Free Math Practice Test with a Timer-Set 19

This Math Practice Test with a timer belongs to our GED® test prep course.

Each question has e number of answer choices. You should choose the best answer for each of these 20 questions.

You have 60 minutes to finish this practice test. The topics covered will help you understand GED math better.

Practice Test with a Timer

You can NOT use your calculator to solve the questions 1-3. From question 4, you can use a calculator. 

This quiz must be completed in 60 minutes. Click here to start the quiz

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GED Math Test Prep Tips

Taking several practice tests is very important since they indicate what your skills and knowledge gaps are. Keep in mind that procrastination, postponement, and pretexts are your most-feared enemies

GED graduates have some useful advice for you: don’t learn for all four GED subject tests at once.

You have the freedom to take one (or more) of the four GED subtests (modules) at a time, so get ready for one of the subject areas, take and pass that portion, and move on to get ready for the next subject field(s).

When getting ready for the GED test, one of the most common slipups is forgetting to block sufficient time for studying.

Postponement and coming up with pretexts are among your worst enemies. Adopt a learning schedule and just stick to it.

Another very common mistake that leads to not passing the GED exam is the fact that many students spend far too much time on one question so they won’t be able to make it through the entire test.


Last Updated on August 18, 2020.

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