Onsego GED Prep Review

BestGEDClasses.org recommends Onsego as the best GED online prep.  Here is why.

The Onsego GED Prep Course is developed not only to prepare you for the GED test but also to instill confidence and maintain and enhance motivation. This is huge as anyone who tries to prepare for any standardized test struggles with these issues.

This is a great course for helping you reach your education and further goals in a faster way than you ever thought you could. This makes Onsego far ahead of its competitors.

GED Testing Service recognizes Onsego as a trusted publisher that has developed curriculum materials that are 100% aligned with the current GED® test.

Onsego GED Prep And BestGEDClasses

Onsego offers 108 free online GED videos and practice tests available on this website, BestGEDClasses. Once you are finished with the free content, you can easily upgrade to Onsego’s full program.

The full Onsego program includes 400+ videos and practice tests.

Each GED subject contains several modules, which, in turn, contain several lessons.

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Students can easily track their progress and check their practice test statistics.

The progress tracker allows you to review your past and current practice test and test scores so you can track your progress. Having a tool where you can actually see how much you’ve learned is one of the most valuable aids for maintaining motivation in any endeavor.

The lessons are designed to be bite-sized, easily digestible, and geared toward busy individuals who either don’t have the time to spend studying for hours or don’t fare well sitting in a structured classroom.

Because each video lesson focuses on one specific topic, the Onsego GED Prep program ensures that you understand each concept before moving on to the next.

Onsego’s GED prep course is based on the principle of taking “small steps” to help students achieve specific short-term objectives, so they can learn particular topics or subjects fast and easily.

This is a pretty good way to reach the longer-term ultimate goal of obtaining the HSE (High School Equivalency) certificate.

Noteworthy is that the Onsego GED program is entirely student-driven. Students can select which topics to study (they call that “cherry-picking”), and they can decide how long they will study. If a student already knows a particular topic, he or she can skip that section. If students wish to spend two hours each week, or twenty, they can do so.

All subjects come with a sample study plan that they can tweak to fit their needs. Check here for more information about -> the 5-test GED exam in Canada for which the Onsego course may very well be used.

How Long Is The Onsego Program?

Onsego GED Prep is a 6-month long course. There are 1- and 3-month extensions offered at a 35% discount.

Are six months enough to get ready for the GED test? Absolutely, the majority of students are ready to pass the test in 3-4 months if they regularly participate in the course.

The biggest obstacle to getting the GED diploma is quitting the course and stopping learning regularly, says Steve Gory from Onsego. If students follow the lessons included in this course, they will pass all four tests. We guarantee it, he continues.

Sometimes, students need more time, and that’s fine, too. Everyone is different; study time, learning style, and other factors influence how long it takes to get a GED.

Some students take the GED test successfully after a few weeks of learning; others need a few months or a year.

Generally, most people will require six months to fully comprehend all of the material. If you’ve been out of the classroom for a while, you can expect to spend more time preparing.

As mentioned, each subject provides a sample study plan that schedules between ten and twelve weeks per subject to fully learn and master each subject and take practice tests to successfully pass the four GED subtests.

Again, however, depending on your own schedule, motivation, learning style, and other factors, this time frame is variable. Check out also this post about developing your GED study habits and great GED test-taking strategies.

How Much Does The Onsego Course Cost?

Onsego’s GED Prep Course has two plans. You can get a GED prep for 1 subject for $29 or all 4 subjects for $79. In both cases, you get access to the Onsego courses for 6 months.

Why Choose the Onsego GED Prep Course

The Onsego GED Prep Program is a game-changer in the GED education realm. From videos to motivating terminology like “game plan” and “cherry-picking” to various strategies and practice tests, if you are truly serious about earning your GED diploma, this is, by far, the best product on the market today.

If you are motivated and coachable, this program will work for you.

There are many GED prep courses from which you can choose to obtain your high school equivalency credential: taking in-person classes, studying from books, hiring a tutor, or utilizing online GED prep tools.

Online GED prep materials are enjoying greater popularity largely due to an increased reliance on technology and Internet-based strategies.

Therefore, Onsego offers informative, concise, and high-quality video lessons with transcripts, useful study guides, test-taking tricks, and numerous online practice tests so you can take advantage of these developers’ knowledge.