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In this article, you can find all GED® prep locations and test centers in the Starkville region. Mississippi welcomed multiple options for HSE (high school equivalency) testing, the TASC, GED, and HiSET.

The HSE exam offers persons who left high school before graduation another shot at securing an equivalent degree.

The GED is completely computer-based while the TASC and HiSET are offered both on-paper and on-computer.

HSE testing takes place at a level that compares to that of HS seniors upon graduation.

The GED exam includes four subtests in Science, Social Studies, Math, and literacy that can be completed one at a time.

The HiSET and TASC have five subtests (Literacy has writing and reading subtests) that can as well be taken separately.

Online HSE testing was, until recently, not an option. But the HiSET and GED exams are now available in an online format as well. Learn more below.

Starkville GED prep facilities

Starkville School District HSE Instruction (Overstreet School)
307 S Jackson St | Starkville | MS 39759 | Ph: (662) 324.4193

Emerson Family School
1504 Louisville St | Starkville | MS 39759 | Ph: (662) 324.4183

J. L. King Center
700 Long St | Starkville | MS 39759 | Ph: (662) 324.6913

Starkville Adult Education Center
401 Greensboro St | Starkville | MS 39759 | Ph: (662) 324.4050

GED MS Testing Requirements

Sites around Starkville (cities in alphabetic order)

Broken Wings Ministry
168 Jailhouse Rd | Ackerman | MS 39735 | Ph: (662) 285.9133

East Mississippi Comm. Coll. Lion Hills Campus HSE Instruction
2331 Military Rd | Columbus | MS 39705 | Ph: (662) 243.1985
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Louisville Career Center 
923 S Church St | Louisville | MS 39339 | Ph: (601) 635.6387

Louisville WIN Job Center
600 N Court Ave | Ste B | Louisville | MS 39339 | Ph: (662) 773.5051

Macon HSE Instruction
505 Jefferson St | Macon | MS 39341 | Ph: (662) 243.1985
Mobile classroom located behind the Noxubee Co. Courthouse (EMCC)

Noxubee Library (EMCC)
103 E King St | Macon | MS 39341 | Ph: (662) 243.1985

East Mississippi Comm. Coll. Golden Triangle campus
8731 South Frontage Rd | Mayhew | MS 39753 | Ph: (662) 476.8442

EMCC West Point (Clay County Center HSE Instruction)
3210 N TVA Rd | West Point | MS 39773 | Ph: (662) 243.1985

Bryan Library (EMCC)
436 Commerce St | West Point | MS 39773 | Ph: (662) 243.2647

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Check out the page GED testing criteria in Mississippi to see if you qualify.

Mississippi Free Online GED Classes

Starkville area GED testing sites

Cities by Alphabet

Greater Columbus Education Center (TASC/HiSET)
612 Military Rd | Columbus | MS 39701 | Ph 662-329-7691

Houston WIN Center (HiSET)
210 South Monroe St | Houston | MS 38851 | Ph 662-407-1513

EMCC Golden Triangle Campus (HiSET/GED
8731 South Frontage Rd | Mayhew | MS 39753 | Ph 662-243-1985

East Mississippi Comm College-Scooba (HiSET/GED)
1512 Kemper St | Scooba | MS 39358 | Ph 662-243-2627

EMCC-West Point (HiSET)
3210 North TVA Rd | West Point | MS 39773 | Ph 662-243-1985

Mississippi requirements

Applicants wishing to take the Mississippi HSE exam must have been Mississippi residents for at least 30 days, be 18 years of age, not have a secondary degree, nor be engaged in secondary school, and have been out of school for no less than three months. Those applicants 16 and 17 years old may be eligible to take the HSE exam if they meet specific regulations.

Mississippi GED Practice Test

So for people who don’t have a high school diploma, the GED test (General Educational Development) may very well be the perfect track. The GED tests are modular and you can take them separately. The HiSET and the TASC are also modular. All three HSE exams measure your skills and knowledge at the level of high school grads.

When you passed one of the three options, you will be awarded the Mississippi high school equivalency diploma. The credential allows you to apply to college or go for better employment. The GED tests are scored on a 100-200 scale and the passing score on each subtest is 145. HiSET and TASC have their own scoring systems.

GED and HiSET online testing introduced

There was, until recently, no possibility to sit for the GED, TASC, or HiSET exam via the internet but that has changed. You were always required to show up, in person, at a state-designated HSE test location but now, HiSET and GED testing has also become available online.

To learn more about the online HiSET exam, go to HiSET online testing introduced, and to read all about the online GED test, visit GED online testing option introduced.

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