GED Classes Quincy, Illinois

This post includes a full listing of GED prep sites and testing facilities in the Quincy, Illinois, region. Illinois uses two options for high school equivalency testing: the HiSET and GED exams.

Both tests are available online and at certified testing centers. Learn more about taking the tests online below.

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The exams are for individuals who never graduated from high school and offer them the chance to obtain an equivalent degree.

The GED® has four independent subtests in math, literacy, science, and social studies that may be taken separately.

This also applies to the HiSET® exam, which contains five subject tests (separate reading and writing tests).

HiSET testing is offered both on paper and on a computer, while the GED is entirely computerized.

Both alternatives measure knowledge at a level that may be expected from high school grads.

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Illinois requires test-takers also to take and pass the state’s Constitution Test.

Quincy GED Prep Class Locations

John Wood Community College
1301 S 48th St – Quincy – IL 62305 – (217) 641-4951
The Adult Education Department of John Wood Community College provides free GED (General Educational Development) prep classes in Quincy, Camp Point, Mount Sterling, and Pittsfield. GED classes are offered Mondays through Thursdays from 9 a.m. to noon, and from 5 to 8 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Quincy Public Library 
526 Jersey St – Quincy – IL 62301 – (217) 641-4951
GED instruction is provided by JWCC on Wednesdays from 1 to 4 p.m.

Bella Ease
707 Broadway St – Quincy – IL 62301 – (217) 641-4951
GED instruction is provided by JWCC on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to noon

The GED testing fees were reduced in Illinois, and the state offers the GED test now for FREE as well. Check the linked page to learn more.

To learn all about the GED qualification requirements in Illinois, <- check here.

GED Requirements in Illinois

GED Prep Facilities Around Quincy (Cities By Alphabet)

First Christian Church (JWCC)
210 S Ohio St – Camp Point – IL 62320 – Ph: (217) 641-4951

Hannibal Career and Technical Center
4550 McMasters Ave – Hannibal – MO 63401 – Ph: (573) 221.1258
More Hanibal HiSET prep classes <- are listed on this page

Southeastern Community College
335 Messenger Rd – Keokuk – IA 52632 – Ph: (319) 524.3221

KATC (Kirksville Area Technical Center) HiSET Instruction
1103 S Cottage Grove – Kirksville – MO 63501 – Ph (660) 665.2865
See more Kirksville area HiSET classes <- here

Heartland Men’s Recovery Program
12599 255th St – La Belle – MO 63447 – Ph: (660) 213.4553

Spoon River College
208 S Johnson St – Macomb – IL 61455 – Ph: (309) 833-6017

Mount Sterling Learning Center (JWCC)
108 N Capitol Ave – Mount Sterling – IL 62353 – Ph: (217) 641-4951

Southeast Education Center (JWCC)
39637 260th Ave – Pittsfield – IL 62363 – Ph: (217) 641-4951

Spoon River College
706 Maple Ave – Rushville – IL 62681 – Ph: (309) 833-6017 or (217) 322-6060

Illinois GED Free Online Classes

Quincy Area GED Testing Centers

Regional Office of Education #1 – Quincy (GED)
507 Vermont Street | Quincy | IL 62301 | Phone 217-277-2080

MACC- Hannibal Area Higher Education Ctr (HiSET)
190 Shinin Lane | Hannibal | MO 63401 | Phone 573-231-0941

Regional Office of Education #26 (HiSET)
130 S Lafayette Street (Suite 200) | Macomb | IL 61455 | Phone 309-575-3229

Spoon River Coll. GED Testing Center
2500 E Jackson Street | Macomb | IL 61455 | Phone 309-833-6031

Regional Office of Ed. #1 – Pittsfield (GED)
39637 260th Avenue | Pittsfield | IL 62363 | Phone 217-641-4570

Southeastern Comm. Coll. (HiSET)
1500 W Agency Road | West Burlington | IA 52655 | Phone 319-208-5312

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Go to the page GED testing criteria in Illinois to see if you are eligible for the program and learn more about the recently reduced testing fees for both HSE (High School Equivalency) tests.

Free Illinois GED Practice Test

Introducing Online GED And HiSET Testing

Taking the GED or HiSET test over the Internet was, until recently, not possible. That was just not offered online. To secure your high school equivalency credential, you were required to come to an official Illinois GED testing site.

Now, that has changed. Both the GED and HiSET exams recently introduced online versions using an online proctor. If you want to learn more, go to the following articles: ‘The online GED test,’ and for information about the HiSET, check out -> ‘The HiSET-at-Home test.’

The Four GED Tests

The GED program needed to be updated to ensure it would continue to measure what high school seniors have learned in four years, and that the GED program is in line with what colleges and employers are expecting and demanding.

There are four (4) independent tests covering the academic subject fields of Science (90 min.), Social Studies (70 min.), Language Arts (150 min. but including a  break of 10 min.), and Math (115 min.).

The HiSET exam has individual Language Arts Reading and Language Arts Writing subtests, so five in total.

The tests are available in English and Spanish. You can schedule (and pay for) one test (or more if you like) whenever you’re prepared enough to take the test(s) successfully. This counts for both the GED and HiSET.