Social Studies Test Set 4

Learn how to pass the GED® test by answering these Social Studies practice questions.

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GED Test Prep Tips

This test is a part of our GED Social Studies Practice Test module.
Taking a number of practice tests is very important since they will indicate where your knowledge gaps are. It is key to understand what your weaker points are so you can concentrate fully on learning those subject fields.

Recent GED test-takers have some really great advice for you: don’t prepare for the entire GED battery at once.

The exam is modular meaning you can take one (or more) of the GED subtests at a time. So get all set for one subject test, pass that module, and move ahead and prepare for the next subject test.

When students prepare for the GED exam, the most common slipup is that they forget to block some time for studying.

Postponement and making pretexts are among your biggest enemies. Come up with a learning schedule that fits you and just stick to it!


Last Updated on July 24, 2021.

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