – (567) 429.3547

Mansfield HSE testing
150 West 5th Street – Mansfield – Ohio 44903 – (419) 525.6380

Can I join the army with a GED?

Free Ohio ASPIRE program

Ohio provides free GED, TASC, and HiSET preparation to its residents in all 88 counties via the ASPIRE (formerly ABLE) program. But there is more available. Just check out this listing to discover all available options in and near Marion where motivated instructors will help you get well prepared. Online GED, HiSET, or TASC testing is NOT possible. You must come to an official Ohio HSE testing site and take the four GED subject tests (or the five TASC or HiSET subtests) face-to-face. Visit GED testing in Ohio to learn if you qualify.

Better job and education options

If you haven’t graduated from high school, you really ought to think about acquiring your Ohio HSE diploma as it will qualify you to get a decent or better-paying job. The Ohio HSE diploma also clears the way for a great college education. Securing your Ohio HSE diploma will surely improve the quality of your life.

Lowered GED pass score

When the latest edition of the GED exam was rolled out, the passing score was apparently set too ambitiously. So a few years ago, the publisher of the GED tests (GED Testing Service) decided to reduce the minimally required score for each subject test from 150 to 145. Read more in this article. HiSET and TASC exams have their own passing scores and scoring methods.

Barriers to entry to alternate careers

In business parlance, a barrier to entry is an obstacle in the path of a firm wanting to enter a given market. For professionals wanting to explore alternative careers, a barrier is the absence of obvious bridges. College, graduate training, and our traditional professional paths allow us to follow well-delineated roadmaps with all signs to bridges clearly marked.
No wonder many of us considering alternate careers feel they are facing an abyss and retreat. Where are the bridges, they ask?

Some professionals follow quasi-familiar bridges by returning to school to obtain additional degrees in fields like business, law or public policy. It’s a great choice if it is truly the right choice. If, however, it is chosen as the path of least resistance, it will advance us little.

The alternate path, forging ahead on a less defined path, requires building your own bridge; moreover building it as you walk on it. The ensuing series of brief essays is primarily geared to those who want to consider less defined routes. They provide a set of possible directions and potentially useful raw materials for the journey.

Ultimately, you will know the direction to set and the resources you need. Others have made the transition and can serve as guides.

Career Doubts & Midlife Sanity

When a middle-aged professional experiences doubts about their career choice, and wonders if they would be happier doing something else, they are normal. Midlife is a natural time to examine some of the choices we made earlier in our lives. Doing so represents a high level of sanity, wisdom and good sense.

Many thoughtful, considerate and responsible people decide in midlife or mid-career to take inventory and make changes. Some have gone from the daily mundane to great fame. Others, at the height of fame, have questioned the meaning of it all. When, aged 49, I left medical practice to pursue other ventures, and asked; “are you having a midlife crisis”, I’d reply “no, I’ve got midlife sanity”.

While there may be a multitude of reasons to consider a career change, a rather common one is the emergence somewhere in our 30s or 40s of a greater sense of who we really are. By now, we’ve lived long enough to have enjoyed personal success, along with disappointments and losses. In aggregate, these further shape and differentiate us.

Many ask questions such as:

Am I doing what I really want to do?
Did I go to (your) school just because I had the smarts?
Have I differentiated myself from my parents’ or mentor’s expectations of who I should be?
In examining your career options, know that it takes courage to raise your hand and say “is this it?”
Hunkering down and pretending that everything is well may be the path of least resistance but is ultimately limiting and personally diminishing. I’ve known professional make major career changes and greatly enjoy the experience. I’ve known others who made adjustments within their existing professional activity and also benefited enormously.

The gain comes from an acknowledgment that all the time you spend at work should be fundamentally satisfying. Stepping back for a few months to reexamine your career will help.

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