GED Illinois Practice Test

Last Updated on April 9, 2024.

Taking this Illinois GED practice test will help you identify your strong and weak points so you can focus fully on those subject areas that need your study time and attention most.

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Question 1 of 20.

Where can a description of U.S. citizens’ civil liberties be found?

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  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • The Preamble to the Constitution
  • Declaration of Independence
  • Bill of Rights

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Why Take a GED Practice Test?

Illinois uses two options for high school equivalency testing: the GED and the HiSET exams. The GED has four individual subtests (modules), whereas the HiSET exam contains separate Language Writing and Language Reading subtests, so five in total, that you can, just like on the GED test, take one at a time.

Both the GED and HiSET exams are offered in an online proctored format and at state-designated Illinois test centers.

Keep in mind, though, that to be eligible for online GED testing, you must first score in the likely to pass (Green) zone on the GED Ready practice test. When you take the HiSET exam online, you only qualify if you have reached passing scores on the HiSET practice test.

Who Qualifies?

To qualify for the Illinois high school equivalency test, you must be at least 18 years old. 17-year-old candidates may also qualify, however, if they provide a signed withdrawal letter from their last school and have parental consent.

GED and HiSET testing is only open to students who have lived in Illinois for at least 30 days. When sitting for the exam, you’ll have to present an official photo ID, and if that ID doesn’t include a current address in Illinois, you’ll have to provide proof of Illinois residency.

Candidates cannot already have a secondary education diploma or be signed up for any other school program. Both exams are available in English or Spanish.

Passing Scores

On each GED module, the passing score is 145 out of a possible 200. So, your overall score must at all times be 580 or higher, and averaging is not possible.

On each HiSET subtest, you need to reach a score of at least 8 out of 20. Your total score must be 45 or higher, and your essay must yield at least a 2 score (out of 6).

The Illinois High School Equivalency Diploma is equivalent to a common high school diploma and is accepted as such by virtually all government agencies, employers, and colleges and universities.

If you score in the GED College Ready ranges, you may even have the requirement waived to submit SAT or ACT scores or take remedial coursework prior to attending college-level courses.


In Illinois, the full GED battery costs $144 or $36 for each subtest if you sit for the exam at an Illinois test center or online. The HiSET exam costs $93.75 or $115 for the full battery, depending on whether you take the exam on a computer or on paper.

However, Illinois’ Community College Board has decided to offer the GED exam now at no cost to the test-taker. To benefit from this great offer, GED testers should use the code ILSAVE upon paying for the exam.

Discounted rates were already available in Illinois, so contact a testing facility near you for more details. Upon completion of the HiSET or GED exam, Illinoisans now receive a high school diploma rather than an equivalency certificate. Keep also in mind that you can take the GED and HiSET modules one at a time.

In Illinois, you don’t have to partake in a prep course or follow an adult education class prior to sitting for the HiSET or GED test, but for online testing, reaching passing scores on the GED Ready test or the HiSET practice test is required.

The GED test can only be taken in a computer-based format, while the HiSET is offered on paper and on a computer.

In Illinois, GED and HiSET testers also have to take and pass the state’s Constitution Test.


Is the HiSET easier than the GED in Illinois?

Both exams assess competencies and proficiency at a level that compares to that of graduating high school seniors. You cannot state that one exam is easier than the other, though some students report that perhaps the HiSET Math test is slightly less challenging than what’s on the GED Math exam.

Is the Illinois GED test multiple-choice?

The GED and HiSET exams do not only include multiple-choice questions. There are several questions in different formats, for example, fill-in-the-blank and short answer questions. Both exams ask you additionally to produce a 5 or 6-paragraph essay.

Is the GED test hard in Illinois?

Yes, you can safely state that the GED and HiSET exams are quite challenging exams. As said above, the testing level compares to what students are expected to know after four years in high school, and forty percent of high school grads would not pass the exams on the first try!