GED Classes Barnstable, Massachusetts

In this post, you can discover all GED®-HiSET prep facilities and testing centers in the Barnstable area.

Massachusetts is using two options for its High School Equivalency (HSE) testing program, GED and HiSET.

HSE testing provides persons who left high school without graduating the opportunity to earn an equivalent degree.

Testing takes place at a level that’s similar to that of graduating high school students.

The GED is fully computerized and has four individual tests in the fields of Science, Literacy, Social Studies, and Math.

You must complete these GED subtests in maximally two years.

The HiSET comes with separate reading and writing tests, so five in total that may be dealt with individually as well.

The HiSET subtests cannot be taken separately and HiSET testing is available both on paper and on a computer.

Barnstable GED-HiSET prep site

Cape Cod Community College HiSET Classes
2240 Iyannough Rd – West Barnstable – MA 02668 – Ph: (508) 362.2131 (ext. 4450)

Locations around Barnstable (cities by alphabet)

Bourne High GED Classes
75 Waterhouse Rd – Bourne – MA 02532 – Ph: (508) 759.0670

Barnstable Co. Sheriff’s Office GED Instruction
6000 Sheriff’s Pl – Bourne – MA  02532 – Ph: (508) 563.4356
Not open to the public

Martha’s Vineyard Youth Task Force (ACCESS Program)
PO Box 190 – Edgartown – MA 02539 – Ph: (508) 778.2221
GED classes are also available at Martha’s Vineyard Sheriff’s Department – Ph: (508) 627.5328

Lawrence School (Falmouth Public Schools)
113 Lakeview Ave – Falmouth – MA 02540 – Ph: (508) 548.0606

The Adult Education Center on Main Street (Cape Cod Comm. Coll.)
540 Main St – Hyannis – MA 02601 – Ph: (508) 778.2221

Job Training and Employment Center
88 North St – Hyannis – MA 02601 – Ph: (508) 862.6133

Career Opportunities Center
372 North St – Hyannis – MA 02601 – Ph: (508) 862.6146

Massachusetts GED Practice Test

Nantucket Community School HSE Instruction
10 Surfside Rd – Nantucket – MA 02554 – Ph: (508) 228.7257

Martha’s Vineyard Regional High HSE Classes
100 Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Rd – Oak Bluffs – MA 02557 – Ph: (508) 693.1033

Pleasant Bay Academics
37 Forest Way – Orleans – MA 02653 – Ph: (508) 255-3559

Martha’s Vineyard Adult Ed. HSE Classes
35 Greenwood Ave – Vineyard Haven – MA 02568 – Ph: (508) 693.9222

Martha’s Vineyard HSE Instruction (Dukes County Administration Bldg) 
9 Airport Rd – Suite 3 – Vineyard Haven – MA 02568 – Ph: (508) 645.3345

Massachusetts Free GED Online Classes

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Barnstable area GED-HiSET testing centers

Cape Cod Community College
2240 Iyannough Rd – West Barnstable – MA 02668 – Ph: (508) 362.2131 (ext. 4450)

Nantucket Community School
10 Surfside Rd – Nantucket – MA 02554 – Ph: (508) 228.7257

Alternatives to the GED by state

The HSE credential

The diploma that you will receive when you complete the Massachusetts HiSET or GED exam successfully, is nationally recognized and accepted as equivalent to a standard high school diploma by employers, government bodies, colleges, and universities. HiSET-GED prep classes will educate you in the same fundamental subject matters that students are taught in high school, and the testing subjects areas are language reading, language writing, math, science, and social studies.

The HSE diploma will lead to better employment and allows for higher education so holders of the degree can pursue the career of their dreams. To find out whether you can partake in the state’s HSE program, go to this page: GED-HiSET in Massachusetts. GED scoring is done on a 100 – 200 scale where 145 – 164 is the H.S equivalency passing score, 165 – 174 is the College-Ready score, and 175 – 200 is the College-Ready plus Credit score. The HiSET exam has a different scoring method.

GED MA Testing Requirements

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How it started

During World War II, quite a lot high school students went to serve their country and the world without having completed their secondary education, and when they returned they were in their twenties and without the equivalency to a high school diploma, their life experiences could be shattered. So the GED program was established, and Massachusetts introduced the GED assessment to offer returning soldiers the possibility to acquire a high school equivalency credential without the need to return to school.

Continue your educationWhat is a GED Test

The Massachusetts HSE diploma enables you to continue your education! And many people dream about a career in the healthcare industry. Let’s see what it take to become a CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant).

Many people want to become a CNA, but they just don’t know how to begin. Learning how to become a CNA is actually easier than you may think. Becoming a nurse aide involves three basic steps. First, you must enroll in a CNA training program. Second, you need to pass the certification test. Finally, after you have completed the first two steps, then you need to get a job as a CNA.

Enrolling In A Training Program For A CNA

The very first thing you must do to become a CNA is to enroll in a certified training program. There are many ways to go about this. Some people go to their local college or university. Others, opt for a specialty school like Kaplan University or the University of Phoenix. However, if you don’t have a lot of free time to spare, you could always opt for CNA training online.

Most of these courses will only take about six weeks to three months to complete. Within that time frame, you will learn all the necessary skills that you will need to become a successful certified nurse aide. You will learn how to properly care for patients, have an understanding of your necessary duties, and you will learn the basics of medical terminology. All through your training program you’ll be continually learning the necessary skills to help patients, as well as what you need to know to pass the certification test.

Passing The Certification Test To Become A CNA

After you have spent the past couple of months studying and perfecting your skills, it will then be time to take your certification test. Whether you did your training at a local school or completed it online, you will be given the information as to where to take your certification test to become a CNA. Each state has its own certification test to become a CNA. But all of them are basically the same.

Your certification test to become a CNA will be divided into two separate sections. One section is the written part of your test. This is a series of multiple-choice questions that you must answer correctly. The second part of your certification is a clinical test. The clinical part of the certification test is an actual hands-on test. You will be observed by a state-certified instructor and you will be expected to complete certain tasks that every CNA should know how to do. After you have passed your test, you are now a CNA in the state you live. Now all you have to do is get a job as a certified nurse aide.

Getting A Job As A CNA

Getting a job is your final step. You’re now certified and ready to begin working. But where do you go to get a job? Getting a job as a CNA is actually pretty easy. The school you did your training at, should help you with this. Some schools will even help you with your resume and guide you through the interview process. But the truth is that CNA’s are in high demand.

Right now there are more job openings for CNA’s then there are people to fill them. This means that getting a job should be pretty easy and some companies are even offering sign-on bonuses for certified nurse aides. When you’re just starting out and trying to get a job as a CNA, there’s a good chance you will either work in a hospital or nursing home. Either one of these places is a great place to start. Once you have some experience under your belt, you’ll be able to move up the ladder and get paid more money.

As you can see, learning how to become a CNA is not that difficult. All you need is the proper training and the ability to pass the certification test. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be ready to begin your exciting new career as a CNA.

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