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Listed on this page are all GED® prep locations and test sites in Murrieta and surroundings.

California offers several options for its HSE (high school equivalency) program, the GED, TASC, and HiSET.

The HiSET and TASC are available both on-paper and on-computer while the GED is entirely computer-based.

HSE testing gives adults who couldn’t graduate from high school an extra opportunity to earn an equivalent degree.

All three tests assess proficiency at a level similar to that of graduating HS students.

The GED has four modules (subtests) in math, science, literacy, and social studies, that you must complete within two years.

TASC and HiSET include two literacy tests (reading, writing), so five in total that can be taken separately as well.

Murrieta HSE prep sites

California GED Practice Tests

Murrieta Valley Adult School & Community Education (Creekside High School Campus)
24150 Hayes Ave – Murrieta – CA 92562 – 951 . 696 . 3805
MVAS has also become an official HSE test center. HSE prep classes are offered on Tuesdays and Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. and childcare ($1.00 per child per day) is available for children 3 or older.

Creekside High School Adult Education
24150 Hayes Ave – Murrieta – CA 92562 – 951 . 696 . 1409

Riverside Co. Office of Education (Come Back Kids Charter – Murrieta Office)
24980 Las Brisas Rd – Murrieta – CA 92562 – 951 . 600 . 565

Oak Grove Center for Education
24275 Jefferson Ave – Murrieta – CA 92562 – 951 . 677 . 559

National University Academy-Murrieta
41870 Kalmia St – Murrieta – CA 92562 – 760 . 630 . 4080
National University Academy (NUA) provides a rigorous curriculum with onsite and online coursework that leads to a high school or HSE diploma. NUA serves students in more than 20 locations in California. The school is a tuition-free public charter school that provides (among other courses) HSE preparation. Students develop a strict schedule (together with their instructor) that will guide them towards a high school or HSE diploma.

David L. Long Regional Learning Center (Come Back Kids Program)
41350 Guava St – Murrieta – CA  92583 – 877 . 249 . 8700 / 726 . 3225

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Locations around Murrieta (cities by alphabet)

Hemet Publ. Library Ad. Literary Services
300 E Latham Ave – Hemet – CA 92543 – 951 . 765 . 3856

Hemet Adult School GED-HiSET
831 E Devonshire Ave – Hemet – CA 92543 – 951 . 765 . 5190

National University Academy-Hemet
4000 E Florida – Ste 112 – Hemet – CA 92544 – 760-630-4080

Valley Ad. School HSE Program
520 Chaney St – Lake Elsinore – CA 92530 – 951 . 253 . 7093

California Family Life Center Planet Youth HSE Program
400 W Graham Ave – Lake Elsinore – CA 92530 – 951 . 471 . 8415

MSJC-Menifee Valley Campus
28237 La Piedra Rd – Menifee – CA 92584 – 951 . 487 . 3707

Paloma Valley High School Adult Education
31375 Bradley Rd – Menifee – CA 92584 – 951 . 943 . 6194

Perris Community Adult School (MSJC)
418 West Ellis Ave – Perris – CA 92570 – 951 . 943 . 6194 / 487 . 3707

Perris High School (MSJC)
175 E Nuevo Rd – Perris – CA 92571 – 951 . 487 . 3707

The OASIS GED Program
351 Wilkerson Ave – Ste F – Perris – CA 92570 – 951 . 657 . 7105

Oak Grove at the Ranch Center for Education
1251 North A St – Perris – CA 92570 – 951 . 238 . 6022

Mead Valley Come Back Kids Program
21580 Oakwood St – Perris – CA 92570 – 877 . 726 . 3225

Perris Come Back Kids Program
515 E 7th St – Perris – CA 92570 – 877 . 726 . 3225

Val Verde Regional Learning Center (Come Back Kids Program)
3010 Webster Avenue (Library) – Perris –  CA 92571 – 877 . 726 . 3225

Alvord Community Adult Education HSE Classes
10368 Campbell Avenue, Riverside, California 92503 – 951 . 509 . 5010
An overview of all Riverside area locations can be found here: Riverside GED Prep Classes

Mt. San Jacinto College-Temecula Higher Education Ctr
43200 Business Park Dr – Temecula – CA 92590 – 951 . 487 . 3707
See all Temecula locations here: Temecula GED Classes

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Free online California GED classes

Murrieta area HSE testing centers

Murrieta Valley Adult School
24150 Hayes Ave – Murrieta – CA 92562 – 951 . 696 . 3805

David L. Long Regional Learning Center
41350 Guava St – Murrieta – CA 92562 – 951 . 249 . 8700

Hemet Adult School HSE Testing
831 E Devonshire Ave – Hemet – CA 92543 – 951 . 765 . 5190

Moreno Valley Ad. Education
24551 Dracaea Ave – Moreno Valley – CA 92553 – 909 . 485 . 5650

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How to prepare for the GED fast

Who can take the GED-HiSET-TASC exam?

