Is a GED the same as a remedial and developmental program?

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No, a GED is not the same as a remedial and developmental program. The GED credential has the same value as a regular high school degree. It does not replace remedial or developmental programs or courses but will help you keep your academic achievement.

Both with a high school degree or GED, colleges may require students to first attend remedial or developmental coursework before they can enroll in credit-bearing academic courses to be successful in college.

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So developmental and remedial programs are designed to support college-bound students for success in college-level programs. These programs will not let you earn college credit but they may count as credits when it concerns full- or part-time status and financial aid.

When you are placed into a developmental or remedial course, you must take these courses and attain sufficient scores before the school allows you to enroll in college-level coursework.

Usually, college-bound students must take developmental courses in Mathematics or Academic Literacy. College-level coursework is academically challenging and rigorous and quite a few students require additional coursework to get properly prepared for this academic level.

Developmental and remedial courses help students to attain that standard as they focus on the skills and information required for success in college.