What supplies do I need for GED classes?

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If you plan to attend a GED prep class, you should have some supplies at hand such as a notebook, pencils, and perhaps a GED review book to be able to attend the class successfully.

On the GED Math test, in section two, you can use a calculator, the TI-30 XS. On the test, there will be an on-screen version of this scientific calculator but you can also bring your own hand-held device. Only this calculator is allowed!

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So you should get familiar with how this calculator works, already in your prep class! If you take the GED test online, you can’t use the hand-held device so you should practice a lot with the on-screen version.

While attending class, jot down all of your remarks and questions, and don’t hesitate to ask some explanation on whatever subject or topic you don’t understand. Use your pencils and notebook. That’s what they’re there for, right?