GED Classes Colby, Kansas

Last Updated on April 11, 2024.

This article lists all GED prep locations and testing centers in the greater Colby region. Kansas uses the computer-based GED for its high school equivalency testing program.

Online GED Classes

A simple and easy way of getting your GED diploma.

Learn fast, stay motivated, and pass your GED  test quickly.

The four GED subject tests may be taken online or at one of Kansas’ official GED testing sites.

The assessment offers persons who never graduated high school the opportunity to get hold of an equivalent degree.

The GED exam tests knowledge at a level comparable to that of a graduating high school student.

The exam comes with four individual subtests that address the fields of

  • Science
  • English Language Literacy
  • Math
  • Social Studies

GED testing happens at a level that compares to what HS seniors are expected to command upon graduation.

Fast & Easy Online GED Course

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Until recently, online GED testing was not possible. GED hopefuls had to go to an official Kansas testing site, but now, an online option has been introduced as well. Read more below.

The GED credential is accepted in the same way as a conventional high school diploma by schools and employers.

For details on GED testing fees in Kansas, passing scores, or qualification requirements, check out this page: The Kansas GED Test.

Colby GED Prep Location

Colby Community College (Adult Learning Center – H.F. Davis Library)
1255 South Range Ave, Colby, KS 67701, KS 67701, Phone: 785-460-4663

Prep Sites around Colby (Cities by Alphabet)

Burlington Center (Morgan Comm. Coll.) 
340 South 14th St, Burlington, Colorado 80807, Phone 970.542.3270/3271

Dodge City Community College
700 Avenue G, Dodge City, Kansas 67801, Phone 620.225.0123
DCCC’s off-campus Adult Learning Center offers GED classes, so adults who couldn’t complete their high school education have a second chance to earn an equivalent degree and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain a rewarding career. This way, they will improve their economic opportunities and support their families. The credential also allows for postsecondary education and training.
Check out all Dodge City GED prep sites <- here

Garden City Career Connection Academy (GCCC)
801 Campus Dr, Garden City, Kansas 67846, Phone 620.276.7600

1011 Fort Street, Hays, KS 67601, Phone: 785-460-4663
Entrance by the alley; lower level; 2nd classroom.

Ellis Co. Learning Ctr.
323 West 12th St, Hays, Kansas 67601, Phone 785.623.2426
No GED program. This is an alternative high school diploma completion program

McCook Community College (Von Riesen Library)
1205 E Third Street, McCook, NE 69001, Phone: 308-345-8128 or 308-535-3637/3677

Norton Correctional Facility GED Program
11130 Road E4, Norton, KS 67654, Phone: 785-460-5486 or 785-877-6701
Not open to the public

Morgan Community College-Wray Center
32415 Highway 34, Wray, Colorado 80758, Phone 970.332.5755

GED Testing Centers in the Colby Area

Colby Community College
1255 South Range Avenue, Colby, Kansas 67701, Phone: 785.460.5497

From here, cities by alphabet

Dodge City Comm. College Adult Learning Ctr.
2501 North 14th Avenue, Dodge City, Kansas 67801, Phone 620.227.9217

Garden City Comm. Coll.
801 Campus Drive, Garden City, Kansas 67846, Phone 620.276.9654

Northwest Kansas Technical College-Goodland
1209 Harrison Avenue, Goodland, Kansas 67735, Phone 800.316.4127

Hays Pearson GED Test Center (Hadley Center)
205 East 7th Street (Suite 237), Hays, Kansas 67601, Phone 785.261.9788

McCook Community College (Lower level, von Riesen Library)
1205 East 3rd Street, McCook, Nebraska 69001, Phone 308.345.8128

Online GED Test Introduced

In the past, the GED test was not available over the Internet. If you wanted to earn your GED, you had to appear personally at one of Kansas’ state-designated GED testing sites.

Fortunately, that has changed! The GED exam has now become available online as well, using an online proctor who will help you with the test-taking process and check whether all is done in line with the regulations. Read more here: ‘The online GED exam.’

There’s no need to take the entire battery at once; the GED exam is modular, meaning you have the option to take the subtests (modules) separately.

Prepare Well

The GED exam, upon successful completion, will bring you a substitute credential for a standard high school diploma. GED diploma holders have demonstrated that they have the ability to operate and think at the level that is expected of graduating high school seniors.

They can complete basic and essential assignments. These are valuable qualities for employers, and the GED diploma also allows for continued education at university or college.

If you want to earn your GED diploma, you can get in touch with one of the above-listed facilities or attend an online preparation course where study material is available, often at no cost.

Whatever way you choose, good preparation is key to becoming successful at earning your GED diploma. The GED credential remains an important stepping stone toward a college education and a better career path.

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