GED Classes Arlington, Texas

This article includes a full listing of GED® prep classes and test centers in the Arlington region.

Texas uses several options for HSE (high school equivalency) testing, the HiSET, TASC, and GED.

HSE testing offers adults who never completed high school the chance to earn an equivalent degree.

All three HSE tests measure knowledge at a level that compares to that of graduating HS students.

The GED exam is administered exclusively on a computer whereas the TASC and HiSET are offered in both a paper- and computer-based version.

The GED has four subtests in Math, Literacy, Science, and Social Studies. You are given maximally two years to completed these tests.

The HiSET and TASC contain five subtests (individual writing and reading tests) that can also be taken separately.

Arlington HSE prep locations (by ZIP)

GED Texas Testing Requirements

Northeast Branch Library 
1905 Brown Boulevard – Arlington – TX 76006 – Phone: 817-459-6912

Center for Continuing Education and Workforce Development (UT at Arlington)
140 West Mitchell Street – Arlington – TX 76010 – Phone 817-804-4273

George W. Hawkes Downtown Library
100 S Center Street – Arlington – TX 76010 – Phone: 817-459-6912

Arlington Independent School District Family Literacy
2315 Stonegate Street – Arlington – TX 76010 – Phone: 682-867-7271

East Arlington Branch Library
1624 New York Avenue – Arlington – TX 76010 – Phone: 817-459-6912

The Arlington Literacy Center
401 W Sanford Street – Suite 1700 – Arlington – TX 76011 – Phone: 817-275-1711

Water From The Rock
1015 Gibbins Road – Arlington – TX 76011 – Phone: 817-860-9702

Northwest Arlington ESL Center
1001 North Davis Drive – Arlington – TX 76012 – Phone: 817-261-8890

Mayfield Road Baptist Church (HOPE Literacy)
1701 E Mayfield Road – Arlington – TX 76014 – Phone: 817-483-9375

Lake Arlington Branch Library
4000 W Green Oaks Boulevard – Arlington – TX 76016 – Phone: 817-459-6912

Arlington ISD Venture School
4900 W Arkansas Lane – Arlington – TX 76016 – Phone: 682-867-7342

TCC Southeast Campus
2100 Southeast Parkway – Arlington – TX 76018 – Phone: 817-515-3420

Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church
5851 New York Avenue – Arlington – TX 76018 – Phone: 817-465-3164

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Locations around Arlington (cities by alphabet)

Christian Ctr for Restoration & Peace HSE Classes
303 East Pipeline Rd – Ste 200 – Bedford – TX 76022 – Phone: 817 . 770 . 2635

Cedar Hill Adult Education HSE Classes
1203 South Clark Rd – Cedar Hill – Texas 75104 – Phone: 972 . 291 . 1581 ext. 406

Bear Valley Community Church HSE Classes
7900 Precinct Lane Rd – Colleyville – Texas 76034 – Phone: 817 . 485 . 9910

Coppell Huntington Education Center
817 S MacArthur Blvd – Coppell – Texas 75019 – Phone: 972 . 745 . 4343

Dallas West Branch Library 
2332 Singleton Boulevard – Dallas – Texas 75212 – Phone 214 . 670 . 6445
Check out all Dallas options at Dallas area GED prep sites

Denton ISD Adult and Community Ed. HSE Classes
1307 North Locust Street – Denton – Texas 76201 – Ph: 940 . 369 . 0091
Discover all Denton region locations here: Denton area GED Programs

First Baptist Church Duncanville 
323 West Wheatland Rd – Duncanville – Texas 75116 – Phone: 972 . 298 . 5623

Tarrant County College (Trinity River Campus)
300 Trinity Campus Circle – Fort Worth – Texas 76102 – Phone: 817 . 515 . 1210
See all Fort Worth GED prep locations here: Fort Worth area GED prep sites

Grand Prairie Main Library
901 Conover Dr – Grand Prairie – TX 75051 – Phone: 972 . 237 . 5700

MT Training Center
1801 S Great Pkwy SW – Grand Prairie – TX 75051 – Phone: 972 . 262 . 5395

Christian Women’s Job Corps
122 NE 2nd St – Grand Prairie – TX 75050 – Phone: 972 . 262 . 0797

Grand Prairie Head Start HSE Classes
550 S Carrier Pkwy – Suite 500 – Grand Prairie – TX 75051 – Phone: 972 . 237 . 4434

Grand Prairie ISD is no longer providing GED prep classes or testing. If you previously took the GED exam at a GPISD location, though, and need scores or other information, please contact the TEA GED Test Center (or call 1-800-399-2969) for assistance in obtaining a printable PDF that contains your GED certificate and your GED test scores.

