GED Classes Wenatchee, Washington

This article includes an overview of GED® prep classes and testing sites in the Wenatchee area. Washington State uses the computer-based GED exam for high school equivalency (HSE) testing.

The GED test can be taken online and at official Washington State GED testing sites.

HSE testing gives persons who didn’t graduate high school one more shot at securing an equivalent degree.

The GED test measures knowledge at a level comparable to that of graduating high school students.

The GED exam has four separate subtests in math, science, literacy, and social studies that may be completed one at a time.

The GED exam measures the knowledge level of test-takers at a level that’s comparable to that of high school graduates.

Online GED testing has, until recently, never been possible. Your personal appearance at an official GED testing site was always required.

Now, that has changed with the launch of an online GED test. More information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Wenatchee GED prep locations

Wenatchee Community Center (Chelan & Douglas County Literacy Council)
508 S Chelan Ave | Bldg B | Wenatchee | WA 98801 | Ph: (509) 682.6966

Wenatchee Valley College
1300 5th St | Wenatchee | WA 98801 | Ph: (509) 682.6843

Wenatchee SkillSource
233 N Chelan Ave | Wenatchee | WA 98807 | Ph: (509) 663.3091

Washington OIC  
11 Spokane St | Wenatchee | WA 98801 | Ph: (877) 453.3970

GED Requirements in Washington State

Locations around Wenatchee (cities by alphabet)

Brewster Worksource Education Center 
520 W Main St | Brewster | WA 98812 | Ph: (509) 689.8031

Okanogan County Detention Center GED Program 
237 4th Avenue N | 2nd Floor | Okanogan | WA 98840 | Ph: (509) 422.7260
Not available to the public

Omak Worksource Education Center
116 W Apple St | Omak | WA 98841 | Ph: (509) 826.7414

Omak GED Classes
126 S Main St | Omak | WA 98841 | Ph: (509) 826.7310

Spokane Community College-Republic
63 N Keller St | Republic | WA 99166 | Ph: (509) 775.3675

Tonasket Migrant GED Program (Tonasket School District)
35 DO Hwy 20 | Tonasket | WA 98855 | Ph: (509) 486.2126

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Washington State Free GED Online Classes

Wenatchee area GED testing sites

Wenatchee Valley College
1300 5th St | Wenatchee | WA 98801 | Ph (509) 682-6843

Central Washington University GED Testing (MS 7427)
400 E University Way | Ellensburg | WA 98926 | Ph (509) 963-1860

Big Bend Comm College (1400 Bldg)
7662 Chanute St | Moses Lake | WA 98837 | Ph (509) 793-2064

Wenatchee Valley College GED testing
116 W Apple Ave | Omak | WA 98841 | Ph (509) 422-7806

Yakima Valley Comm College GED Testing
1000 S 12th Ave | Yakima | WA 98902 | Ph (509) 574-4738

Go to GED testing criteria in Washington for eligibility requirements and more detailed information.

Washington State GED Practice Tests

Your future

Not everyone is eligible for this exam. For you to be considered to sit for the GED exam, you must have mastered arithmetic and reading skills from grade-level classes. You must also have the ability to analyze the information available in journals, magazines, letters, etc.

The good thing about the GED exam is that the arithmetic skills required are simple math skills involving division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction. The GED is modular, meaning you have the liberty to sit for one subject test (module) when you are sufficiently prepared.

You must be 18 years or older, but for 16/17 yr. old applicants there are special arrangements under strict conditions, so see a testing site near you. You should not already have a g high school diploma or be engaged in a school program.

So before setting your feet towards the exam room, ensure you have these skills right at your fingertips: reading, arithmetic, and critical thinking skills. This means that you must have completed your 9th-grade reading level well equipped with the aforementioned skills.

Welcoming an online GED testing option

Until recently, there never was an option to sit for the four GED subtests on the internet. To get hold of your GED degree, your personal appearance at one of Washington State’s official GED testing facilities was always required.

But now, that has come to an end as we saw the launch of an online proctored GED test-taking opportunity. Students that qualify for the online GED test and who decide to take that option will see an online proctor who monitors their testing activities and who checks if everything goes according to some strict regulations. To learn more, check out this article: Welcoming an online GED testing option.

Last Updated on November 2, 2020.

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