Do I need a GED degree to take a car inspection class?

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Yes, you need a GED degree to take a car inspection class. Holding a high school diploma or GED is required to become a car or transportation inspector. In some states, you also need to be certified to work as a vehicle inspector.

Though most experience is gained through on-the-job training, you will have to attend a vocational or trade college, or a community college, where you will learn the skills and acquire the knowledge needed to inspect various transportation modes.

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Many community colleges and vocational schools offer certification programs that include in-person instruction as well as hands-on experience. The lessons include subjects such as, for example, mechanics, transportation regulations, quality assurance, and safety protocols.

Most states require you to earn a Vehicle Safety Inspection Certificate as part of the licensing process for motorcycles, cars, light-duty trucks, heavy trucks, trailers.

Many car inspectors start as car mechanics to learn all they need to know. This valuable experience is very useful when they have to inspect vehicles for mechanical failures, damage, emissions regulations, or safety violations.

They perform visual inspections of vehicles and work with highly sophisticated diagnostic equipment to identify any problems and will inspect vehicle gauges to make sure everything works correctly and safely.