Covcell GED Prep Review and Discount

The online GED Classes that are offered on this website are a part of the Covcell GED® Prep Course. So it seems a good idea for us to give you more information about it.
Here is our review.

Covcell is an independent online publisher that is part of Adato Media, LLC. Each Covcell GED Prep module, all lessons, and all materials are designed by master teachers and Ph.D. students from leading universities across the country.

These consultants have many years of shared experience creating standardized tests, and Covcell’s high-quality, informative, and concise videos and transcripts, helpful study guides and tricks, quizzes, and practice tests take advantage of their knowledge.

By expertly crafting its materials to instill confidence, and enhance and maintain motivation, Covcell’s GED Prep Course can help you reach your goals sooner than you ever thought possible. In this way, Covcell is leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors.

There are many GED Prep courses from which you can choose to obtain your high school equivalency credential: taking in-person classes, studying from books, hiring a tutor, or utilizing online GED prep tools.

Online GED Prep materials are enjoying greater popularity largely due to an increased reliance on technology and Internet-based strategies.

In addition to their wide availability, perhaps the greatest benefit of online classes is a flexibility not found in live classes. With this flexibility, you can choose where, when, and how to study for your HSE test. 

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Covcell GED Prep

The program includes informative video lessons and transcripts that cover the four GED subject tests—Math, Social Studies, Science, and RLA (Reading and Language Arts)—in addition to quizzes, practice tests, test-taking strategies, sample lesson plans, study guides, and other helpful materials. Each subject contains several modules which, in turn, contain several lessons.

The lessons are designed to be bite-sized, easily digestible, and geared toward busy individuals who either don’t have the time to spend studying for hours or don’t fare well sitting in a structured classroom. Because each video lesson focuses on one specific topic, the Covcell GED Prep program ensures that you understand each concept before moving on to the next.

Covcell GED Prep relies on its principle of “small steps” that helps students achieve short-term goals (learning a particular topic or subject) en route to the ultimate long-term goal (obtaining one’s HSE certificate). Of particular importance is that Covcell’s GED Prep program is completely student-driven. In fact, you choose which topic(s) to study—called “cherry picking”—and you decide how much time to spend studying. If you already know particular topics, you can skip those lessons. If you want to spend three hours per week or twenty, then you have that option. Each subject outlines a sample study plan that you can tweak to fit your needs.

How Long is the Program?

There is no set answer to this question as it is different for everyone and is based on prior knowledge, material familiarity, study time, learning style, and other factors. Generally, most people will require at least six months to fully review all of the material. If you’ve been out of the classroom for a while, you can expect to spend more time preparing.

As mentioned, each subject provides a sample study plan that schedules between ten and 13 weeks per subject to fully learn and master each individual subject and take practice tests in order to successfully pass. Again, however, depending on your own schedule, motivation, learning style, and other factors, this time frame is variable.

How Much Does It Cost?

Covcell GED PrepCovcell offers 108 free online GED videos and practice tests through Best GED Classesvimeo. Once you are finished with the free content, you can easily upgrade to Covcell’s full program. Covcell offers easy and affordable monthly and year-long options, and this full program contains a veritable goldmine of GED prep videos, quizzes, practice tests, test-taking strategies, study guides, and an extremely useful progress tracker.

The progress tracker allows you to review your past and current quiz and test scores so you can track your progress. Having a tool where you can actually see how much you’ve learned is one of the most valuable aids for maintaining motivation in any endeavor.

Choosing the Best Program

Just Google “ GED preparation” and you will be inundated with many free online GED classes for adults and other websites with GED Prep strategies, practice tests, and other resources. But how do you know which one to choose without having to painstakingly try them all until you find one that you find valuable? The truth is that many of these online GED Prep programs are structured and lack customizability and individualization. Additionally, many of them are incomplete and/or use childish cartoons to teach. Because everyone is different with varying strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, motivations, schedules, and learning styles, a fully customizable program—like Covcell GED Prep—is beneficial for all learners.

The Covcell GED Prep Program is a game-changer in the GED education realm. From videos to motivating terminology like “game plan” and “cherry picking” to various strategies to practice tests, if you are truly serious about earning your GED, this is, by far, the best product on the market today. If you are motivated and coachable, this program will work for you.

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