GED Classes Fort Collins, Colorado

This article includes an overview of all GED test sites and prep classes in the Fort Collins area. Colorado is using two exams for its high school equivalency testing program, the GED and HiSET.

The GED and HiSET are available both online and at state-approved testing facilities. Read more below.

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The assessments are for people without a high school diploma and give them the opportunity to earn an equivalent credential.

Both exams measure knowledge at a level comparable to that of graduating HS seniors.

GED® testing needs to be done through four individual modules (subtests) in Literacy, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

You have the option to sit for the four GED modules one at a time.

The HiSET® contains five subtests as the Literacy section comes with separate writing and reading tests. These modules may be dealt with separately as well.

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The GED must be done entirely on a computer, whereas the HiSET is offered both on-computer and on-paper.

Fort Collins GED Prep Classes

Colorado State University Center for Adult Learning
1501 Academy Court – Fort Collins – CO 80524, Phone: 970-204-8181

Front Range Community College-Larimer Campus Center for Adult Learning
4616 S Shields Street – Fort Collins – CO 80526, Phone: 970-204-8181

The Learning Source (@Front Range Community College)
4616 S Shields Street – Fort Collins – CO 80526, Phone: 303-957-2838

Turning Point GED Instruction
3030 S College Avenue – Fort Collins – CO 80525, Phone: 970-221-0999

Opportunities Unlimited (@Poudre High School)
201 Impala Drive – Fort Collins – CO 80521, Phone: 970-488-6062
Opportunities Unlimited is a ‘GED Plus’ or high school completion program for young adults between 17 and 21 who quit high school prematurely or are at risk of doing so. The program additionally gives students a head start to earn an associate’s or 4-year college degree when they take Front Range Community College’s courses.

Larimer County Economic and Workforce Development
200 W Oak Street – Suite 5000 – Fort Collins – CO 80521, Phone: 970-498-6608
LCEWD’s InCompass program supports youth ages 18-264 to earn their High School Equivalency diplomas.

GED Colorado Requirements

Locations Around Fort Collins (Cities By Alphabet)

Laramie County Comm. Coll. HiSET Prep Program
1400 East College Drive – Cheyenne – WY 82007 – Ph: 307.637.2450
For all Cheyenne area facilities, go to Cheyenne GED Classes

Estes Park Learning Place
600 S St Vrain Avenue – Suite 2 – Estes Park – CO 80517 – Phone: 970-577-0020

Aims Community College GED Program
5401 West 20th St (Rm 264) – Greeley – Colorado 80634 – Ph: 970.339.6665
Check out all options on our Greeley area GED prep sites page

The Learning Source (@Longmont Library)
409 4th Ave – Longmont – Colorado 80501 – Ph: 303.922.4683 or  303.651.8472

2190 Miller Dr – Longmont – Colorado 80501 – Ph: 303.678.3647

BUENO HEP (The University of Colorado)
2121 Miller Dr – Longmont – Colorado 80501 – Ph: 303.678.3805 or 303.492.7371
The High School Equivalency Program (HEP) supports seasonal and agricultural workers and their families to obtain their GEDs.

Longmont Community Hub GED and HiSET Lab
515 Coffman St – Longmont – Colorado 80501 – Ph: 720.776.0822

Front Range Community College-Loveland (Center for Adult Learning)
1511 E 11th St – Loveland – CO 80537, Phone: 970-663-7111
Located @the Community Life Center

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CO free GED online course

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Fort Collins Area GED Testing Centers

From Fort Collins: Cities by Alphabet

College America-Fort Collins (GED)
4601 S Mason Street | Fort Collins | CO 80525 | Phone 970-225-4860

Colorado State University (203 General Services Building, GED)
1251 Mason Street | Fort Collins | CO 80523 | Phone 970-491-6498

Front Range Community College-Larimer Campus (Mount Antero Building, Room 500)
4616 S Shields Street | Fort Collins | CO 80526 | Phone 970-204-8188 (GED and HiSET))

Estes Park Learning Place (HiSET or GED)
600 S. Saint Vrain Avenue | Unit 2 | Estes Park – CO 80517 | Phone 970.577.0020

Aims Comm. College (College Center, Room 230, GED)
5401 West 20th Street | Greeley | CO 80632 | Phone 970-339-6533

Morgan Comm. College (HiSET and GED Testing)
920 Barlow Road | Fort Morgan – CO 80701 | Phone 970.542.3188

Colorado Free GED Practice Tests

Online Proctored HiSET And GED Testing

Students looking to secure their Colorado high school equivalency diploma can now sit for the GED and HiSET exams via the Internet as well. Until recently, online testing was not available. To get hold of their diploma, test-takers had to show up and take the exam at one of Colorado’s state-approved testing sites.

Now, that all changed. Both the HiSET and the GED are available online as well, using online proctors. For more information on these interesting developments, check out this page: Online Proctored GED Test, and for more information about the online HiSET exam, go to this page: Online Proctored HiSET Test.

The four GED or five HiSET modules can be taken one or more at a time. So you can prepare and pay for one subtest, pass that section, and move ahead to the next subject test.

Now It’s Your Turn!

There are many reasons why people did not finish high school. Maybe you had to leave high school early because of family circumstances, and you needed to be there for them during difficult times or to help them raise a child.

Maybe you felt you just didn’t “fit in” at the school you attended, or maybe you thought you wouldn’t need a high school diploma for the path you wanted to go.

But now, as you don’t have it, you may understand the importance of a high school diploma for your personal development. Every year, over five hundred thousand people receive their High School Equivalency Diploma, and now it’s your turn.