Word Problems and Division

Here we have a list of some words that indicate division. So, if you’re trying to solve a word problem, and you come across the word quotient, per, out of, or ratio, you’ll know that you need to divide something.

Let’s look at an example. If the quotient – there’s one of our keywords – of a number and 10 is 3/5, what is the number?


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So, again, we saw that keyword “quotient”, which tells us we’re going to be dividing something. We’re going to be dividing two numbers, and those numbers we’re dividing are a number, and 10, and they must be divided in that order.

So, when we write our division problem, we can write it as x÷10, or we could write it as x/10, but it must be in that order.

If we reverse it to do 10/x, then that is not what is written here in this problem. That would be if the quotient of 10 and a number. So, order is very important, since it was written, “If the quotient of a number and 10”, then we must have that number first, divided by 10. And you’ll see here that I put x, and I put in x because we don’t know that number. It just said “a number”. So, when we don’t know a number, we use a variable in place of that.

Let’s finish this sentence. If the quotient of a number and 10 is 3/5. “Is” is equals, 3/5.

Now, since I chose to write it this way, x/10 equals 3/5, it looks like a proportion, and that’s because it is one. All a proportion is, is a ratio equal to a ratio, and that’s what I have here.

So, to solve this proportion, we’re going to cross multiply. x times 5 is 5x, and that’s equal to 3 times 10, which is 30.

And now, we need to solve for x, this is 5 times x, and the opposite of multiplying is dividing. So,  we divide both sides by 5, 5/5 is 1, 1 times x is x, and that equals 30/5, which is 6.

So, the quotient of 6 and 10 is 3/5, and that’s true. 6/10 does simplify to be 3/5.


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