Social Studies Practice Test Set 3

Our Social Studies tests include topics that are also on the actual GED® test.

Each of the questions comes with a number of answer choices.

Select the best answer for each of the questions.

1. The number of members in the House of Representatives per state is determined by what factor?

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2. According to the Constitution, how often must the United States take a census?

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3. What is the lowest point in the United States?

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4. How long is the term of service for a Supreme Court Justice?

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5. What is it called when the President rejects a bill proposed by congress?

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6. The Supreme Court uses the interpretation of what document as a guide in court decisions?

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7. Census data is used to determine ...

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8. What was the purpose of the Voting Rights Act?

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9. What is the largest state in the United States?

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10. The Grand Canyon is the lowest point in the United States.

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GED Test Prep Tips

These practice test questions are part of our GED Social Studies online prep. Taking multiple practice tests is important as this way, you’ll get a good idea about your knowledge gaps.

Recent GED test-takers have some very good advice for you: please don’t try to get prepared for the entire GED batter at once.

You can take one of the four GED modules when you’re ready to do so. Prepare for one subject test, take and pass that section, and then continue with the next subject test.

For many GED hopefuls, when preparing for the exam, the most common slipup is that they forget to block time for studying.

Postponement and making excuses are among your worst enemies. Adopt a learning schedule that fits you and simply stick to it.

The second very common mistake that leads to failing the GED exam is the fact that too many students spend too much time on just one question and then end up not making it all the way through the exam.


Last Updated on April 7, 2021.

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