The Community Outreach Center
3010 Mustang Dr – Grapevine – TX 76051 – Phone: 817 . 421 . 2192
Grapevine’s Community Outreach Center is located next to the Mustang-Panther Stadium, and it was set up as a facility to help enhance the cooperation and communication between Grapevine residents and law enforcement. At the center, residents can benefit from educational, recreational, cultural, and social enrichment programs.

Hill County Workforce Solutions 
233 East Elm St – Hillsboro – Texas 76645 – Phone: 254 . 299 . 8777

Hurst Library 
901 Precinct Line Rd – Hurst – TX 76053 – Phone: 817 . 788 . 7301

Mission Central HOPE Literacy 
732A E Pipeline Rd – Hurst – TX 76053 – Phone: 817 . 595 . 0011

Tarrant County College-Northeast Campus HSE Program
828 Harwood Rd – Hurst – TX 76054 – Phone: 817 . 515 . 6657

North Lake College-South Campus HSE Classes
1081 West Shady Grove Road – Irving – Texas 75060 – Phone: 214 . 891 . 1342 HSE Program
820 North O’Connor Road – Irving – Texas 75061 – Phone: 972 . 925 . 3700

Crockett Middle School HSE Classes
2431 Hancock Street – Irving – Texas 75061 – Phone: 972 . 313 . 4700

Calvary Church
4401 North Highway 161 – Irving – TX 75038 – Phone: 972 . 261 . 1919
GED preparation is held on Saturdays at 5:30 p.m. (childcare is available)

Debes Creer En Ti (DCET – Spanish for Believe in Yourself)
500 North O’Connor Road – Suite B – Irving – TX 75061 – Phone: 972 . 871 . 8285
GED Preparation, Citizenship, and Computer Literacy classes in Spanish

DeLay Middle School (Lewisville Adult Ed.)
2103 Savage Lane – Lewisville – Texas 75057 – Phone: 469 . 713 . 5997

Lewisville Independent School District Adult Education
701 Charles Street – Lewisville – Texas 75057 – Phone: 469 . 713 . 5997

Ben Barber Career Technology Academy
1120 W Debbie Lane – Mansfield – TX 76063 – Phone: 817-299-4380

Bethlehem Baptist Church (Tarrant County College)
1188 W Broad St – Mansfield – TX 76063 – Phone: 817 . 473 . 1236

Navarro College-Midlothian 
899 Mount Zion Rd – Midlothian – TX 76065 – Phone: 903 . 875 . 7464

Venus High School Library (Cleburne ISD)
12 Bulldog Dr – Venus – TX 76084 – Phone: 817 . 202 . 1108

Waxahachie Adult Education HSE Program
411 North Gibson St – Waxahachie – Texas 75165 – Phone: 972 . 923 . 4631

Navarro College-Waxahachie HSE Classes
1900 J. Arden Dr – Waxahachie – Texas 75165 – Phone: 903 .875 . 7464

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Arlington area HSE test sites

Venture High School
4900 West Arkansas Ln – Arlington – Texas 76016 – Phone: 682 . 867 . 6400

Cedar Hill Valley Coll. HSE Testing
207 North Cannady Dr – Cedar Hill – Texas 75104 – Phone: 972 . 860 . 7800

Mountain View Coll. HSE Testing
4849 West Illinois Ave – Dallas – Texas 75211 – Phone: 214 . 860 . 8778

TCC Trinity Campus HSE Testing
300 Trinity Circle – Fort Worth – Texas 76102 – Phone: 817 . 515 . 8223

TCC South Campus HSE Testing
5301 Campus Dr – Fort Worth – Texas 76119 – Phone: 817 . 515 . 4535

Grand Prairie ISD
2602 S Beltline Rd, Grand Prairie, Texas 75052, Phone: 972 . 237 . 5454

Hill College HSE Testing
112 Lamar Dr – Hillsboro – Texas 76645 – Phone: 254 . 582 . 2555

North Lake College South Campus
1081 West Shady Grove Rd – Irving – Texas 75060 – Phone: 214 . 891 . 1349

Waxahachie HSE Testing Center
600 Second Street – Waxahachie – Texas 75165 – Phone: 972 . 921 . 1181

GED Essay Writing

The HSE program

If you haven’t completed your traditional high school education you may find difficulties to get a decent job, and continued academic education is not an option as well. Getting your Texas HSE diploma via the GED (General Education Development), HiSET (High School Equivalency Test), or TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) exam is a great option to make up for these missed opportunities. So high time to start thinking about making a crucial decision that will positively influence your life.  To see if you qualify, check out GED testing criteria in Texas.

