Salary Increase Calculator after GED

It doesn’t come as a surprise that people with a GED earn a higher salary than those who do not hold the GED credential.

The question is, how much more will you earn.

Studies carried out by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that, on average, the salary increase by 37%.

That’s a lot! Getting your GED Diploma is really a good investment.

If you have a GED Diploma, new job options will open up to you. There are many high-paid jobs with an even higher than an average salary.

To check your earning potential, use this “After GED Salary Calculator.”

How it works

  • Enter the total number of hours that you’re working per week.
  • Enter the amount of your hourly wage.
  • Our calculator shows you your current salary and after GED salary in weekly, monthly, and annual overview.

Our calculator will give you a few options. First, it will add 37% to your current salary.

You can send this prediction to yourself, and then you will have a chance to check your salary increased by 42 and 52%.

If you would decide to continue your education even further, your salary will go up even higher.

This simple calculator shows how important is to invest your time in getting your GED diploma. Keep in mind, if you are ready to devote some time to studying, everyone can pass the GED exam!

How to get your GED

Age doesn’t play a role. GED testing is open to anyone from 18 to 80! And in most states, 16 and 17-year-olds also qualify if they’ll meet some additional requirements. Just start learning with an online GED prep course and get your GED. You’ll be rewarded.

There are more options. You may attend an Adult High School Diploma program offered through a community college or a public school. Usually, these classes are held in the evening or on weekends, so that should fit your schedule perfectly well.

On the other hand, if you feel that going back to school may be too much for you, you’ve got more options. Just take a free online GED program to get all set for the GED test. The GED exam has four separate modules that cover math, social studies, language, and science.

GED testing occurs at a level comparable to the knowledge level students gained during four years in high school. Keep in mind, though, that the GED test is a pretty rigorous exam and that decent preparation is absolutely required. So what’s holding you back from getting your High School Equivalency diploma?

Now, we all know that some individuals dropped out of school and are billionaires today. Realize, however, that these folks are outliers. Their success stories are one-in-a-million. The fact of the matter is that practically all people that didn’t complete their high school education will never be able to attain a well-paying job even if they are highly experienced.

If you are committed to pursuing your goals, there’s nothing that stands in the way of getting the education you desire! Resilience and willpower are required, though, and probably you’ll have to put in quite a few hours of studying, but in the end, you will reap the benefits, wouldn’t you agree? Recently, the GED exam became available in an online version as well including great online tools such as a whiteboard and a scratchpad.

Get your GED and a college degree

Well, on average, over the last quarter of 2019, individuals with an associate’s degree made around $875 weekly on a full-time basis while people with a bachelor’s degree had a median weekly income of some $1,280.

Interesting is also that individuals with some advanced academic degrees (e.g., professional, master’s, or doctoral) earned around $1,560 on average when they were full-time employed.

So, although it is difficult to quantify the value of an education, this makes clear that earning your GED makes sense. You will not only make more money, but you qualify for a college education as well.

The fact of the matter is that median earnings for people with the highest levels of educational achievement (doctoral and professional degrees, made over triple than those without a GED or high school degree. Do you see, education pays off, doesn’t it?


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