TI-30 XS Calculator App-What’s The Best?

This lesson is part of our free online GED classes. In this lesson, we talk about the TI-30 XS App and what is the best app for you to use to be successful on the GED Math subtest.

Getting optimally prepared for the GED exam with online GED classes is one of the best ways to success.

The Scientific Calculator TI-30 XS, offered by Texas Instruments, the world’s best producer of scientific calculators, is the only calculator you can use on the GED® test.

Texas Instruments offer two versions of this calculator: handheld device and digital version but not the app.

There is no original TI-30 XS app; however, there are a few apps in the Google Play store that simulate the TI-30 XS functionality. Unfortunately, this app is not available on iPhones.

Our favorite Android app is  Scientific calculator 30 ti pro, 34 pro.

When you download the app on your Android phone, you notice that the app installs two types of calculators. Every time you launch the app, you need to choose TI-30 XS.

It shows as the first option.

This app can perform all  TI-30 XS functions and have almost the same layout as the real TI-30 XS.

Many students choose this app as an alternative for handheld devices. However, you can’t use your phone with this app during the GED test; you will need to use the TI-30 XS calculator that is included in the GED screen test.

As a reminder, you are allowed to use the calculator on the 2nd part of the GED Math exam.

If you learn how to work effectively with the TI-30 XS, your chances of attaining a far better score on the GED Math subject test will drastically improve, that’s for sure!

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Being fluent in using the scientific calculator TI-30 XS is huge. It means you can solve a big part of the Math test simply by using the provided scientific calculator.

But there is a catch. This scientific calculator works differently than a “normal” one that you, for example, use on your phone.

So you need some practice to solve the GED math questions by using a scientific calculator.

This was our explanation of how to use the calculator app, part of our online GED classes related to working with the scientific calculator TI-30 XS.

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