GED Georgia Practice Test

Last Updated on May 14, 2024.

Taking a Georgia GED Practice Test will allow you to identify your weak and strong points so you can center fully on the subject fields that require your study time most.

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A great advantage of taking a GED practice test is that you will get familiar with the computer-based testing format of the GED exam, and you’ll also learn what it means to take a test under time pressure.

This will make your learning more efficient. Let’s get started.

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Question 1 of 20.

Where can a description of U.S. citizens’ civil liberties be found?

  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • The preamble to the Constitution
  • Declaration of Independence
  • Bill of Rights

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The GED and HiSET exams are for people who didn’t finish high school and offer them the opportunity to earn an equivalent degree.

The GED tests are entirely computer-based, while the HiSET subtests are available both on a computer and in a paper-and-pencil version.

Study Efficiently

GED testing includes four separate modules (subtests), while the HiSET comes with individual Writing and Reading Language subtests, so five overall.

All subtests, both GED and HiSET, are separate modules that you can take one at a time. There’s no need to sit for either exam entirely in one session.

The GED and HiSET subtests can be taken online in a proctored format or at one of Georgia’s state-approved test centers.

To qualify for taking the GED test in an online format, however, you need to first attain “green” (likely to pass) scores on the official GED Ready practice test.

Who Qualifies?

In Georgia, candidates for the state’s high school equivalency (HSE) test must be 18 years old or older. Candidates 16 or 17 years old may qualify as well, however, if they are officially withdrawn from school and have written parental consent.

Underage candidates must also sign up for a state-approved prep course (free) for 40 hours or more and reach satisfactory scores on the Aztec or GED Ready Practice Test.

In Georgia, GED and HiSET candidates 18 and over don’t have to be state residents, nor do they first have to attend a prep course or take a qualification test.

GED and HiSET test-takers cannot already be secondary education graduates, nor can they be registered for some other educational program. Both the HiSET and GED exams are offered in English and Spanish.

Passing Scores

Candidates must reach the GED passing score (145) on each individual subtest. Scoring happens on a 100-200 scale. There are four subtests, so your total score can never be less than 580, and there is no averaging.

The HiSET exam requires candidates to attain at least a score of 8 on a 0-20 scale on each module. The overall score must not be less than 45, and the essay score must be at least 2 out of 6.

The Georgia HSE (High School Equivalency) Diploma is the equivalent of a conventional high school degree and is accepted by practically all government organizations, employers, and universities and colleges.


In Georgia, the GED exam costs $184 in total or $46 for each individual subtest when taken at a Georgia testing site or online. The full HiSET exam costs $133.75 for computer-based testing and $181.25 for paper-based testing. If wished, you can take and pay for each subtest one at a time.

As stated earlier, the GED exam is available only in a computerized format, while the HiSET exam is available both on a computer and in a paper-and-pencil version.


Is the Georgia GED test multiple-choice?

The GED exam does not include exclusively multiple-choice questions. There are short-answer, fill-in-the-blank, and draggable question formats as well, and you’ll also have to write your 5 to 6-paragraph-long extended response (essay). The same applies to the HiSET exam.

What is the GED passing score in Georgia?

The passing score on each individual GED module is 145. The modules are scored on a scale from 100 to 200, and your total score can not be less than 580 points.

HiSET scoring occurs on a scale from 0 to 20, and for each one of the five modules, you must at least reach a score of 8. Your total score must be at least 45, while your essay must yield at least a 2-score (out of a possible 6).

Is the HiSET easier than the GED in Georgia?

Both exams measure competencies and academic proficiency at a level comparable to what high school seniors are expected to command upon graduation.

Both HSE exams are challenging assessments, but some students have reported that they find the Math portion of the HiSET slightly less difficult than the Math section of the GED exam.