GED Classes Walla Walla, Washington

In this post, you can discover all GED® prep sites and testing locations in the Walla Walla area. In Washington, you’ll have to pass the GED test to obtain your high school equivalency (HSE) credential.

The GED exam can be taken in an online format or at one of Washington State’s certified test centers.

HSE testing provides persons that never graduated high school another shot at obtaining an equivalent degree.

The HSE test assesses knowledge at a level that is comparable to that of a high school senior.

The GED test contains four separate subtests, or modules, in the subject areas of math, literacy, science, and social studies.

You have the option to take the four GED subtests one (or more) at a time.

It used to be that the GED test was not offered on the internet. Testing needed to be done by you in person at a state-designated testing site.

This has now come to an end, though with the launch of an online proctored version of the GED test. To learn more, check the information at the bottom of this post.

Walla Walla GED prep sites

Walla Walla Community College
500 Tausick Way | Walla Walla | WA 99362 | Ph: (509) 527.4348

Garrison Middle School (GED Night Classes)
906 Chase Avenue | Walla Walla | WA 99362  Ph: (509) 527.3040

Lincoln High School
421 S 4th Avenue | Walla Walla | WA 99362 | Ph: (509) 527.3083

WA GED Requirements

WorkSource Walla Walla  
1530 Stevens Street | Walla Walla | WA 99362 | Ph: (509) 527.4393

Washington State Penitentiary GED Program (WWCC)
1313 N 13th Avenue | Walla Walla | WA 99362 | Ph: (509) 525.3610
Not available to the public

GED prep sites around Walla Walla (cities by alphabet)

Walla Walla Community College-Clarkston Adult Education
1470 Bridge Street | Clarkston | WA 99403 | Ph: (509) 758.3339

Eastern Oregon University GED Instruction
1 University Blvd | La Grande | OR 97850 | Ph: (541) 962.3076
For more La Grande area options go to this page

Washington State GED Practice Test

Blue Mountain Community College Milton-Freewater
311 N Columbia Street | Milton-Freewater | OR 97862 | Ph: (541) 278.5759

Cay-Uma-Wa Education Bldg GED Classes
73315 July Grounds | Pendleton | Oregon 97801 | Phone: (541) 429-7821

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Walla Walla area GED testing sites

Walla Walla Community College
500 Tausick Way | Walla Walla | WA 99362 | Phone (509) 527-4267

Walla Walla Community College-Clarkston
1470 Bridge Street | Clarkston | WA 99403 | Ph: (509) 758-1772

Columbia Basin Coll GED Testing Service
2600 N 20th Avenue | Pasco | WA 99301 | Phone (509) 542-4860

Charter College
5278 Outlet Drive | Pasco | WA 99301 | Phone (509) 546-3900

Blue Mountain Community College
2411 NW Carden Avenue | Pendleton | OR 97801 | Phone (541) 278-5931

Eastern Oregon University GED testing
1 University Boulevard | La Grande | OR 97850 | Phone (541) 962-3788

For qualification criteria and cost, go to GED testing criteria in Washington.

GED Essay Writing w/ Samples

Your future

The GED is really important for your future. It is obvious that for many people planning to get their GED credential, their main goal is to acquire a new and more comfortable job. For many of us, we often take choosing our future careers too lightly. But in reality, this is something that requires a lot of research before settling for the ultimate career choice.

Keep in mind, though, that the GED diploma is also your ticket to a great college education. People with a GED make some $9,500 more annually than people who don’t hold the credential. So what’s holding you back? A college degree will boost your income even more.

During our teenage age, we often have wide options to choose from but as we advance in our grades and life, our choices shrink and shrink. Fortunately, the GED is giving each one of us a new opportunity and green light of having a better career. The GED diploma will enable you to access yourself and identify what you really like.

Welcoming the online GED exam

In earlier days, you never had the option to take the four GED modules online. If you wanted to earn your GED degree in Washington State, your personal appearance at an official state-approved testing center was always required.

This has now changed, though, as we witnessed the launch of the online proctored GED exam. Students who qualify for online GED testing and decide to do so will find that an online proctor monitors their activities and oversees if they act in line with the regulations. For more information, check out this post: Welcoming the online GED exam.

Last Updated on November 2, 2020.

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