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In this article, we have listed all GED® prep facilities and test centers in the Vicksburg region. Mississippi is using three options for the state’s HSE (high school equivalency) exam, the GED, HiSET, and TASC.

The HSE exam offers adults who did not finish high school another shot at earning an equivalent degree.

The GED is totally computerized while the TASC and HiSET are offered both on paper and on a computer.

The GED exam contains four independent subtests that cover Literacy, Social Studies, Science, and Math.

HiSET and TASC contain five testing fields as the Literacy parts are split up into separate writing and reading tests.

All three HSE exam tests measure knowledge at a level similar to what high school seniors must know upon graduation.

The four GED subtests (modules) can be completed one (or more) at a time and the five HiSET or TASC tests can be taken independently as well.

There never was any online HSE testing option. That has changed now with the arrival of online HiSET and GED testing options. For more information, check below.

Vicksburg GED prep class locations

Head Start Family Literacy
629 Cherry St | Vicksburg | MS 39183 | Ph: (601) 636.7687

Hinds Community College (Vicksburg-Warren Campus)
Hwy 27 South | Vicksburg | MS 39180 | Ph: (601) 629.6873

Good Shepherd Community Center
629 Cherry St | Vicksburg | MS 39183 | Ph: (601) 636.7687

GED Requirements in Mississippi

WIN Job Center
1625 Monroe St | Vicksburg | MS 39180 | Ph: (601) 638.1452

Mountain of Faith Women’s Restoration Shelter
PO Box 820138 | Vicksburg | MS 39182 | Ph: (601) 661.8990

Prep sites around Vicksburg

Jackson State School of Lifelong Learning
3825 Ridgewood Rd | Jackson | MS 39217 | Ph: (601) 432.6234
More prep sites can be found on our Jackson area page

Louisiana Delta Community College 
156 Hwy 833-1 | Lake Providence | LA 71254 | Ph: (318) 559.0864

NE Louisiana Family Literacy Program (Louisiana Tech Surles Campus)
Hwy 883-1 |Lake Providence | LA 71254 | Ph: (318) 432.5292

Together for Hope
122 Scarborough St | Lake Providence | LA 71254 | Ph: (252) 363.809

Riverbend Prison HSE Program
9482 Hwy 65 | Lake Providence | LA 71254 | Ph: (318) 559.5980
Not open to the public

Louisiana Delta Community College-Monroe 
3158 Louisville Ave | Monroe | LA 71201 | Ph: (318) 362.5010
Check out all Monroe area prep sites here

Mississippi GED Practice Test

Tensas Parish Adult Basic Education HSE Classes
400 Verona St | Newellton | LA 71357 | Ph: (318) 766.4314

Louisiana Delta Community College-Tallulah 
132 Old Hwy 65 S | Tallulah | LA 71284 | Ph: (318) 574.4820

Louisiana Transition Center for Women 
196 Old Hwy 65 S | Tallulah | LA 71282 | Ph: (318) 574.0854

Madison Parish Prison HSE Instruction
158 Treatment Plant Rd | Tallulah | LA 71282 | Ph: (318) 574.0584
Not publicly available

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To see if you qualify, go to this page: GED testing in Mississippi

Mississippi Free Online GED Classes

Vicksburg area GED test centers

Hinds Community College-Vicksburg-Warren Campus (HiSET/TASC/GED)
689 Highway 27 South | Vicksburg | MS 39180 | Ph 601-629-6859/857.3823

Louisiana Delta Community College-Lake Providence (HiSET)
156 Highway 833-1 | Lake Providence | LA 71254 | Ph 318-231-5100

Hinds Community College (HiSET/TASC/GED)
601 Hinds Boulevard | Raymond | MS 39154 | Ph 601-857-3823

Louisiana Delta Community College-Tallulah Campus (HiSET)
132 Old Highway 65 South | Tallulah | LA 71282 | Ph 318-474-5200

Online HiSET and GED options

You never could take the HiSET, GED, or TASC exam online but recently, that has all changed. You were always required to come personally to one of Mississippi’s official HSE testing locations.

Now, however, we witnessed the arrival of both GED and HiSET options to deal with the exams in an online format. You can read more about the online HiSET exam here: Online HiSET testing welcomed, and for more online GED testing information, go to GED online testing option introduced.

HSE testing

The purpose of the GED, TASC, and HiSET tests is to help individuals who didn’t finish their high school education. The HSE (high school equivalency) exam allows people to earn the necessary credential to continue their academic education at a college or technical school, and improve their options on the employment market.

50 successful people with a GED

GED, HiSET, TASC scoring

After passing one of the three HSE exams, you will be awarded the Mississippi HSE diploma which opens the doors towards a college education and will surely lead to improved employment chances.

The GED subtests are measured on a scale from 100 to 200 scale and for each test, the passing score is 145. Averaging is not possible. The GED subtests (or modules) may take one at a time. The TASC and HiSET are also modular.

GED passing score: 145 (out of 200). HS equivalent score: 145-165. College-ready: 165-175 and a score in the 175-200 range will also result in extra college credits.

TASC passing score: 500 (out of a possible 800). Essay score minimum requirement: 2 (out of a possible 8).
HiSET passing score: 8 (out of a possible 20). Overall HiSET score (5 tests): at least 45. Essay minimum score: 2 (out of a possible 8).

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