The computer-formatted GED (General Education Development) exam is, just like the HiSET and TASC, for men and women who did not complete high school and gives them a next chance to acquire a comparable diploma. Upon passing the California HSE test you will be awarded a certificate that is nationwide regarded and accepted as comparable to a common high school diploma by government bodies, recruiters, businesses, and colleges.

GED passing score

To get all informed about the lowered GED passing scores (down five points to 145 adjusted just two years after its introduction) please read this GED News page. TASC and HiSET come with their own scoring methods. Please be aware that none of these exams can be taken online. Websites with a different message are false. Across North America, schools and employers recognize the HSE credential as equivalent to a common high school diploma.

The GED exam

The GED (General Education Development) program is created in accordance with the Common Core standards to help adults get a second chance to obtain a diploma comparable to a high school diploma. Typically to sit for the GED exam in California, you need to be at least 17 years old. The GED test lets you demonstrate that you have got the competencies and degree of progress that will be comparable to a high school graduate.

Around half a million men and women complete the GED examination every year mainly because they would like to get a job or enhance their careers. People who finish the GED exam successfully carry a diploma that is acknowledged by practically every university and the majority of business employers recognize the GED certificate to be the same as a high school diploma.

But let’s see what the new GED brings. Adults who dropped out of school will have to dig deeper to pass the new GED, which was revamped this year for the first time since 2002. Statewide, more than 5.5 million adults lack a high school credential, according to GED Testing Service, a joint venture of the American Council on Education (ACE) and test company Pearson VUE. The GED dates back to 1942 when the American Council on Education (ACE) created an exam to enable troops without high school diplomas to pursue jobs or attend college after their service.

Advocates say the computer test is a leap forward from the old fill-in-the-bubble exams. They are compatible with Common Core State Standards rolling out in K-12 schools across most of the nation, which emphasize problem-solving over memorization. Rather than answer multiple-choice questions on paper, test-takers have to solve interactive math problems, analyze social studies passages and demonstrate critical thinking through essay responses on a computer.

GED registration

Check out for every imaginable detail regarding the GED exam, and register with MyGED to create your own account and learn about schools of higher education and all aspects of the future employment market. This also is the place for registration, scheduling you test appointments and payment. If you want to use an effective preparation method, check out his website’s free online GED video program.

The TASC and HiSET exams are cheaper than the GED exam, have five testing sections (writing, reading, math, social studies, and science), and are still offered on paper whereas the new GED exam is only available on a computer. You may want to check out our review of GED books right here.

Test Taking Tips

One of the tips on how to study and take the test is to be prepared. Find out what you need to take the test. Make sure you have the right materials for the job you have to do. Do you need pencils or pens? Does the teacher provide paper or do they want you to supply the paper? Set everything out the night before so you don’t have any stress last minute, trying to find something you need.  Another tip how to study and take the test is to wear comfortable clothes. Don’t be distracted by your wardrobe during the test.  That’s the last thing you want.  You used tips on how to study and you are prepared with the right materials to take the test. Now make sure you get to the right place to take the test early.

Preparing for the GED, what you need to do – In the beginning, do away with all distractions from your study area, this includes shutting off the television. Furthermore, clear your desk or research area of every little thing except for what you are learning. You can simply have a textbook and your notes. Preserving optimum emphasis will certainly acquire you the most effective outcomes. Boosting your research rate will certainly likewise allow you to cover more material much better.

Lots of students don’t wish to hear this but you have to prepare for the GED on regular basis, daily or weekly. Begin your prep work at least 1 month prior to the scheduled exam. If you are serious about getting the GED diploma you motivate yourself to study regularly even when perhaps you wish to do various other things like hanging out with friends, watching TV or playing video games.

Please understand that getting your GED diploma is crucial for the rest of your life.

To get the GED diploma you need to get serious and take the bull by the horns.

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