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In this post, you can discover all GED® (in New Hampshire: HiSET®) test sites and prep locations in the Keene area. New Hampshire uses the HiSET exam for the state’s High School Equivalency (HSE) testing program.

HiSET testing is offered in an online format and at official New Hampshire test centers.

HSE testing gives adults who quit high school prematurely another chance to acquire an equivalent degree.

Testing takes place at a level that’s similar to what may be expected of graduating high school students.

The HiSET has five tests that address the subjects fields of English writing, English reading, science, math, and social studies.

The HiSET subtests can be taken one at a time on a computer or in a paper-based format.

In the past, there was no online HiSET testing option. You were required to report, in person, to one of New Hampshire’s official HiSET test centers.

Now, that has all changed with the introduction of an online proctored HiSET testing option. Read more at the bottom of this page.

Keene GED prep locations (HiSET)

Keene Community Education
227 Maple Ave | Keene | NH 03431 | Ph: (603) 357-0088 x 102
The Keene Community Education site is also an official HiSET test center. Passing the HiSET (High School Equivalency Test) is a great way to advance your career.

Passing the challenging exam indicates that you command knowledge and skills at a level that’s equivalent to that of high school graduates. To register for the HiSET exam, please contact the office as there is only in-person registration available. Call the Adult Education Coordinator at 603-357-0088 ext. 105.

Adult Learner Services-Keene 
171 West St | Keene | New Hampshire 03431 | Ph: (603) 357-9041

GED Requirements in New Hampshire

Locations around Keene (cities by alphabet)

The Grapevine-Project LIFT
4 Aiken St | Antrim | New Hampshire 03440 | Ph: (603) 588-2620

Parks Place Comm. Resource Ctr GED Lessons
44 School St – Bellows Falls – Vermont 05101 – Ph: (802) 463.9927

Windam County Youth Services 
32 Walnut St | Brattleboro | Vermont 05302 | Ph: (802) 257-0361
See more options in our Brattleboro post

Mascenic Regional High
175 Turnpike Rd | New Ipswich | New Hampshire 03071 | Ph: (603) 878.4603

Swanzey HiSET Education
 633 Old Homestead Hwy | Swanzey | New Hampshire 03446 | Ph: (603) 352.6955 (x. 6967)

Keene area GED test centers (HiSET)

Keene Community Education (Keene HS-HiSET)
227 Maple Ave | Keene – New Hampshire 03431 | Ph: (603) 357.9041/357.0088

Vermont Adult Learning Ctr GED Testing
90 Birge St – Brattleboro – Vermont 05301 – Ph: (802) 257-9449

Greenfield Community College
1 College Dr | Greenfield | Massachusetts 01301 | Ph: (413) 775-1821

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New Hampshire Free Online GED Classes

Why the HiSET exam?

New Hampshire adults who want to earn their HSE (high school equivalency) diploma are taking an exam developed by ETS (Educational Testing Services), the HiSET exam. New Hampshire’s Board of Education decided to break away from the GED exam some years back, which traditionally had been offered by GED Testing Service for decades.

The GED exam version that was presented a few years ago, was getting too expensive and only available computer-based, while the HiSET exam is offered both on paper and computer. The HiSET exam will in that period be brought in accordance with New Hampshire’s educational standards, the Common Core standards, which are implemented by practically all states.

Who is the HiSET for?

After successfully completing the New Hampshire HiSET exam, you are awarded a certificate that is recognized and accepted all over the country as being equivalent to a high school diploma by state and federal authorities, employers, and colleges and universities.

The HSE (High School Equivalency) testing program offers adults and youth who never completed their high school education the opportunity to demonstrate that they have academic skills and knowledge at the high school level. This way they can earn their secondary education credential. Upon successful completion of the New Hampshire HiSET exam, you will be given the state’s High School Equivalency Certificate.

Welcoming online HiSET testing

In earlier days, to sit for the New Hampshire HiSET test, you needed to appear, in person, at an official testing facility. Online testing was simply not an option. Well, this has now has changed with the arrival of an online proctored version of the HiSET exam. To learn more, go to this page: The introduction of a new online HiSET test.

Prepare Well

The content of the HiSET is quite challenging and you are welcome to use this website’s free video lessons and practice tests to get all set for the real thing fast. The HiSET and GED contents are pretty similar. Many students have problems with the HiSET Math section so you should take multiple practice tests to discover which topics you already master and which need more attention.

Last Updated on February 20, 2021.

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