Mass, Weight, Volume, Density, and Specific Gravity

Mass, weight, volume, density and specific gravity. These are all important terms that you’ll find in Physics and it’s important that you know the difference between each one.

First, we have mass, mass is a measure of the amount of substance in an object. How many atoms or molecules of that one substance are in a specific object? That’s what your mass is.

Weight is a measure of the gravitational pull of earth on an object, so let’s look at our example over here. We have this rectangular prism and it measures 8 centimeters long, three centimeters wide, five centimeters high, so it’s mass I’m just going to tell you is 10 grams. Its weight is one pound and in the United States we measure weight in pounds, other countries have different units of weight. But pretty much all the scientific community is going to use grams and the metric system is units for mass.

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