Math Test Set 18

Learn how to pass the GED® test by answering these Math practice questions.

Each question has a few answer choices.

You need to choose the best answer for each question.

Question 1 of 10.

  1. Add 0.453 and 0.4
  2. Answer.

This test is a part of our GED Math Practice Test module.

GED Test Prep Tips

Taking a number of practice tests is very important. This will show you what your knowledge and skills gaps are. It’s important to learn about your weaker points are so you may concentrate on these topics.

Recent GED grads came up with some pretty good advice: don’t study for all GED subtests at once.

Since you can sit for the four GED subtests one at a time, you better prepare for one section first, pass that subtest, and move on to get all set for the next subtest. A very common mistake that students make when preparing for the GED exam is to forget to block enough time for learning.

Procrastination and making excuses are among your biggest enemies. When you decide about a learning schedule, please stick to that! Time management is among the biggest hurdles when it comes to passing the GED exam.

The second big mistake for failing the GED exam is the fact that test-takers spend way too much time on only one question. That will leave them not having enough time to make it through the whole GED test.


Last Updated on July 24, 2021.

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