All three HSE tests are NOT available over the Internet. Testing must be done at one of Texas’ official HSE testing centers. Websites trying to sell you an online testing option are fraudulent. Online-acquired documents are worthless and will definitely not be accepted by schools and employers. Two years after it was introduced, the GED passing score was adjusted to 145. Read the full in this GED Scoring News post.

How to start

If you just start with preparing for the GED, TASC, or HiSET exam it helps if you discover which subject areas you understand pretty well and are likely to score high notes on. Study these subject areas first, so you can get used to the idea of studying again, and you will probably enjoy it more than when you start with things that you don’t get at first. Check out also this page that includes links to all GED prep schools in the USA.

When you begin preparing this way for the four GED tests (or the five TASC or HiSET tests), your brain will get used to studying again, it will be better prepared, and you are likely to become more stimulated to tackle more difficult subject fields than when you start the other way around. Remember that the Texas HSE diploma will increase your job options, and the credential also qualifies you for a college education.

Get ready for the Texas HSE exam

The GED exam comes with four independent tests that measure your knowledge and skills at a level comparable to that of graduating high school students. The four testing subjects are Reasoning through Language Arts (Literacy), Social Studies, Science, and Mathematical Reasoning (Math). To get all set for the tests can, especially in the beginning, be overwhelming so you can probably best sign up for one of the above-listed GED classes where committed and trained teachers will guide you through the process. The high school equivalency (HSE) alternatives TASC and HiSET include five tests as the section literacy has separate writing and reading subtests.

You may also opt to study via an online course, or get some books from your local library where all subject matter is explained. This website also includes great resources at no cost. We offer you free GED video classes and each class is followed by a few practice tests to see if you got it. This way you will slowly but surely come to the point that you’ll be perfectly ready for the real thing.

If you want to earn your HSE diploma you must realize that successful preparation requires good planning, a lot of motivation, and perseverance. Good preparation is key, but you will notice that if you prepare well, you will walk into the HSE testing site confidently. You will excel.

Your future

The entirely ‘digitalized’ GED exam and the alternative HiSET and TASC allow you to get hold of a diploma that surely will improve your job options and allows for post-secondary education. In America, there are some 40 million adults without a high school diploma, and they will run into more and more difficult if they want to secure a decently paying job. A secondary degree is needed nowadays for just about any kind of position. Earning your HSE (high school equivalency) credential makes you qualified for education at college, university, or vocational/trade school, and it will highly improve your outlook for a better income and a brighter future.

The GED exam – what’s new

The GED program was totally revised (as it is about every ten years) but the changes that were implemented in the last GED edition were the most impressive ever in the seven decades that the program has been around. Remodeling the GED exam was required to guarantee that it again covered what colleges and industry expect and demand. The world is changing rapidly, technology plays an ever-increasing role in education and businesses, so changes were absolutely required.

The GED exam is now computer-formatted, and far better addresses education practices and employers’ requirements for the future. GED graduates now are prepared to function well in a contemporary professional environment. The GED exam no longer exists of predominantly multiple-choice questions. The GED exam is more essay-based, and herein lies the reason that the former section ‘Language Writing’ has disappeared, it has become embedded throughout the other four sections.

GED passing score

The GED exam is scored on a scale that goes from 100 to 200. You must attain a score of at least 145 for each one of the four subtests, so a minimum total of 580 is required. The passing score was lowered a few years ago as it was demonstrated that it was initially set too high in relation to what high school seniors must command upon graduation. The HiSET and TASC are scored in their own way.

GED online registration

To register for the GED tests (one at a time is okay) you must create your own account on the GED organization’s website You will then have access to the online portal MyGED where you can schedule your tests, take care of payments, and so on. This is a great online platform where you can get all sorts of GED-related information and great support to be successful.

You can learn all about colleges and universities, as well as various aspects of the modern-day job market. You must have a current email address and a major credit/debit card. If that’s a problem, no worries, as testing centers also have pre-paid vouchers that you can use as well. If you successfully took one test, you have two years to finish the rest of the exam. That’s how long your scores remain valid.

Online GED testing?

Online testing is NOT possible. Despite the fact that the entire GED program has become ‘digitalized’ you are still required to report to a state-approved GED test center and take the tests in person. This also applies to the TASC and HiSET. There are many websites that want to sell you their online GED exam, or their online GED diploma, but don’t get fooled by these robbers, they’re only after your money. Online testing is no option and the ‘diplomas’ that these con artists issue, are worth less than the paper they’re printed on. Employers and schools of higher education will definitely not accept these documents.